Sweden: It’s Robin Bengtsson to Kyiv!

Sweden – Robin Bengtsson will represent Sweden in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with ‘I Can’t Go On‘ after winning tonight’s Melodifesivalen final in Stockholm’s Friends Arena. He beat off a challenge from Nano taking 1st place with the juries by 20 points and then finishing 3rd place with the public: 

Robin – 50 televoting points
Wiktoria – 51 televoting points
Nano – 57 televoting points

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121 comments on “Sweden: It’s Robin Bengtsson to Kyiv!

  1. Robin Bengtsson is emotionally detached from his song and the audience. It’s just smoke and mirrors. He isn’t Måns Zelmerlöw, he isn’t Eric Saade. If you stage a spectacle, make sure you don’t get drowened by it. Måns and Eric both had it what it takes.
    Robin is meh dancer, meh singer with meh good looks. He has tried to ignite his carreer now for eight years now. He lacks star quality. He is meh performer doing extremely well produced and staged ok song.
    Still, for those all important 3 minutes it’s of course totally enough. He will land yet another top 5 result for Sweden.

  2. Im done idiotic fucking winner 17 points 17POINTS DIFFERENCE between the one who got the most and the one who got the least votes? ! Yes the app was a great idea…

  3. This is an American reaction to some of the songs:

  4. I can’t stand him despite i won 50 euros with his win … I don’t think that it threatens the top 5… imo , it will end somewhere between 8-12…

  5. LMAO, it seems I’m all alone on the Saade vs Bengtsson topic :P

  6. Well, he can sing very well. And song is ok. But i hoped that Sweden would have chosen Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia. It was best for me in this year’s melodifestivalen. But still i wish nothing but the best for Robin and for Sweden. Our (Finland) dear western neighbourg. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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