Iceland: Three More Finalists Known for Söngvakeppnin

IcelandIceland – Tonight saw the second semi-final of Söngvakeppnin 2017 take place. Six semi-finalists sang their songs in Icelandic and faced a 100% public vote. The three successful artists will now perform in the final next week.

The qualifiers were:

  • Svala Björgvinsdóttir – ‘Ég veit það’
  • Daði Freyr Pétursson – ‘Hvað með það?’
  • Aron Brink – ‘Þú hefur dáleitt mig’

15 comments on “Iceland: Three More Finalists Known for Söngvakeppnin

  1. Very happy for Aron and Svala – that brings the total of songs I support in this final to 4 :)

    • Also kind of dissapointing Hildur got the wildcard over the cute duo that sang “Heim til þín” in semi 1.

  2. And now that you’ve watched them all live,send Svala please:

  3. GOSH Im so excited, It;s finally time for Icelnd to shuine on my list!

    But I won’t be too happy untill it happens actually!

    Svala Björgvinsdóttir – “Ég veit það” or even better ‘paper” just fuckin’ go to Kyiv!

    Svala has knocked me down!

    I loved Hera Bjork for Iceland, but for some nostalgic reasons, if this women, girl, or whatever she is wins that will be my fave Icelandic entry ever!

  4. So the lovely country duet from semi-final 1 did not get the wildcard? Another travesty!

  5. The result were not bad, I guess. Svala will most probably win; I hope Hildur takes this chance to change that pointless stage presentation. Congratulations to the finalists.

  6. Wow Svala did an amazing job with the singing, even though I wish the performance did not just consist of these platforms. What a great song this is. I do hope she wins.

    I can honestly say I like every song in their final except from that duet and perhaps Aron. He gave quite a performance and that’s definitely not the kind of song one would expect from Iceland, but like Belgium last year I find it too Junior Eurovision. I think he does have chances, but I hope it won’t be him.

  7. Daði Freyr Pétursson – ‘Hvað með það?’: This was better than i thought.It’s quirky and groovy and got a warm applause by the audience.I just have an issue with people that look like they haven’t washed their hair for days.lol

    Aron Brink – ‘Þú hefur dáleitt mig’: That was bad.It looks like it’s a Jesc act and the vocal performance was really weak.I get that Aron is the son of artists etc but he’s young.He really needs to take some lessons and come back when he’s ready.

  8. Svala 7/10
    Páll & Kristina 6/10
    Aron Brink 6-/10
    Sólveig 6-/10
    Daði Freyr Pétursson 5.5/10
    Linda Hartmanns 4/10

  9. Regarding the finalists :
    1.Arnar & Rakel 7/10
    2.Svala – Paper 7/10
    3.Aron Hannes (Nótt) 6/10
    4.Aron Brink 6/10
    5.Rúnar Eff 6/10
    6.Daði Freyr Pétursson 5.5/10
    7.Hildur 5.5/10

    Average of Söngvakeppnin this year at 5.75

  10. Last night’s performances in HQ sound: http://www.ruv.is/frett/seinni-undanurslitin-oll-login1

  11. Owww.. Next saturday will be like crazy!

    A beautiful Icelandic final with Aron’s dancetrack Tonight, the alternative song from Dadi which I secretly adore.. And ofcourse the sensitive voice of Runar & the Queen of Iceland: Svala <3

    Then Melodifestivalen and Söngvakeppnin will be filling my evening.

    Wish they could start at different times, so I won't miss too much from both :-)

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