San Marino: Act to be Revealed Tonight

San Marino – We will find out who will represent the microstate of San Marino tonight as RTV announce the two singers that will duet together. The announcement will take place today at 18:00 (CET). SMRTV has already revealed that one artist is San Marinese and one an international singer.

Controversy still surrounds the microstate due to its unhappiness with the EBU’s voting system. As the country is so small (32,000 people) and shares a telephone network woth Italy, it previously was only allowed a jury vote. Last year the EBU made up a ‘fake’ San Marinese public vote using ‘an average result of a representative group of televote results of other countries’  Eurovisionary asked which exact countries were used to make up the result for San Marino. The EBU refused to divulge the ‘representative group’ this saying “The Reference Group have decided not to make this specific list of countries public in order to protect the integrity of the televoting“.

This year the microstate asked for the public to be allowed a vote, via an online poll platform, based on a small but statistically representative number of San Marino viewers as the San Remo festival implements. But the EBU has refused. Director General of SMRTV Carlo Romeo has complained about the discrimination against San Marino as San Marino is only able to determine 58 out of its 116 points.

43 comments on “San Marino: Act to be Revealed Tonight

  1. Looking forward to this :)

  2. Wait wait I thought they had asked for an audience present at the broadcasters headquarters to be able to vote and that work as a televote – now I read they asked for an online poll platform to be used ? Those kind of polls can very easily be compromised. In that case I can understand EBU’s skepticism towards their proposal.
    An audience present at a studio or office at SMRTV is a different story and something more easily controlled and I would be ok with it. An online platform should be discussed more, over the summer probably.

  3. “integrity of the televoting” ROFL
    Good luck San Marino and hang in there!

  4. Yes poor San Marino hang in there against the cruelty of this world and the bad EBU for not allowing you without further discussion and taking care of sets of required regulations to set an easily manipulated online poll as esc televoting.

    On the song presentation : local sammarinese artist limits the pool a lot as the only 2 that have competed so far are Valentina Monetta and Anita Simonchini. Could it be one of them ? If it is Valentina I will be very surprised so it may be either Anita or a new artist which would be interesting. I dont know what to expect here. Prepared for tge worst hoping for the best. Good luck !

  5. Off topic – someone posted this link on ESC Portugal:

    Beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday lunch, everyone. :)

    • I hope that the beauty of the song and Salvador’s stellar vocal performance will blow away all silly concepts of what is contemporary, radio-friendly or appropriate for ESC.

  6. Ok humongous personal ranking post with all of this weekend’s revealed songs coming up, so brace yourseves:

    Azerbaijan: I agree that this sounds like an MF song, but one of the really good ones that Mariette sings. DiHaj is the third former ETSC act to participate in ESC this year (after Triana Park and Bredan Murray) and she did not disappoint me. Remains to be seen how this will translate on the stage – she was one of Azerbaijan’s backing vocalists last year and they did not do a much better job than their main singer. But Azerbaijan remains a much better bet on the staging than other countries, even though they have not been stellar on that front in the previous three years.

    Iceland: Those platform shoes need to go and they urgently need to come up with a concept for the staging, but Svala is such a force of nature on stage. This is exactly the big scandi anthem this edition needs – the only problem for her is the similar electro-indie efforts from Belgium and Azerbaijan. I was rooting for her and am elated she won.

    Sweden: Robin has an infectious modern pop song and a presentation that is worthy of MTV awards. He also deserves to go to Eurovision, even though I would have preferred his stripped-back performance from last year. The problem with this is that it probably leaves the viewer emotionally unengaged as other such big show efforts tend to do (e.g Sergei last year). But his staging is much less impressive than Russia 2016: The treadmills remind me of Sakis Rouvas and, as Hjallis said, the whole thing has the feeling of a hair product commercial. I don’t think Sweden had a winner in their roster this year but I did enjoy Jon-Henrik’s effort and I wish they had the balls to send something like that. I agree it was bombastic, but I also admired the passion they put into their performance last night. I also enjoyed Owe Thörnqvist’s joie de vivre, Anton Hagman’s simplicity, Wiktoria’s charisma on stage, Benjamin’s dance routine and Mariette’s quiet power. All in all, a much better MF than last year.

    FYRoM: I swear I have heard this song somewhere before but I can’t pinpoint where. It is not exactly a party anthem but a synth-pop effort that suffers in comparison with electro songs that have more character like Belgium or Azerbaijan. The vocals sound heavily processed and autotuned, very artificial. This very much brings to mind Albania 2015: They try to be one with the “in crowd” and come up with something suitably modern and radio-friendly but you just know they don’t have the material to make it work when it matters.

