Lithuania: It’s Fusedmarc to Kyiv!

Lithuania – After many weeks of selection programmes, Lithuania tonight topped it off with some random jury lottery and televoting to crown Fusedmarc their representative for Kyiv. The song is ‘Rain of revolution‘. Check the winning song out now… 

14 comments on “Lithuania: It’s Fusedmarc to Kyiv!

  1. Dear Lord!!! What did I just watch?…

  2. she’s an ok vocalist, the song’s tragically bad

  3. This could be good if someone cared to make it good. There is a groovy tune that could be developed and a performer with enthusiasm. But the package just does not get there, it seems like everything is sort of ideas after a certain point, from the lyrics to the presentation to the music. Because it is not totally bad it just escapes my bottom 10 with 6.5/10 and 29th place on my list.

    Good luck !

  4. A funk/soul exercise. It starts off pretty interesting, but the chorus is a big mess, and it takes the whole song down. At least it is different from the dominating cold electro sound, and I like the fact that there are some blues harmonics. But it doesn’t necessarily make it a good song. Plus, it uses synth-imitations rather than real brass instruments. 4/12

  5. This comes across as an ambitious project, but it does not go anyhwhere; the melody is thin and the orchestration is messy. The lead singer deserved better. Good luck.

  6. OK song but among the worst ESC-related live performances ever. 4/12

  7. So many shows (10 or 11?) to end up with this? Not bad, but not good either.

  8. Sad, really sad. I’m always happy when Lithuania does well because I follow the NF and I see the evolution of the acts. I can’t support this, it was my last place since the semifinal.

  9. I really dunno why ppl complain!

    I ADORE this now, I completely overlooked this..

    This is such a fresh entry, such a grower, vocals are so fresh, her image, her clothes, atmosphere on the stage, backings, energy, emotion, lyrics!



  10. Surprise !!! What happened to the big favourite ?!!!
    I like it better than “I’m like a wolf” but I agree that it goes nowhere. Some good funky moments add some charm enough to give it a 5/10

  11. Lithuania:Just as I was talking how annoying Norway was,I came across to this…Better luck next year Lithuania

  12. Well at least she is trying with all she has. But unfortunately she is not that strong singer. And song is one of the weakest of this years songs. Sorry. But still in anyway i wish nothing but the best for Fusedmarc and for Lithuania. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  13. To me Lithuania had much better songs.. but well. .. Saw that with many more nations…

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