Russia: It’s Yulia Samoylova to Kyiv!

Russia – With the confirmation that they will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, it has just been announced on Russian TV that Yulia Samoylova will represent Russia in Kyiv with the song ‘Flame is burning‘. See the video now… 


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147 comments on “Russia: It’s Yulia Samoylova to Kyiv!

  1. Looks like Russia is tanking this year. I didn’t expect them to show up at all to be honest. They definitely didn’t bring their “A” song this time around.

    And they selected (or they were approached, depending on which version is correct) someone that will garner sympathy, or make those not giving her sympathy look bad. Gotta say, well played Russia. Class A strategy (or trolling) on full display. Russia responds with a huge FU to everyone. They found a way not to lose the PR battle. Or lose it less.

    Full marks to whomever thought of this scenario. The mischief maker in me can’t help but smile right now, even though it’s shameless manipulation. But that was exactly what they were aiming for. The whole thing is genius. Now if only they had used all this effort into crafting a better song.

    Now watch this win the whole thing in the ultimate lol moment ever seen.

    P.S. The Greek Balkan Bombshell took what was already her country’s greatest ever entry and decided to make it even better. The gift that keeps on giving!

    • Hm when Poland and Finland did you react the same way?

      • I’m not sure if the question applies to tanking or booing. But booing Poland and Finland wouldn’t have made then change their policy either.

        The situations aren’t comparable because neither of them have a recent history of their entires getting booed.

        Finland wasn’t even an internal selection, it won the competition fair and square. There was no strategy at play by YLE because there was a risk they could lose.

        Poland was an internal selection if I’m not mistaken. It could have been done for strategy or not. But since Poland never got their recent entries booed, what was the end goal then?

        Personally I didn’t or wouldn’t boo neither Poland or Finland. I liked Finland because it was different. I didn’t care much for Poland so I was squarely indifferent. It’s the same reaction I had to Russia.

        If I was in the building for both Russia and Poland, my reaction would have been the same: I would’ve sat quietly watched the performance, sat on my hands, and maybe given some polite half hearted applause, or maybe not if I didn’t feel like it, when it was done.

        Then I would have put performance out of my mind and moved on with my life. In fact I don’t think Poland ever crossed my mind since the show until you brought it up today. Poland’s entry the year before is the memorable one.

        • I was not referring to the booing exclusively but to the ”perceived politics”.

          Poland’s live at ESC is a straightforward cynical move too aiming to distract us from the song and pay attention to the personal life of the singer. Did you react back then? Did you accuse Poland for doing it? Why do you pick Russia only?

          • I’m not accusing anyone. In fact I praised Russia for their tactics.

            Again, Poland isn’t the same thing because their actors weren’t getting booed previously. Well done to Poland if was strategic on their part as well. I have no issue with either.

        • And lets face it Fins send them to ESC for their disability, not for the song. Of course YLE isn’t responsible but you can always criticize the public.

          • Hold on, I would have given a vote for them because of the song. Saying you know the reason a voter voted a certain way without proof isn’t a fact, it’s an accusation.

            • Same about accusing Russia for politics. Any proof? – the question was rhetoric.

            • I wouldn’t say I know the reason, but I speculate.

            • Just like me with Russia.
              I can’t stress enough that I still wouldn’t boo Russia even if they came out and admitted it.

              It’s a song contest, not a UN meeting. It makes people feel better about themselves I guess without actually changing anything.

            • So you agree with me that if Russia does politics it is the result of the unfair booing they got since 2014.

            • 100% definitely agree. And the fact that it’s held in Ukraine this year.

              And I do agree that “unfair” is the perfect word. I was there when the Russian sisters were booed. I shook my head and told my section that it was wrong.

  2. Another reason this makes Russia’s move so great is that we are told that ESC is not political (yes it’s a lie, like the Australian participation will only be a one time exception, we promise, lie) so anyone booing Russia will be not only branded a hypocrite, but also branded an unsympathetic hypocrite by the propaganda machine. The outrage will be off the charts.

    Putting the situation to the side for a moment, booing an act just because they are from a certain country is wrong in my opinion.

    I said this in Kobenhavn and I still believe it. Booing any Russian act won’t have any effect on policy. It’s just a way for people to feel better, but ultimately it does nothing vis a vis actual change.

    If booing ESC acts got countries to reverse policy, then I would be booing louder and more fervently than anyone. And I have a loud, booming voice that’s hard to miss so my booing would take the place of 100 people.

  3. This song is a bit boring for my taste. Not my cup of tea.

  4. A child will sing for Bulgaria …

  5. Semi Final one my qualifiers ( so far ).

    Semi Final two my qualifiers ( so far ).

    San Marino

  6. The final revamp of Greek song . No ” Rain falling from above ” any more :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2g9oAaoCeU

    • It’s a hopeless case in my books. You can’t polish a turd. :(

      • Ι don’t like the word “turd” for any artistic endeavor, but I don’t see what the “polishing” consists of either. They changed one utter banality (“rain falls from above”) for another (“reaching out for the stars”) and I can’t say the beat has improved to my ears. Demy definitely deserves so much better than this hopeless last minute cut-and-paste efforts…

        • It’s just a phrase and not to be taken literally … The German expression is nicer though: Da ist Hopfen und Malz verloren (= even hop and malt won’t help). Needless to say that this expression has its roots in the famous German breweries. In general, English phrases are much more drastic that their German equivalents.

  7. Sexy hour for Moldova’s official clip :)

  8. Latvia : I SO want this to the Final !!!!

  9. I think Bulgarian song is really beautiful….It is hard to believe it is that kid singing the song😱

  10. So, in regard to the work of the Balkan-Swedish super team for Bulgaria, Serbia and FYR Macedonia, I think the Serbian delegation is the one that should ask for their money back :P

  11. Out of 42 songs selected so far, only four (POR, HUN, BLR and ITA) are 100% not in English. Is this a record?

  12. Russia is here too but it’s the same video of the presentation:

  13. And now I hope for a leak from Armenia :P
    I don’t want to wait till Saturday…

  14. Ukraine at #22 in the final on May 13.

  15. Kristian seems to be a good singer:

  16. First of all i have to mention that this brings memories from my chilhood when old soviet songs a kind like this one was played on finnish radio stations and finnish singers made their own versions from those soviet songs aswell. Some of those songs were big hits in here, Finland. After all Russia is Finland’s biggest neighbour by far. And now back to this year. She really is good singer. Song is quite ok. Very best of luck to you, Yuliya and to Russia! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  17. I did my search regarding best male looks of this edition :P
    For me: Norway’s Aleksander Walmann, followed by Francesco Gabbani and Imri :)

    I have to check the female ones now :)

  18. On Russia 2017 :
    All I listen to, sounds quite amateurish imo as if it were a demo release. Serious diction problems don’t allow me to enjoy at the fullest a rather sweet and nostalgic melody
    Will there be a revamp?
    As it is,
    #39/42 :(

  19. Idk about this, as a song its average, nothing special. We dont know if she can actually sing as it was clearly a lipsynch performance. As the whole package I thaught that Russia was straying from getting votes for a specific reason. They showed us last year that they can actually send something completely innocent songwise.
    However this is clearly a televoting grasp to get that I-feel-so-bad-about-her vote. Just like Poland 2015. If it was chosen in a national final then I would have felt differently, but as it was chosen internally I feel its more of a strategy. And as it is Russia she will probably get some undeserved Jury points as well. So probably a top 15 placement or even a top 10 unfortunally.

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