    Serbia: Another balkan country that disappoints by outsourcing to Sweden. This is totally lacking in character, like the FYRoM they think that this sort of middle-of-the-road and anodyne stuff will make them sound “modern” and “european”. From the lives I have seen, she is not much of a performer either. I do not dislike it but I do have trouble remembering it after it finishes.

    Montenegro: As a rule I would have preferred an outright kitchy effort from an eastern european country rather than recyclings of anonymous, “comme-il-faut” stuff you have heard in a million other places. Problem here is the outright porny lyrics about Milky Ways and stuff (they come across as brazen rather than naughty) and the fact that I do not find his camp performances funny. He invites us not to laugh with him and the world (like Francesco in Italy for example) but rather to laught at him and his pretensions of sexiness, stardom etc. I remember we used to have this sort of characters cropping up in late night shows 20 years ago. I agree that the song’s disco arrangement is not without merit though and he should definitely keep that eurotrashy accent.

    Norway: Another one with pretty hideous lyrics (“So when it’s all or nothing/
    I put my nerves in the coffin/I’m gonna kill that voice in my head/I don’t care about falling/I’m gonna grab the moment). Also not impressed with his singing in the verses and especially during the bridge. I would have much preferred Ella (a huge missed opportunity for a party anthem from Norway) and I could live with Ellin and the Woods. Like Austria 2015 I think this will pass the audience completely by and Norway will miss the final again.

    Lithuania: I am amazed by some of the comments I saw saying she is a good singer; to my ears she is obviously struggling and trying to cover up with some very disagreeable shrieking. She also has no clue whatsoever what she is doing on stage. The song itself is only marginally more sufferable than Croatia and the lyrics run the whole gamut from meaningless cliché (dance to he rhythm of the soul) to totally non-sensical (feel the rain of revolution).

    Elsewhere on my top-39, France drops precipitously from #2 to #19 after that awful revamp, which lives me with a top-3 of Italy, Portugal (the only two ones I feel propose something different from the rest) and Belgium (of which I have my doubts not regarding the live per se, but the suitability of such a song in a festival context). I have just realised that Portugal is the only non-english song in the first semi-final – it seems even more of a stand out every single day that goes by.

    1) Italy
    2) Portugal
    3) Belgium
    4) Estonia
    5) Finland
    >>> 6) Azerbaijan
    7) Moldova
    >>>8) Iceland
    9) Israel
    >>> 10) Sweden
    11) Poland
    12) Romania
    13) Australia
    14) Hungary
    15) Austria
    16) Latvia
    17) Greece
    18) Ireland
    19) France
    >>> 20) FYRoM
    21) Ukraine
    22) Belarus
    >>>23) Serbia
    24) Georgia
    >>>25) Montenegro
    26) Denmark
    27) Switzerland
    28) Czechia
    29) Malta
    30) Germany
    31) Slovenia
    >>>32) Norway
    33) UK
    34) Cyprus
    35) Spain
    36) Netherlands
    37) Albania
    >>>38) Lithuania
    39) Croatia

    • On Lithuania: it was an utterly traumatic experience for me watching their performance from last night.

    • I just realized ONLY 4 countries have the guts to sing entirely in their language this year (*cough France)
      Kudos to Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Belarus !

      • Big big kudos to them. But I am afraid Hungary is drifting compared to other songs as far as I am concerned and I never warmed up to the Belarus sing-along-around-the-fire effort.

  7. Waiting for San Marino now.
    Hopefully they will join the group of songs I like very much this year aka Group A :
    PRT, AZE, ITA, BEL, SWE, FIN, FYR, LVA, HUN, FRA (Still skeptical about the revamp) and BLR

    Songs I like to a lesser extent but I still find enjoyable (Group B) :

    The harmless Group C :

    The Weak Group D :

    The Bad Songs (Group E)

  8. San Marino gave us one great entry: their debute. Since then, total chaos, unfortunately.
    Re: their issue with EBU, it is well known what I think of those people, so I’d better not comment.

  9. Tbh, the Valentina/Serhat scenario does not seem far-fetched at all to me :)

  10. Does that mean we hear the Song today ?

  11. What SM proposes makes sense.

  12. I have to congratulate SMRTV, its 6 PM and not a single leak of the song or even the names of the artists.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, the queen has returned

  14. By now San Marino should just name Valentina Monetta as their permanent representative.

  15. OMG!She’s back. :(

  16. Lame,monotonous.2nd semi is SO weak.

  17. She’s back and may I add awful again?

  18. Yes she is back :-D !

    After the awful “Social Network Song”, the truly fantastic “Chrysalis” and the quite good “Maybe” Valentina goes disco ? This is an ok club tune that is not too impressive in studio but if they treat it right live it may work on the big stage. Lets see..Not too bad though !

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