Azerbaijan: Dihaj Reveals ‘Skeletons’

Azerbaijan – The official music video has just been released for Azerbaijan’s entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Dihaj will sing ‘Skeletons‘ and you can now watch the video for it here… 

53 comments on “Azerbaijan: Dihaj Reveals ‘Skeletons’

  1. Uhhhhhh really great entry, intersting lyrics, modern, well priduced..in the weaker year maybe my number one, but this year wont be my no1, still high on my list..but somewhere deep in my heart, I expected smth more genuine. It is genuine, but its not edgy, risky and daring like this singer used to be..its safe enough I guess, still not esc cliche..so well done..

  2. I like the song but I am a bit skeptical about how it would fare in ESC…Not a love at first listening kind of a song
    Any song from Dihaj would be very risky for this contest anyways…

    Good luck Dihaj 🇦🇿

  3. Great song, very well produced and a fantastic music video. Good luck!

  4. Well produced, modern packaged (including th styling of the singer) song/video but I miss here some spice, maybe because the genre is not one of my favourites . Nice to see that one of the composers is from the country of origin.

  5. Interesting. I quite like it!! This could be my favorite Azeri entry since 2009.

  6. Azerbaijan: this is an FdlC/ETSC entry for sure. If the chorus was better it would have been a nearly perfect song IMO. Easily among the best songs this year.

  7. *had.

  8. The chorus is a tad weaker than the rest of the song which overall I quite like (imported or not :P ). Well done.

    • My thoughts exactly. It starts very well and then it loses some steam when it reaches the chorus. Good luck, Azerbaijan!

      P.S. – I have not ranked it yet.

    • The song was written by famous Azerbaijani composer/producer Isa Melikov who often “exports” so that’s that already. Ok so Sandra Bjurman too lol

  9. I’ve just heard this Sandra Bjurman’s song and it’s pretty good. This is the kind of stuff I would like to see more in MF.

  10. Wow wow and wow i am so surprised about this song because mostly Azerbaijan was sending hot singers with very typical esc formulated songs.. . But this is so modern and classy. Lyrics, music and the video is so good i felt like i am watching a soundtrack of a good movie. But i am so sure it is not gonna be appreciated by Esc fans or juries because it is not a typical esc song and looks like Diana is not one of those half naked singers who can get the attention by showing boobs and legs . I think this is gonna end somewhere close to the bottom, really sad for all those effort. Anyway big congrats to Azerbaijani team and Diana.

    • On the other hand, you can’t show a skeleton if you are covered up right?

      Azerbaijan knows what it is doing, like it or not, their entries are crafted or manufactured to do well. And to be honest a trio to Baku would be something I would definitely look forward too. It’s an amazing place without a doubt. And the show in Baku certainly was one of the best events ever, great city, great venue, and great entries, headed by the greatest winner in the history of the contest easily. In fact it’s been downhill in terms of winners since then. They seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

      • Long time no see!!! Missed you😊

        • Hello Mermaid, missed you too.

          I was woken up at 6am by the sound of the trash collectors so I have some unexpected free morning time. Lol

          How have you been? What have you been up to?

          • Thanks :)Same as you know:) work-travel-esc-work-travel-esc :)
            This year I am not very excited for Eurovision…I am trying to get in the mood and surely you are one of my motivators 😎
            I hope you are enjoying the songs so far

            • Thank you. Now I got extra motivation to be here more :)

              Glad to see you are doing well,but it sounds like you overworked like me. I just realized that in 1 year I’ve had 1 vacation day and 2 sick days.

              We both need vacations. Just so you know, NYC is perfect for vacations this time of year. Yes, I’m being biased of course.

            • I went to Thailand for 10 days in late January so I am not complaining and I can’t take a vacation anywhere soon :) Work is our destiny LOL Thanks for your invitation though😊NYC would be great..It has been 12 years since I last visited the city…I am getting old 😆

            • You certainly can’t. I think I’ve had 10 days vacation total since 2014. And 7 were in Kobenhavn. Lol

              And remember, age is just a number. You are only old if you feel old.

