Bulgaria: It’s Kristian Kostov to Kyiv!

Bulgaria – National broadcaster BNT today revealed their internal selection for Kyiv and they chose Kristian Kostov to represent Bulgaria. Kristian will be singing ‘Beautiful mess‘. Bulgaria had their best ever finish last year with Poli Genova who came 4th, and want to build on that. They will perform in semi-final 2 on 11th May. 

Check out the song now:

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292 comments on “Bulgaria: It’s Kristian Kostov to Kyiv!

  1. Betting odds: Last reshuffles before the rehearsals and waiting for Armenia.Bulgaria surges to 4th place taking over Portugal,Russia in a free fall now in 10th place.Serbia losing ground too.Azerbaijan 11th.

  2. wow Salvador, am not sure if I mentioned it before but via his Spanish version lyrics via youtube he became not only a big hit here in Spain but also via latinoamericana (comments are in Spanish), as I understand perfectly his song am guessing plenty of south americans will do to :-)

  3. Been listening to the songs again today… Not very easy listening to 42 songs one after the other i must say :)
    I can now say that I have three songs in my “love” category: Finland, Belgium and FYR Macedonia. Azerbaijan gaining ground as well.

    As for my preferences re: the winner and thus the host country for 2018, I’d say: Belgium or Italy, given the fact that a Portuguese or a FYR Macedonian victory seems a far-fetched scenario. Of course I wouldn’t mind Finland winning (although I would prefer the contest not going north once again) or Azerbaijan (athough their win is too recent, isn’t it) either.

    • I want the best performance and song to win…I don’t care where the country is located or how many times it won
      Live performances and staging will change many things,lets wait and see

      • True, but, on the other hand, I wouldn’t like to see the contest being hosted two or three times in just a few years by, let’s say, Iceland or Portugal or Malta, no matter how much I could like the Icelandic, the Portuguese or the Maltese entries.

        • Hmmm I see…If the chances are the same,I also prefer a country that hasn’t never won before

        • I think I could divide ESC into who I always I wanted to win as a child watching it into who I suspect these days will win it, which are usually far apart these days, although I think Portugal winning ESC would be great!

          • “Portugal winning ESC would be great!”
            Couldn’t agree more ;)

            • I agree so much and especially as Salvador has so much support here in Spain, but alas I fear he will crash and burn in ESC due to current ESC trends :-(

  4. 4 days left for current nice odds of Artsvik :P Meanwhile Sirusho releases new single shut in the capital of Bagratid Armenia Ani (also known as city of 1000 churches). Hretorically wonder if in place of Geneology’s weird song in 2015 this would represent Armenia would it be welcomed by EBU as warmly like 1944 of Jamala?

  5. Getting prepared for FDLC :)

  6. I like his entry, but I think 4th in odds to win ESC is too high for this..
    I’d replace it with Azerbaijan which is currently 11th..or with Svala from Iceland..who is currently only 23rd :(

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