Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić’s ‘Space’ is Released

Montenegro – The song that Slavko Kalezić will sing in Kyiv, ‘Space‘ has been released tonight along with the official video and it’s probably going to have people talking. See what you think to it now… 


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55 comments on “Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić’s ‘Space’ is Released

  1. Well it’s very camp that’s for sure. It’s up tempo, funky and fun and no doubt will carry a wtf moment come May. I doubt he will be great singing it live and am not sure of qualification at this point but it’s certainly not as bad as some of the other dirges on offer. I’d day his ponytail twirling and in your face movements are a bit twee but over all, I don’t mind it at all.

    • MAAAAARTIN!!! Ireland 2017!! <3 My fave in the 2nd semi (where I can vote YAAY!) and my number 2 overall!! :)))))

      • Am so glad you like it Marko! :)
        I actually like it too which I wasn’t expecting at all. I just hope they don’t under sell it but go too OTT either with its staging. It needs to be done right and I hope he can deliver what is on the studio recording but over all I am hopeful for a decent result for my home country this year :)

  2. He is great singer and performer. And song is quite nice. Nice entry, indeed. Very best of luck to you Slavko Kalezics and to Montengero. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  3. Montengro! Sorry for misspelling.

  4. Oh no, i did it again, sorry. Montenegro

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