London Eurovision Party Confirms Acts

london-2017London Eurovision Party – This year’s London Eurovision Party is shaping up nicely with a dozen Eurovision stars already revealed as attending. This year’s event takes place on Sunday April 2nd at  Café de Paris, situated in the heart of Leicester Square and it’s their 10th anniversary! 

Confirmed for this year so far are:

  • Nicki French (UK 2000) – the perfect hostess
  • Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)
  • Nathan Trent (Austria 2017)
  • Manel Navarro (Spain 2017)
  • Linda Martin (Ireland 1992)
  • Levina (Germany 2017)
  • Kasi Moś (Poland 2017)
  • Francesco Gabbani (Italy 2017)
  • Claudia Faniello (Malta 2017)
  • Anja Nissen (Denmar 2017)
  • Alma (France 2017)
  • and headliner Lucie Jones (United Kingdom 2017)

A review of last year’s concert can be found here.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to bag tickets to the concert yet, keep your eye on the official Twitter @LDNEurovision as some more are probably to be released 2 weeks before the event. The official website can be found at http://londoneurovision.com

19 comments on “London Eurovision Party Confirms Acts

  1. Some good ones, some middling ones and some bad ones so far. :)

  2. Gabbani will be around, that is interesting.

  3. I will look up Nathan’s performance primarily to see if he delivers live.
    Then Alma – I hope she is working on that stage presentation issues she has.
    Lucie’s as well, see if she fixed her stage comfort.
    Kasia, Claudia, Anja and Levina have proven that they know how to sing and I hope they overshadow with their talent the cheap monkey gimmicks.
    Manel I dont care either way.

    • Francesco knows how to sing too. No need to disregard him with every chance :p

      • Indeed he kind of can (In Amen he was ok) – which makes it even more dissapointing that he wastes any talent he may have like that.

        • In my opinion he is a very charismatic performer, thus the lead in polls and betting odds.

          • While I wouldn’t go that far and I consider this hype overinflated to a degree I am willing to give him another chance if he comes back to the contest in the future with something better.

      • P.S. Believe me I am avoiding commenting on that entry as much as possible – something challenging given that with the whole fanboying going around (how many views he has, where he is in polls, in bets, whats his penis size) the only thing not reported is when he goes to the bathroom at this point.

        • Well, if people love his entry it’s almost natural they praise it. I don’t know why you take it personally. Why don’t we just focus on things we love?

          • Sometimes this gets tough around here but I get some encouraging signs things may get better with some good will.

            I will try to be posting more stuff on Timebelle and my other favourites from now :) For example Levina has been super active recording and writing stuff !

            • It definitely sounds a good idea ;)
              Maybe we should ALL (myself included) stick to things we love. No need to spread negative energy and consume ourselves with fighting

            • I am more than willing to go with that if others tag along :)
              Sometimes living thousands of km away from your home and country can be fun but it’s tough as well – this forum and esc is one of the few things that are weirdly enough a common element between different stages of my (and everyone’s I guess) lives and really should work in getting over real life troubles, not creating more. So let’s keep it as free of judgment (personal and taste judgment I mean) as possible.

              *End of mellow dramatic monologue*

            • I liked your dramatic monologue cause it showed your sensitive side which I have missed lately :)
              We need all kinds of different tastes here and as long as we express our opinions peacefully and don’t get either personal or fanatic, I believe we can all co-exist. After all, we’ve been part of this internet family for quite some time now. :)

            • Do believe me, I start every esc season with the best of intentions for everything to run smoothly and nicely – I wish everyone was in tune with that but I am afraid after so many years we still haven’t been able to understand is offensive to other members and what is not. I hope there is a good way forward *sigh*
              I am going to try my hardest in terms of unity – e.g. I won’t comment at all tonight on Salvador and his performance in a motion of good will.

            • I don’t necessarily agree with your decision not to comment on Salvador. That’s a step back imo.
              All members should comment on whatever they like, stay genuine to their tastes and perceptions but do it in a respectful way.

            • Well it seems my stated opinion on Salvador and his song is offensive enough to some if the debacle earlier this evening on the relevant thread about the portuguese is anything to go about.
              There has been enough division for one day and while I appreciate the swift action I think it’s better not to divide further today.

              Be warned I will be fanboying hard for Pedro though haha ;P !

            • Please do for Fernando too

            • lol you got it

            • *about the portuguese final

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