Norway: It’s Jowst to Kyiv!

Norway – The winner of NRKs Melodi Grand Prix has just been announced and it’s Jowst that has won the ticket to Kyiv for Norway, singing ‘Grab the moment‘. See what you think their chances are now… 

23 comments on “Norway: It’s Jowst to Kyiv!

  1. Yeah whatever… There’s a chance it may grow on me. Let’s say…

  2. Definitely the best of the NF winners tonight. Well done Norway.

    And you can remix the hell out of this and get some really awesome dance mixes.
    They will do that if they’re smart.

  3. Norway 17 – I do not know what to say; it plods along and I completely forget about it even before it ends. Good luck.

  4. It’s not bad but not at all memorable.It’s lucky it’s in the 2nd semi.

  5. It’s pretty average in every way possible but it’s ok for me. 7/12

  6. There is a subtle house class and sophistication that I start appreciating more, the more I hear to it. It’s not instant but it has something intriguing that resonates with me. It is a chill, layed back tune with decent lyrics. It may be a tad too harmless for each own good though. A 7.4/10 and 23rd place on my list for now but I can see it creeping its way up as time goes by.

    Good luck !

  7. Weak entry in what I think might be the worst NMGP I ever watched. I kinda liked three: Elin was the best overall, nice song, interesting enough live (and Selena’s big favorite, the panther hunter in her I guess), Jenny was sweet in her Zelda “Ocarina Of Time” Great Fairy look and Aminata was sweet (but an awful singer). Ella “Mama’s Boy” was a great entry, the only one that looked like an esc entry in the nf that was more interested in doing “a big show” for the home audience than picking an esc entry that could do remotely ok.

    The jury system was godawful and made no sense to anyone watching, the results are an insult to common sense.

    Sadly, the hosts were both extremely smart and competent, and fun!

    Anyway, I will call this “Daft Punk Could Sue” and it will probably fail in esc. It’s anonymous as hell. It’s not hateful and we can hope it’ll get a strong live to make it memorable for a television show?! Not gonna trouble the top 10 though!

  8. Something a bit odd with this. I like parts of it and then it goes all weird to my ears. Not setting me alight atp. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fails to make the final tbh.

  9. It is tragically bad…

  10. I don’t know what happened here but judging from your comments it was a disaster. I remember the snippets were bad but the full versions were ok. The winning song is very forgettable but I can enjoy it while it is being played.

  11. MGP on my list tonight :
    1.Ella (7/10)
    2.Amina Sewali (6/10)
    3.JOWST (5.5/10)
    4.Jenny Augusta (5/10)
    5.Ammunition (5/10)
    6.Elin & The woods (5/10)
    7.Rune Rudberg Band (4/10)
    8.In Fusion (4/10)
    9.Ulrikke (3/10)
    10.Kristian Valen (2/10)
    With an average of 4.70, MGP 17 hits an all time lowest when it comes to quality, ranking 3rd from last on my 2017 national preselections’ list.

  12. SEMI 2 :

  13. It’s not bad, but for dance track it has way too lazy production, sounds like a demo. Chubby Chapo Chapi is in wrong band and set up.

  14. The singer is good looking :P

  15. Norway:I couldn’t stand it😖Definitely not a song I would expect from Norway

  16. Totally surprised…Not bad, but it’s forgettable…It may qualify ’cause the second semifinal is weak ! Another bad result for Norway…

  17. Sorry but i don’t like it :/

  18. Well, i have to admit that this song doesn’t offer nothing special to me and it’s kind of boring, sorry. He is still a quite good singer. I wish nothing but best of luck to our (Finland) another neighbour Norway and to Jowst! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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