Ireland: Watch Brendan Murray’s Entry ‘Dying To Try’ Now

Ireland – The Irish entry, ‘Dying To Try‘ has been released today and you can now watch Brendan Murray‘s official video for the haunting ballad via the RTE YouTube account.  Let us know what you think to it in the comments… 

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267 comments on “Ireland: Watch Brendan Murray’s Entry ‘Dying To Try’ Now

  1. Finally got to make a complete rating of Eurovision 2016. I have changed my mind on a few songs for better or worse – the latter especially due to poor vocal performances:

    10/12 Ukraine
    9/12 Italy, Georgia
    8/12 Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia, Austria
    7/12 Montenegro, Iceland, FYR Macedonia, Belgium, Serbia, Spain
    6/12 Finland, Greece, San Marino, Estonia, Albania, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, Cyprus, Russia, United Kingdom, Armenia
    5/12 Switzerland, Belarus, Ireland, Slovenia, Israel, Lithuania
    4/12 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Poland, Croatia, Malta
    3/12 Moldova, Denmark
    Average: 6,05

  2. Ireland: Personally not a fan of his voice but it’s better than I expected.
    Montenegro: Um, my expectations were really low but I thought it’d be catchier? Sorry but this probably going to be stuck in my bottom 3 lol.
    FYR Macedonia: I think this is a bigger shock than Belgium lol. I was not expecting much from her based on the videos I saw but this is really well done.
    Israel:Eh I prefer Golden Boy. It’s not bad though!!

  3. Finally got a chance to review the 4 songs released yesterday and today more carefully. So to sum up :

    Israel : Golden boy recipe, ok nothing too exciting. Imri will bring it to life (and to the final) in Kiev – 6.2/10 and 25th place (out of 33) on my list.
    Ireland : Lovely, sentimental ballad and I am among those who like the change of key after the middle.So full yet so intimate. His voice is weird but with slight exceptions it adds to the song mostly – 8.7/10 and 2nd place (out of 33) on my list.
    FYR Macedonia – Nice,edgy verses, very underwhelming chorus. Overall a decent effort from FYR Macedonia after quite some time though. Live vocals are a big questionmark here – 7.9/10 and 14th place (out of 33) on my list.
    Montenegro – Hilariously camp and bad but one of those entries that give esc a bad name. I can already imagine the horrors they will do on stage. Those lyrics are already awful and he makes them sound worse than they are – 3.0/10 and 32nd place (out of 33) on my list.

  4. Andd :

    top 10 :

    1. Belgium – 9.4/10
    2. Ireland – 8.7/10
    3. Australia – 8.4/10
    4. Switzerland – 8.3/10
    5. France – 8.3/10 (elevated after the acoustic performance)
    6. Austria – 8.2/10
    7. Poland – 8.1/10
    8. Denmark – 8.1/10
    9. Latvia – 8.1/10
    10. Czech Republic – 8.1/10 (downgraded after live performance)

    Bottom 5 :

    29. Romania – 5.9/10
    30. Portugal – 5.4/10
    31. Croatia – 4.1/10
    32. Montenegro – 3.0/10
    33. Italy – 2.8/10

    Congratulations Montenegro, you just kicked Spain out of my bottom 5 :)

  5. “Dying To Try”: It was an inoffensive ballad and then… key change. Here comes the pyro, turn all the lights on, vote for me – moment. It’s in my group of songs I don’t mind.
    “Dance Alone”: The video! :D I like the song keeping in mind it isn’t great. Cool choice.

    I’m worried about the result of the NF in Sweden and Lithuania.

    • I’ve just noticed there has never been a new guy in that Swedish boyband called “FO&O”. That time when I watched them on TV for some reason only three of them “performed” a song. The absent guy was Felix so I only knew The Ooo Conspiracy. I wrote this because he is the only one I like and I’ve been wrong all the time… meh, who cares? I don’t think there are fans of them here :P I hate the others two members.

  6. I slept over it, listened to it couple more times this morning and I reddid my list. I worry about live in May. Solid B!

    1. Portugal
    2. Italy
    3. Belgium
    4. Israel
    5. Finland
    6. Estonia
    7. Latvia

    8. Moldovia
    9. FYROM 💥
    10. Hungary
    11. Austria
    12. Greece

    13. France
    14. Romania
    15. Ukraine
    16. Poland
    17. Australia
    18. Ireland 💥

  7. We’ll have almost full house tonight. :)

  8. It is skeletons for Azerbaijan :)

  9. I was at a wedding all day yesterday and missed everything going on in ESC world.
    So here we have it. Dying to Try.
    Well I have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised!
    Yes, it is co-written by a Swede and is Swedish produced but so what?
    Over all I actually like it and will be more than happy to cheer on our entry this year once again.
    Of course it has the typical Louise Walsh markings, This would work for any current boy band around at the moment and certainly isn’t as dated as many are wittering on about. I think it sounds quite current and I keep listening to it which makes a change for me when it comes to our most recent entries. It reminds me of one of those X Factor winner songs which usually have quite a smattering of sentimentality throughout and I’m not adverse to that either. I’m not a big fan of Brendan’s voice but at least the song seems to work with what he has. (It actually takes me back to MJ singing songs like Ben and One day in your life, – a sort of innocent charm).
    I would seriously hope that we aren’t going to have the obligatory ‘standing up from stool’ moment at the key change. It definitely needs a faultless staging and needs to be able to recreate that which has been achieved in studio to the live performance for it to really shine and have a chance.
    Glad to see it’s not being dismissed totally with it getting a more balanced mixed reaction. It is certainly better than last year’s dismal offering and imo one of the better ballads, indeed, one of the better entries on offer this year. I am satisfied that it’s not bad at all and am hopeful we could see Ireland back in the final again.
    Relieved :)

  10. He has very original voice which is great. And his song is beautiful ballad. Nice, indeed. Very best of luck to you, Brendan and to Ireland. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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