Sweden: Melodifestivalen Line-Up Finalised

swedenSweden – The 2nd chance Andra Chansen heat took place tonight with 4 acts going through to the Melodifestivalen final next week. We now know all of the finalists and national broadcaster SVT has also released the running order. 

The results of the duels in the Andra Chansen were as follows:

Duel 1:

  • Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O – ‘Gotta thing about you’
  • De Vet Du ‘Road trip’

Duel 2:

  • Axel Schylström – ‘När ingen ser’
  • Lisa Ajax – ‘I don’t give a’

Duel 3:

  • Boris René – ‘Her kiss’
  • Dismissed ‘Hearts align’

Duel 4:

  • Anton Hagman – ‘Kiss you goodbye’
  • Loreen ‘Statements’

The line-up for next week’s final is:

  1. Ace Wilder – ‘Wild child’
  2. Boris René ‘Her kiss’
  3. Lisa Ajax ‘I don’t give a’
  4. Robin Bengtsson – ‘I can’t go on’
  5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – ‘En värld full av strider’
  6. Anton Hagman – ‘Kiss you goodbye’
  7. Mariette – ‘A million years’
  8. Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O – ‘Gotta thing about you’
  9. Nano – ‘Hold on’
  10. Wiktoria ‘As I lay me down’
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – ‘Good lovin’’
  12. Owe Thörnqvist – ‘Boogieman blues’


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95 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Line-Up Finalised

  1. Realised another thing: 7 out of the 12 finalists have been in the final during the last two years. The televoters thus went rather conservative when they voted and as a result of this, maybe SVT should try a new approach for the future. Try to bring in 28 artists that has NEVER done MF before.

    It would be 8 returning artists if we also counted songwriting into this. Owe Thörnqvist wrote a couple of songs for Melodifestivalen in the 1960’s (before my mum was born, lol). His song “När min vän”, performed by Monica Zetterlund in Melodifestivalen 1962, is one of my all time favourite MF songs.

    • Love it very much. Thanks for sharing. I am also a big fan of the song MZ took to ESC – listen o it on a regular basis.

  2. Jon & Aninia are currently leading the SVT poll with 21%

    2nd Wiktoria 15%
    3rd Nano 14%
    4th Mariette 11%
    5th Robin 10%

    Plssssssss International Jury don’t ruin their chances.. *pray*

  3. My ranking for the final :

    1. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On 8/10
    2. Boris René – Her Kiss 8/10
    3. Nano – Hold On 7/10
    4.Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down 7/10
    5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – En värld full av strider 7/10
    6. Mariette – A Million Years 6.5/10
    7.Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’ 6.5/10
    8. Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye 6/10
    9. Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues 6/10
    10.Ace Wilder – Wild Child 5/10
    11. FO&O – Gotta Thing About You 5/10
    12. Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A 4/10

    I can enjoy all songs in the final with the exception of the last 3.
    Average of all 28 entries at 5.96

  4. Ranking Final:

    1.Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – En värld full av strider
    2. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On
    3. Mariette – A Million Years
    4. Nano – Hold On
    5.Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down
    6.Ace Wilder – Wild Child
    7.Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye
    8. Boris René – Her Kiss
    9.Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’
    10. Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A
    11.FO&O – Gotta Thing About You
    12.Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues

  5. Well, after an Andra Chansen where not one of my favorites qualified, I can’t say I’m overly thrilled by this year’s line-up.

    I’m rooting for Wiktoria! But I’d also be thrilled with a Jon & Aninia or Mariette win. I do like Nano as well, and a guilty pleasure would be Benjamin. The other songs no thanks.

  6. Well I went through MF all together once more:

    SEMI 1
    1 Boris René “Her Kiss”
    7 Nano “Hold On”
    6 Ace Wilder “Wild Child”
    5 Charlotte Perrelli “Mitt Liv”
    2 Adrijana “Amare”
    3 Dinah Nah “One More Night”
    4 De Vet Du “Road Trip”

    SEMI 2
    5 Dismissed “Hearts Align”
    1 Mariette “A Million Years”
    7 Benjamin Ingrosso “Good lovin'”
    2 Roger Pontare “Himmel Och Hav”
    4 Allyawan “Vart Haru Varit”
    6 Lisa Ajax “I Don’t Give A”
    3 Etzia “Up”

    SEMI 3
    1 Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”
    6 Bella & Filippa “Crucified”
    7 The FO&O “Gotta Thing About You”
    3 Anton Hagman “Kiss You Goodbye”
    2 Krista Siegfrids “Snurra Min Jord”
    4 Jasmine Kara “Gravity”
    5 Owe Thörnqvist “Boogieman Blues”

    SEMI 4
    4 Wictoria “As I Lay Me Down”
    3 Les Gordons “Bound To Fall”
    7 Loreen “Statements”
    2 Alice “Running With Lions”
    1 Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia “En Värld Full Av Strider”
    5 Axel Schylström “När Ingen Ser”
    6 Sara Varga & Juha Mulari “Du Får Inte Ändra På Mig”

