F.Y.R. Macedonia: Watch Jana Burčeska’s Entry ‘Dance alone’ Now

F.Y.R. Macedonia – Last night saw the release of the official video for  Jana Burčeska‘s Entry Macedonian entry in this year’s contest; ‘Dance alone‘. Have a watch of the video now and tell us what you think of the song…  


37 comments on “F.Y.R. Macedonia: Watch Jana Burčeska’s Entry ‘Dance alone’ Now

  1. Bit of an ear worm, I have the chorus stuck in my head.

  2. I love it very much…maybe it is because my expectation was very low :)
    Good luck Jana 🇲🇰

  3. This has to be the best song FYR Macedonia has ever sent to ESC. Good luck!

  4. The dust has setteld somewhat. This is a solid effort. Waiting for a live rendition.

  5. The song is above FYR macedonia’s standards but to me still not very good. One thing is for sure fans will love it and it is gonna work on the stage. Actually FYR macedonia can have its best position this year since also other songs are not so good.

  6. This happened so fast my head is spinning. Greece, FYROM, and Serbia decided to send their best ever entries this year. A pleasant and very welcome turn of events. The whole show went up 100 notches in a space of a few days.

    Good luck to all 3 of the Balkan Bombshells!

    • Greece has sent its best ever entry this year? Now I ‘ve heard it all…

      • Alex actually lived all this years to see Demy representing Greece one day. I can understand his enthusiasm :)

      • My mistake. I forgot to add the work “easily” after greatest entry ever. It’s fixed now.

        And Serbia delivered on their promise as well. It’s even better than I thought.

        The backbone of ESC this year has been provided by the Balkan Bombshells. Embrace this rare event, it ma never happen again in 3 lifetimes,

        • I am sure you understand these conclusions are not shared by everyone. Just heard the swedish song for Serbia as well. Not impressed at all.

          • It’s just that you don’t know Alex like at all.lol

          • Of course. I’m happy because it means I get to keep them for myself. Lol

            When it comes to art, the opinion of the individual person consuming it is the only one that counts. I’ve never been the kind that follows the group anyway.

            That I’m the only one that loves it actually makes me love it more.

  7. Now that’s more like it Macedonia! Great effort from the internal selection, I can see it going far.

  8. Very good song! Electro disco ! Love it! Bit sceptical about the live performance….
    They will and should qualify. Currently neighbours are topping my semi 2 list (no live though)

    • 3 of my top 4 havent been performed live yet: Belgium, Azerbaijan, Fyrom. Also many more songs this year havent been live yet (Austria, Croatia, Australia…) I feel like we can hope for great lives from Belgium (two top 10 in a row now), Azerbaijan (they tend to do polished stuff there) and Australia (even if we don’t like it, it’s always so eye-catchy). The others are very worrying (mostly Fyrom, remember 2014?)

      • I agree on FYROM. But I would add both Belgium and Azerbaijan in the danger zone…Blanche seems rather stiff and lacking experience and Azerbaijan is not a song for a festival, I doubt they can reproduce the studio version so successfully.
        There is a live version of Australia this year and it sounded SO boring imo…

  9. Off topic: Salvador’s concerts yesterday in Évora was packed. He stopped half way through ‘Amar pelos dois’ because of he felt moved by the public reaction. It’s very unusual to see a musician like him getting this kind of reception. Before FdC his concerts were never sold out.

  10. Best Macedonian entry since 2012 and another entry I like. This edition is improving all the time. I hope Macedonia can deliver a good live performance and staging and see it qualify over the horrors that are Romania, Hungary and Croatia.

  11. Good luck F.Y.R. of Macedonia! :)

  12. Now this is really nice song, indeed. And she really can sing very well. Welldone and very best of luck to you Jana and to whole nation of Macedonia! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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