Iceland: It’s Svala to Kyiv!

Iceland – The final of Sóngvakeppnin 2017 has just finished with a win for Svala Björgvinsdóttir singing ‘Paper’. She will now represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in May. Listen to the winning song now… 


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184 comments on “Iceland: It’s Svala to Kyiv!

  1. Updated Rankings (subject to change)
    Portugal 1 / Belgium 2 / Italy 3 / Finland 4 / Ireland 5 / UK 6 / Sweden 7 /
    Macedonia 8 / Azerbaijan 9 / Austria 10 / France 11 / Moldova 12 / Australia 13/ Iceland 14 / Israel 15 / Lithuania 16 / Serbia 17 / Czech Republic 18 /
    Netherlands 19 / Germany 20 / Estonia 21 / Belarus 22 / Montenegro 23 / Latvia 24 / Norway 25 / Ukraine 26 / Greece 27 / Cyprus 28 / Spain 29 / Switzerland 30 / Poland 31 / Malta 32 / Albania 33 / Georgia 34 / Croatia 35 / Slovenia 36 / Denmark 37/ Hungary 38 / Romania 39 /

  2. Paper Iget it wnen was the last time spain/galicia voted for Portugal?anwer…..2017 :-)

  3. The moment you read Aron Brink is older than Aron Hannes.

  4. I preferred “Is this love?” cause it’s not something we get in ESC very often and his vocals sort of reminded me of Joy Division.
    However, Svala was a great choice too. It probably won’t be one of my favorites this year but I can see it growing on me. Good luck Iceland!!

  5. If I judge the song without watching the performance it will get a high score. Tith that outfit and those movements the result is bad. I’ve turned into a monster and I’m hating all the songs :'(

  6. Off-topic: The way the EBU reacted to San Marino’s request to have a televote by picking a representative group of people from the country tells me one thing only: The EBU doesn’t give a shit about microstates in ESC. If I were in charge, I’d withdraw.

    • And as the non-existing comments tell me, none of the ET regulars gives a toss about the rights of small ones. :( Welcome to the world of Trump, Erdogan, Orban and Putin … Sorry …

      • I wrote about it the other day and someone else commented on it.

        • I believe it was Hjallis.

        • I am totally pissed to tell you the truth. What would you or I think if sb told you or me “shut up. we’ll pick some random 5 people to decide what you like … and then go with it”. I rarely use this word but I hate this attitude!

          • Let’s wait and see what will happen.SM said they will come back with their demands after the Kyiv edition.The panel of televoters needs a lot of thinking in order for it to work.

      • I don’t know. Before ESC I didn’t knew there was a country called San Marino. They idea was “good” but maybe it was something hard to do. I don’t think EBU cares about the microstates because I don’t think they can give something to them, I’ll say it’s the opposite. But, yeah… I predict their entry will be an outsider singer + that rapper.

      • Oh for god’s sake.

      • We don’t read every single comment…and besides there is not an official announcement at all. What was EBU’s reaction?

    • What happened with San marino and EBU?

    • I kinda see how such a small sample (approx only 32,000 in the country I think) could hugely skew things if they all vote one way / were influenced etc, so couldn’t the EBU come up with at least a joint televote / jury system for them rather than just an imposed jury? There must be ways to suggest that at least lets the people there have some say.

      • Indeed. As it is now, it is insufferable. Just imagine that we weren’t allow to voice our opinion here and were told: 5 random people will speak for you. And why should the EBU care about results being skewed? Televoting is skewed anyway with all the migrant and cultural voting. Plus, they don’t seem to have a problem with 5 random people called jury skewing the results.

      • Indeed. I strongly suspect that the EBU is more inclined to ‘celebrate the market approach!’ though.

        • The EBU tries to make the contest musically relevant again and not the laughing stock of the whole of Europe that it was in the 2000s era.

  7. Paper
    you cut right through
    Iʼm stuck like glue to you.
    your darkness pulls
    I loose control again.

    Drawing every bit of my truth
    color me in with your blue.
    you cut right through
    a thousand words for you.

    Thank you Iceland for this entry! <3 This GEM gives me life! :'(

    I'm on the border to make this my number one of 2017!

    It's such a HUGE battle inside me between Salvador and Svala!! I think I'm gonna explode! :/

  8. Bulgarian song premiers on monday: The BG song for Eurovision 2017 is about the things that make us survive in the midst of an insecure and messed-up world.

