Portugal: Watch the Final of Festival da Canção 2017 Tonight

portugalPortugal – The final of Festival da Canção 2017 takes place tonight from Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. The show will star at 22.00 (CET) and be hosted by Sílvia Alberto and Catarina Furtado. You can watch online here

The eight finalists competing tonight are:

Jorge Benvinda – ‘Gente bestial
Pedro Gonçalves – ‘Don’t walk away
Lena d’Água – ‘Nunca me fui embora
Salvador Sobral – ‘Amar pelos dois
Fernando Daniel – ‘Poema a dois
Celina da Piedade – ‘Primavera
Deolinda Kinzimba – ‘O que eu vi nos meus sonhos
Viva La Diva  – ‘Nova glória

The winner will be decided by a 50/50 mix of regional jury and public televote.

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2,042 comments on “Portugal: Watch the Final of Festival da Canção 2017 Tonight

  1. On Ireland. Starts bit in the same mood as the Belgian song. I quite like it, especially in the beginning, but after the key change it turns all Eurovision. I can live without the ending, but in general it’s pretty strong, and it is not uninteresting. 7-8/12

    • 1 Portugal 10/12
      2 Belgium 9/12
      3 France 8/12
      4 Belarus 8/12
      5 Czech Republic 7/12
      6 Ireland 7/12
      7 Finland 7/12
      8 Cyprus 7/12
      9 Moldova 7/12
      10 Australia 7/12
      11 Latvia 6/12
      12 Estonia 6/12
      13 Italy 6/12
      14 Malta 6/12
      15 Poland 6/12
      16 Germany 6/12
      17 Hungary 6/12
      18 Ukraine 6/12
      19 Austria 6/12
      20 Spain 6/12
      21 Slovenia 5/12
      22 Netherlands 5/12
      23 Romania 5/12
      24 United Kingdom 5/12
      25 Georgia 5/12
      26 Switzerland 5/12
      27 Israel 5/12
      28 Albania 4/12
      29 Denmark 4/12
      30 Greece 4/12
      31 Croatia 2/12

  2. Btw. Just to make it clear, I won’t be writing the song reviews that I did last year. It was too big a task for me, and I almost drowned in it.

  3. On Ireland:

    Very good composition.. i can even say EXCELENT!

    Voice is for me very good actually, I see may ppl complain on it, but I like different colors of voices..

    I hope these awesome backings will be good in live, they give such a beautiful flavor to this ballad..

    Well done dear Ireland..

    Video is fantastic, these grey colors of the sea,sky and his coat, green fields above the town in early Irish spring, and his red cheeks! This is so sweet! <3 :)

    This goes straight to my number 2 or 3 of my list! I have to think a bit! GOSH never expected! :o

  4. Ireland: This is one of the better ballads this year. I am a sucker for actual melancholy rather than whining, sulking or drama and this sounds like a very understated, very irish melancholy. It’s a shame that all the sophisticated work that went into that sound production goes up in smoke in the final minute of the “Yay!” big choir crescendo. I don’t know if he has it in him to break the irish curse or if his voice will be freaking people out, but so far so good Ireland :)

    Top31 time!

    1) Italy
    2) France
    3) Portugal
    4) Belgium
    5) Estonia
    6) Finland
    7) Moldova
    8) Israel
    9) Poland
    10) Australia
    11) Romania
    12) Hungary
    13) Austria
    >>>14) Ireland
    15) Latvia
    16) Greece
    17) Ukraine
    18) Belarus
    19) Georgia
    20) Denmark
    21) Switzerland
    22) Czechia
    23) Malta
    24) Germany
    25) Slovenia
    26) UK
    27) Cyprus
    28) Spain
    29) Netherlands
    30) Albania
    31) Croatia

  5. Am listening to the Irish entry.

    P.S. – ‘Amar pelos dois’ is available on ITUnes and on Spotify as is the lovely song by Orsi Sapszon in A Dal 17. :)

  6. I wonder if there is any point in writing commente these days..by the time they appear the comment page has changed..


    Ireland : I love everything about it. It has this classy irish ballad in esc feel to it done in a more contemporary way. There is sentimetality and passion. Brendan has a weird voice, we already knew that, that in other parts adds an extra layer of fragility and works fine but in some points in the chorus it may be a tad too pitchy detracting a bit.

    Overall this is probably my No.2 or No.3 at this point though, it is lovely !

  7. On Ireland 17 – as Michos has already said, it starts well enough and then loses itself an useless and pointless effort to make itself heard and thus become memorable (so someone thought); unfortunately the opposite occurs instead. Moreover, how ill this ambitious ballad sound live? Good luck, Ireland.

  8. Montenegro 17

  9. ‘Amar pelos dois’ was released this morning on said platforms; it is charting in Portugal (4th place) and in Sweden (!) 75 th atm.

  10. Rona Nishliu’s hair abducted by pocket sex god!! :-D :-D

  11. Alma does an acoustic version of “Requiem” joined by Amir!

  12. As of right now, I have 15 entries that are fighting to be in my Top 10. And that’s even before all countries have released their entries! I think that’s great and over the coming week, I will formalize my Top.

  13. Finally,they uploaded the official video of Ireland on youtube:

  14. The Montenegrin song reminds me of this for some reason. The thing is, while i love “The look of love”, I can’t say the say for Mr Kalezic’s song.

  15. I have been watching Montenegrin video third time in a row
    Couldn’t decide whether I like it or not😂
    I think the video is off putting but I like the disco jam

  16. *Deep breath*

    Montenegro : I dont know where to start from really. It is hideous lets make this clear – it will be along, with Italy, the entry played by mainstream media to show what a joke show eurovision is so it is in the “tarnishing the image of the contest” category. The overt flamboyance is fine but a) it is accompanied by a bad song that will most certainly transfer the questionable aesthetics of the clip on stage plus a really not remarkable voice and b) we have again the case of a country not exactly LGBT-friendly choosing a very flamboyant act. Montenegro is among those making solid efforts towards the right direction there so I will not take that factor under much consideration.

    Still this is way below average and lacks any kind of artistic merit. It is a clear novelty and an act put together by people who espouse some very dated ideas and stereotypes about esc.

    I have to think really hard if it is worse than Italy. This does not take itself seriously as the italian act does so that’s a plus (the only one) for Montenegro.

    Please go back to Sergey and Knez Montenegro.

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