Tonight: Last Super Saturday of 2017

Eurovision 2017Just like last year, we will witness Super Saturdays with many shows happening all at once. Instead of opening all threads, hard to follow for everyone, we decided to have just one thread for all shows to follow live so we can all discuss them together. Tonight: 4 finals!

melodifestivalen swedenSweden – It’s the most anticipated National Final within the Eurovision Fandom and it finally concludes tonight with the grand final in Stockholm! Melodifestivalen is finally coming to an end.

Twelve acts will take to the stage at the Friends Arena in Stockholm and will compete for the chance to represent the country in Kyiv. The show will be hosted by Hasse Andersson, David Lindgren and Clara Henry one last time. This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Ace WilderWild child
  2. Boris René Her kiss
  3. Lisa Ajax I don’t give a
  4. Robin Bengtsson – I can’t go on
  5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. AniniaEn värld full av strider
  6. Anton HagmanKiss you goodbye
  7. Mariette – A million years
  8. Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&OGotta thing about you
  9. NanoHold on
  10. Wiktoria As I lay me down
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – Good lovin’
  12. Owe ThörnqvistBoogieman blues

It’s not just televote anymore as international juries will first vote and then televote will represent 50% of the points distributed.  The show starts at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.

logoIceland – It’s time for the Söngvakeppnin’s final! A rather small and cozy National Final is hosted every year by RÚV, Iceland. For the past few years, this is a two Semi-finals system, with a first round in Icelandic and a Final of 7 entries (3 from each semis, then 1 jury wildcard), which can be performed in Iceland or English.

Tonight seven acts will take the stage which moved from Háskólabíó to Laugardalshöllin in Reykjavík. The line up is (no draw yet):

  • Aron Hannes EmilssonTonight
  • Arnar Jónsson & Rakel PálsdóttirAgain
  • Aron BrinkHypnotised
  • Hildur Kristin SefánsdóttirBammbaramm
  • Rúnar Eff RúnarssonMake your way back home
  • Svala BjörgvinsdóttirPaper
  • Daði Freyr PéturssonIs this love?

It’s 50% televote and 50% jury in the first round. Then the Top 2 qualifies to a Superfinal where 100% televote decides the winner. The show starts at 20:45 (CET) and can be watched here.

lithuaniaLithuania – This is week 10 of the impossible to follow Lithuanian National Final: it’s also the last one! All of tonight’s entries have already performed before and can be found on LRT’s Youtube page. Tonight’s show is hosted by Gabriele Martirosianaite and Ieva Stasiulevičiūte. 

Six songs qualified from last week’s semi. A seventh act, Gytis Ivanauskas, got a jury wildcard to perform again. This is tonight’s line-up (no draw yet):

  • Paula Let u go
  • Aistė PilvelytėI’m like a wolf
  • Kotryna JuodzevičiūtėLove shadow
  • FusedmarcRain of revolution
  • Gabrielius VagelisFeel myself free
  • Greta ZazzaLike I love you
  • Gytis IvanauskasGet frighten

For the final, the results are a bit different as an International jury is now joining the Lithuanian jury and televote. The jury is made of Darius Užkuraitis, Ramūnas Zilnys (music reviewer), Povilas Meškėla (singer) and Vytautas Lukočius (conductor). The show will be broadcasted on LRT tonight at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.

Norway – This is always the absolutely last national final to take the stage: Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix! All of tonight’s entries are yet to be performed, so it’s always hard to predict. Tonight’s show is hosted by Line Elvsåshagen and Kåre Magnus Bergh at Oslo’s Spektrum.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. UlrikkePlaces
  2. Jenny Augusta I go where you go
  3. Rune Rudberg BandRun run away
  4. JOWSTGrab the moment
  5. Kristian ValenYou & I
  6. In FusionNothing ever knocked us over
  7. Amina SewaliMesterverk (Masterpiece)
  8. Ammunition – Wrecking crew
  9. Elin & The WoodsFirst step in faith/Oadjebasvuhtii
  10. Ella Mamma boy

It’s 50% televote and 50% jury in the first round. Then the Top 4 qualifies to a Superfinal where 100% televote decides the winner. The show starts at 20:55 (CET) and can be watched here.

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760 comments on “Tonight: Last Super Saturday of 2017

  1. Lithuania: 4/12 and 30th place on my list. If they improve live, they can climb.

  2. Is this love? FTW!

  3. Please tell me that they are not still on in Iceland?! :o

  4. Bring on the results, Iceland. I want to listen to SWE17. No ESC-ranking makes sense without Sweden … LOL

    • Robin looks dashing, the song not so much. It’ll be very effective, it’s right up the eurofans’ alley.

      • It is a little too sleek in my opinion. Not a lot of emotional connection to the average listener. It is just something to gawk at and admire. Same problem with other such big-spectacle entries like Russia last year.

  5. Paaaaaper……:)))

  6. Lithuania : 6.5/10 and 28th place on my list. Good luck !

  7. Svala won!


  9. So Svala won ? Sweden and Iceland kind of saved the night. She needs to REALLY work on the stage presentation though.

  10. And here we are. Congratulations, Svala.

  11. I don’t like those golden hues on her hair.

  12. I hope that Svala sings again for me to score and rank ISL17. This is serious business …

  13. Here she goes. Thanks Svala. :)

  14. Iceland would benefit in semi 2, not in semi 1 with Azerbaijan, Latvia and Belgium imo

  15. Well, the Icelandic song surely has something but it’s not really my cup of Earl Grey. It’s professional and slick, but leaves me a little cold. Actually, is it me or doesn’t it sound like a more mature version of “Icebreaker”?

    (6/12). But this has the chance to grow. Good luck!

  16. On Iceland: Despite the Icebreaker vibes I get in the paper bit, the song is much more cohesive than NOR16. Moreover, Svala is a much more charismatic performer than Agnete. It’s a 7/12 and in 16th place on my list for now.
    On to Robin …

  17. Iceland. The positives : “Paper” is a contemporary song with a cold,dark edge that really appeals to me. It only gets better after each listening. Svala delivers very solid, fitting vocals and really hits notes all around. The colour palette they used for the presentation is fitting.
    The negatives : Stage presentation is poor and not well thought out. Svala moves awkwardly and those shoes NEED to go ASAP. This needs a more cohesive staging, possibly adding some backing dancers or some appropriate background. It has tough competition in semi 1.

    8.2/10 and 9th place on my list.

    Good luck !

  18. On Sweden: Robin looks dazzling on stage but his song is meh. The lyrics are borderline cringeworthy. Sorry, but being a literary historian, this is important to me. You can put at least a bit of effort into the lyrics of a fun song too. He will probably come top 10 in May. 5/12 and 29th place on my list.

  19. Televoting percentages in MF: Nano 11,9%, Wiktoria 10,9%, Robin 10,6%, Jon-Henrik 10,3%. Everything else <8%

  20. Aron Hannes really challenged Benjamin Ingrosso at the pants game today. Damn he looked good tonight.

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