  9. On another note : I was looking at the 1958 results and realized how unfair and unbalanced voting was back then. France won only thanks to 3 juries that voted en masse for “Dors mon amour” (especially the danish jury where 9 out of 10 jurors voted for it) while all others mostly ignored it (it picked only 1s from the rest). “Giorgio” received much more balanced scores throughout and still lost..

  10. Semi 1 (aka bloodbath)

    • Without the Kyiv lives,i would keep SVN,CYP,CZE,MNE,GR,GEO,ALB out of the final but one more song has to be left out and that’s the best case scenario… :(

    • Portugal will be the only country singing in a language other than English. Where do you think the producers (and the omnipresent Björkman) will place the song in the running order?

      • For him is best to be between two middle of the road faster or midtempo entries, Cyprus an Sweden fe..

        • Salvador will have to sing in the first half and I am very much afraid the production team will try to bury him as one of the first two performances.

          • Believe me they wont burry anybody who has potential to get televotes, so dont worry, in all sites he is the second behind Italy with esc fans..they will recognize potential.. ;) And I dont think the opening act is that bad in this case, it can be memorable.. :)

          • Bjorkman is not the devil with horns going after national languages. This perpetual victimization is not very appealing either.

            IMO he wont qualify regardless of where he is put because the song is not good enough and this is a strong semi.

      • Portugal is in first half same as Finland, Albania, Georgia and Australia, in the ballad genre (many of them)
        I believe Montenegro could open the show among the uptempo (SWE, AZE).


  11. Rofl! A quite alternative YT top :

  12. Shame on you Iceland for not choosing The hot boy Aron H and his hot dance pop!
    Seriously, do we really need “edgy” mini Margaret doing alt ESC electro? It’s ok, actually not bad at all, but she’s daft and so is staging.
    And I’m very very frustrated over results this weekend.
    Still best NF after San Remo. Thank you Iceland!

    • I preferred him with his t-shirt on. Those leather pants were a little daft. And why was he dancing with a jacket on?

      I agree though. In terms of overall quality of songs, Iceland easily gets “best of the rest” trophy.

      • Aron Hannes can wear whatever and he looks hot just like in his insert, but I do agree that street styling in semi was better and much more energetic, that was also more suitable for the song. Aron also looks that he is not totally aware how sexy he looks, and that makes him just hotter.

        Wet look synthetic leather pants are kinky or tacky, of course depending where you wear them.

      • Besides, fit straight boys don’t wear pants like that 😃

  13. off-topic: swiss revamp is up!

  14. Video for “Paper”:

  15. Iceland:I prefer “icebreaker” anytime to this :/ Still “paper” is not a bad song and it can even make a top10 this year

  16. Congratulations Iceland ! you made a great decision ! Paper is a very good song, it has a potential for something very good in May .. What a semi ….

  17. Oh I did it :)
    1. FYRM
    2. Belgium
    3. Hungary
    4. Belarus
    5. Portugal
    6. France
    7. Finland
    8. Cyprus
    9. Italy
    10. Sweden
    11. Romania
    12. Czech Republic
    13. Azerbaijan
    14. Estonia
    15. Spain
    16. UK
    17. Israel
    18. Australia
    19. Austria
    20. Netherlands
    21. Norway
    22. Serbia
    23. Iceland
    24. Malta
    25. Poland
    26. Latvia
    27. Ireland
    28. Denmark
    29. Ukraine
    30. Switzerland
    31. Germany
    32. San Marino
    33. Greece
    34. Slovenia
    35. Georgia
    36. Albania
    37. Lithuania
    38. Moldova
    39. Croatia

  18. Waiting for the surprise from Russia and something nice from Lilith Navasardyan :))))

  19. You like Svala’s “Paper”?

  20. Most Probably Iceland will stay ( again ) to the semifinal :(

  21. She is amazing singer and performer! And i love her beautiful song. Welldone Iceland, Finalnd’s great nordic friend! :) And very best of luck to you, Svala and to Iceland! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  22. Finland’s , i meant. I misspelled again , sorry guys. :)

  23. Svala won with 63% of the votes in the superfinal.

    • And in numbers this translated into 80.000 votes for Svala compared to 47.000 votes for Dadi.
      Average market share of 56% peaking at 73%.

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