    So that means my own Top 12 based on MF rules would be:
    S2 Dismissed “Hearts Align”
    S4 Wictoria “As I Lay Me Down”
    S3 Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”
    S4 Les Gordons “Bound To Fall”
    S1 Boris René “Her Kiss”
    S4 Loreen “Statements”
    S1 Nano “Hold On”
    S2 Mariette “A Million Years”
    S1 Ace Wilder “Wild Child”
    S4 Alice “Running With Lions”
    S3 Bella & Filippa “Crucified”
    S2 Benjamin Ingrosso “Good lovin'”

    Semi 3 was by far the weakest, as I am down to having FO&O third, none of my AC songs would qualify and semi 4 the best, as both my AC songs qualified! In the end, I have 7 in common in my 12 than MF’s, not that bad considering Dismissed or Loreen went to AC and Alice and Bella & Filippa were 5th in their semis. Les Gordons will remain the one underrated act of this MF.

    As for those who did qualify, well every single “cute hottie” from semi 3 did in the end unlike my own list (Robin, Anton, FO&O)… I don’t mind Jon, FO&O are bad but I don’t “hate” it, same as Anton; Lisa I like less but the song’s ok and Owe’s the only true horror in the final!

    Now go Wictoria!

    • Fun fact, Dismissed’s draw (#12, aka 5th in semi2) was the same as my MF 2015 winner “Nonetheless” by Marie & Sanne and Wictoria’s draw (#25, aka 4th in semi3) is one spot from my MF 2016 winner “If I Were Sorry” by Frans which was performed as 26th!

  7. I have to say I am in agreement with all the results of the duels. Even though I liked Dismissed, Boris probably deserved it more. And I am so glad Du Vet Du’s horror will not be in the final, even though F.O &O are not much better.

    I read that the crazy lady with the handbag was actually a real incident in Sweden with a woman of polish descent lashing out at a neonazi rally. So these people with the flags were not Les Miz-style revolutionaries but neonazis? How confusing. Whatsmore, the woman’s son has asked swedish media to stop using the image as a sign of respect to his mother. Apparently the artist’s “Statement” was more important. Oh well.

  8. It seems International juries in MF final are:
    – Armenia
    – Australia
    – Czech Republic
    – France
    – Israel
    – Italy
    – Malta
    – Norway
    – Poland
    – Ukraine
    – United Kingdom

  9. Current betting odds :
    1.Wiktoria 2.30 !!!
    2.Nano 2.75
    3.Jon & Aninia 5.50
    4.Robin 7 (a good bet imo)
    5.Mariette 14
    6.Benjamin 25
    7.Ace Wilder 30
    8.Owe 40
    9.Lisa Ajax 50
    10.Foo Conspiracy 50
    11.Boris 80
    12.Anton 100

  10. So, given that seven of our twelve finalists have been in the final recently, who has got the biggest int. jury support in the past?

    Ace Wilder
    2014 97 points
    2016 83 points

    Jon Henrik Fjällgren
    2015 51 points

    2015 74 points

    Lisa Ajax
    2016 23 points

    Robin Bengtsson
    2016 40 points

    Boris René
    2016 6 points

    2016 69 points

    But on the other hand, the jurors are switched and the artists are not always scoring the same. F.e., Eric Saade only got half the points with “Sting” as he got with “popular”. Anton Ewals and Samir & Viktor also did rather ok on their first try but failed miserably on their second. So of course nothing is obvious yet.

  11. This year Melodifestivalen is AMAZING!

    I loved De Vet Du’s sketch & song, it was dunny and the vocals where not bad at all!
    (yes I will play it again, and.. again :p)

    Loreen did not make it with Statements, yet I will continue playing it since the lyrics are, to me, fenomenal.

    I also loved Boris Rene, Robin Bengtsson and Ace Wilder (Though sad she did not bring “Don’t Worry” to Stockholm — Sweden would’ve won again I always believed :p )

    For the finals I have 3 favourites:

    Mariette “A Million Years”

    Her song takes your attention from the beginning, it is the most catchy one, has a very simple but nice choreography which will catch your attention. I love the lyrics, they sound familiar to me, having a relationship for two years with my boyfriend haha. The end is abit odd, but her smile makes it finished.

    Wiktoria “As I Lay Me Down”

    A special song, when you see her on stage it is as if she has became the person she briliantly portrays during the performance. The scene on the bed is beautiful, her voice is fragile, like Christina Aguilera in her young years. I love the acting talent in her, this is like a musical performance.

    Nano “Hold On”

    beautiful lyrics, only abit a copy to the more famous song “Human”. But I have grown fond of it. his story to me is very inspiring, I have the same dream as he has, making a career after having done some stupid mistakes in life! It is an outsider to me.

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