              Also, NYC has changed in the last decade. You are welcome to come see for yourself.

              One place I haven’t visited is Turkey. I have friends that live there and they are always telling me to come visit. They come here every 2 years, so I should return the favor.

            • OMG I thought the slavery was over LOL Poor you!I would have left my job,if they hadn’t reduced my work load…I am OK for now,at least I love what I am doing 😊
              When you go to visit Greece you can hop on a boat and cross the border,it is that easy! I advise you to visit Istanbul first though…sun and sea is the same in both countries😉

            • Loving what you do is important.
              In my new job, I’ve take on more responsibility. I can take vacation but I still want to learn and grow.

              In exchange for less free time, I get to walk to work, and I get to live a middle class life in NYC. Not a bad thing. Sure I don’t have the swathes of free time when I first joined the site but I’ll exchange spending less time on Esc. I need to think about my future first.

              And if I do go to Greece I’ll be sure to visit the neighbors. Hopefully you can be my tour guide on one of my days there. That’s if you aren’t away to some far off land at that time.

            • My pleasure 👍🏻

  11. It’s pretty good, actually one of the best this year/ Love the clip, love the arrangement. However I miss some edge from Azerbaijan. All these years they have been sending very safe pop songs/ballads. THis year Dihaj seemed quite alternative to me but I guess she decided to go mainstream and secure a good placement. Is it an imported song again?
    Remains to be seen how this will sound live (same as FYROM and every other internal selection with very polished package)
    Not sure about my ranking yet!

  12. I mean its alright, probably a top 10 in the final but undeserved imo. I’d place it around 20-10 in my own rankings.

  13. Absolutely love it. Joins Portugal and Belgium as the third great song of the year, with Fyrom very close by. Problem is, three of them havent been performed live yet, and Portugal did which is why it’s without a doubt my first for now.

    Also, I agree with Mark (blackbird) who told me he liked both Fyrom and Azerbaijan but that they were esc-version of their respective genre. Too bad? I think it’s always been the case and I’m glad some countries are bringing stuff to the contest, even if it’s in an esc-bankable version. Do people really think “This Is Love” is really any better?

  14. A very decent entry from Azerbaijan. I like it and it certainly beats their past three entries. I will be very interested to see how this is staged and how well she can deliver it live but this should see Azerbaijan gain some of the ground it lost from 2014-16.

  15. This is great. Only issue is that it has a bit too ESC festival bombastic production in the chorus. Have to add that it’s extremely well done bombastic. Still less would have been more. Verses are fantastic.
    Yey, Azerbaijan!

    This will do great. It’s a calibred festival missile.

  16. Definitely something I’d listen to outside of the contest. I love it.

  17. Given my expectations here I may be a tad dissapointed but just a tad. This goes for the edgy sound and production FYR Macedonia went for but does it better, in a more sophisticated way. I like the dark atmosphere that accompanies a somewhat dark sound.
    Same with “Dance Alone” it has great verses but loses a bit of edge in the chorus although here this is saved a lot I would say by Dihaj’s voice colour and some quite interesting lyrics.

    Good luck !

  18. As it’s always the case with Azerbaijan their songs are well produced,really good videos but i’m missing th edge even if it turns badly in the end.I like the song,the verses are better,the chorus gives me some Sia vibes.There are diction issues.F.e the lyrics are Have my sceletons but i’m hearing i’m a skeleton.I hope the live performance will boost it.

  19. Her ETSC 5 entry was pretty far away from what I usually listen to, but the qualities clearly shone through the taste barriers, so it ended up getting 7 points from me.

    This time I’m a bit more unsure of how to rank it. It clearly belongs to a genre that has been hugely popular in the last 4-5 years but which isn’t really my thing. My first impression is that of a somewhat anonymous melody, and the bombastic synthetic sounds make it appear rather “inhuman” (as is often the case with that kind of music – at least for me). I will give it a cautions 6/12 for now, but it may change later for better or worse.

  20. This is the second time who i love Azerbaijan entry ! <3

  21. She is a good singer. Her song is quite nice. Good luck to Dihaj and to Azerbaijan for eurovision! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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