Serbia: Tijana Bogićević Releases ‘In too deep’

Serbia – Another official video release today and this time it’s Serbia’s Tijana Bogićević with the song ‘In too deep‘. The song is composed by written by Joacim Persson, Borislav Milanov, Johan Alkenas and Ann-Mari Linder. Let us know if you like it.

93 comments on “Serbia: Tijana Bogićević Releases ‘In too deep’

  1. So they are using the same composer writer team of “Symphonix International” just like Macedonia 😊

    I hope they don’t cancel one another out :)

    Good luck Tijana 🇷🇸

  2. It’s ok. #19 on my list.

  3. I like certain elements to it. I prefer Macedonia but not a bad entry from Serbia. Of course the live still needs to be seen and heard.

  4. Meehhh…

  5. This is a case of overpromising then over delivering. This is not an everyday occurrence.

    Even better than I thought, and I had high hopes going in. The Balkan Bombshells have provided the summer soundtrack!

    The good times have returned to ESC.
    Good luck girls, go show Europe how things are done up there.

    • What’s “balkan” about this? Nothing, zero, nada.

      Another song that probably spent years forgotten in some swedish drawer. A pity because Serbia used to have some character.

      • The girl is. Lol

        This is the lay of the land in the 21st century. As long as you allow anything in any language then this will be the end result.

        I am a huge proponent of not only a native language rule, but also recently I have been yearning for a native song rule as well.

        So Iceland will start sending an “Icelandic” song, and Serbia will enter a “Serbian” song, etc

        Unfortunately two things have happened with this free for all. Everyone is crafting a song to not piss of the jury, and since Australia has been entering, most everyone is now trying to impress the Australian, UK, and American record labels in an attempt to get signed. None of these 2 things are particularly good in my estimation.

        • If that is so, I can’t imagine what you like about this.

          • These are the features of Esc in the 21st century. Short of not watching anymore, it is what it is.

            It’s going to take wholesale changes to get back to the glory days where pretty much nobody have a damn and proudly sent Turkeys, stewardess and other assorted wackiness. Just went out there and had a great time. The esc world has changed, and not always for the better.

            My friends started watching expecting chaos, but they quickly lost interest when they saw everyone taking it so seriously.

  6. This is bland, heavily autotuned and unlike FYROM with its disco feeling, it lacks distinctiveness. The only interesting part is the ethnic flavoured bridge but it sounds so “computerised” and soulless.
    Does anyone else get the Katy Perry’s “Cause babe you are a firework” vibes at the beginning of the chorus?

    Semi 2 :

  7. I am kind of disappointed with Serbia, i was waiting for this song since days because the instrumental part was very nice but as a whole song it did not impress me much though it is not cheap,tacky or cliche at all it is missing something. I rate it somewhere in the middle and to be honest i will not vote for it . Anyway Good luck Tijana.

  8. Symphonix International is probably just warming us all up fir their biggie, Bulgaria.
    This seems to me quite planned Balkan takeover.

    • I don’t expect the FYRoM or Serbia to do that well actually. Let’s see about Bulgaria…

      • You are probably right. Still Symphonix International will keep on popping up in the future just like G:son. Bulgaria 16 is strong enough reference for that.
        I love the name. It’s not at all as cool as they think it is. They should write always in cyrillic alphabet. Wonder do they have their HQ inside a mountain or maybe volcano? 😃

      • Better than Greece they both have to do, otherwise its a total travesty.. ;)

        • I don’t agree. Nothing very distinctive about them. Greece is rather weak but more fun than both of them.

          • Omg, Im really sorry Michos, but Greece 2017 is such a shit, I can not stand it, how into your face these lyrics are, definition of ESC cliche, what is fjn about it really, and that music how iz develops, YUCK, it reminds me of shitty Russian entries esc fans in Arena used to boo..Im sorry once again Michos but Greece 2017 is a disgrace.. :(

            • I tink it is better to go outright cheesy like Greece does than try to ape something that sounds anodyne, current and radio-friendly but lacks character. I think it will be more memorable on the stage, even though I think neither of the three are going to do particularly well.

            • Ok Michos, I respect your opinion..but if Macedonia competed for Netherlands or Sweden it woud be top 5! ;) we have to experience live vocals first of course..

            • I am preparing my full ranking on the San Marino thread right now, where I give a more full opinion on the songs revealed during the weekend ;)

  9. Australia’s live performance(not the best sound quality) :

  10. You can listen to it and it’s ok but not a really distinctive sound or the instant catchiness of Bulgaria 2016.As Donnie said,it gives me some Malta 16 vibes so it could be loved by the juries plus,Serbia will do much better than Malta in televoting.

  11. It lost some steam in betting odds.Now 7th.

  12. France just released the Eurovision version of “Requiem” at the ESC channel. Can’t say I like the new arrangement (they made it so much more bare and what on earth are those strings doing there?) and even though I did not mind the english lyrics when I first heard them now they really bug me, especially since they are so in your face in the first chorus already.

    This is waiting to be downgraded in my list unfortunately…I am in a quite a bitchy mood today :-P

  13. Copy/paste from the previous thread:

    Serbia is a big disappointment. It’s a very ordinary synth pop song (again again) without anything to stand out as interesting. Weak melody too. If anything the instrumental middle eight has some charm, but it’s not enough. 4/12

  14. It’s a positive surprise definitely, I quite like some elements…lyrics are OK.. she can sing good live so if the staging is right and attractive enough, performance should be all right and above average..
    Maybe a bit more of spice in the music and I could give the highest mark, but lie this it’s very high 9/10..

  15. On Serbia 17 – it’s a polished song and production that does little for me. It’s too sterilized and arid, imo. Waiting for a live rendition. Good luck, Serbia!

  16. What a disaster 😴 Next useless import and we are loosing balkans 😴 avarage well crafted pop !
    Congratulations Marko you always wanted an English stuff from Sweden to represent Serbia!

  17. After muitiple listens from the Big 3, I gotta say that for this type of song, the lyrics for Serbia are well written and crisp. It’s getting better and better with age.

    Greece and FYROM are getting even better on repeat as well. Can’t ask for more than that.

    And a definite “no” to any situation where I need to rank them. Not happening this year.
    All 3 are ranked first together, as one unit. No loving parent would ever rank their three kids.

  18. LOL that’s right…but they say the first born is always a bit more special ;)

  19. How many songs are competing this year? And how many songs left to be revealed?
    These questions pretty sum up my Eurovision story this year😂I should be ashamed!!!

  20. It may be because we got many great songs the last few days but this feels quite underwhelming while well produced and catchy. I really like the chorus but I am not a huge fan of the verses. Her voice is interesting and fitting.

    Not sure how to score it yet tbh..I guess a 7.3/10 and 21st place is good enough. It may grow on me. Good luck !

  21. I finally heard it: it’s anonymous and pointless but not awful in anyway. So I guess we did need songs to play the roll of Final fillers, and to get 9rd or 10th in semi

  22. It’s ok :) This song is the line between the songs I like vs. don’t like.

  23. She has pleasent voice. This song is nice one. Everything best for you, Tijana and for Serbia also. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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