The Netherlands: OG3NE Reveal ‘Lights And Shadows’

og3ne-netherlands-smallThe Netherlands – Today saw the big reveal of OG3NE’s song for ESC 2017 with the debut of  ‘Lights and shadows‘.The song is composed and written by Rory de Kievit and Rick Vol. The expected harmonising was there in bucketloads, but will the song be good enough to do well in Kyiv? 

Let us know now what you think to it.



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86 comments on “The Netherlands: OG3NE Reveal ‘Lights And Shadows’

  1. On Croatia: This is exactly as schmaltzy as the instrumental promised. The bass/tenor voice change and the half-man costume promise hillarious moments, but whether he will have the fate of Cezar or Axel Hirsoux is still open to question (it doesn’t really have Cezar’s campness, but it doesn’t have Axel’s creepiness either). The lyrics remind me of fortune cookies or those desk calendars with a different “inspirational” quote every day.

    On Holland: All I hear is harmonising for three minutes with no clear and discernible melody. I find it quite tiresome and with the way they are singing any sort of message or personal story does not come out at all. I don’t know if the juries will like this but I see it struggling in the televote.

    1) Italy
    2) France
    3) Finland
    4) Moldova
    5) Hungary
    6) Latvia
    7) Austria
    8) Ukraine
    9) Poland
    10) Belarus
    11) Georgia
    12) Denmark
    13) Switzerland
    14) UK
    15) Germany
    16) Slovenia
    17) Cyprus
    >>> 18) Netherlands
    19) Spain
    20) Malta
    21) Albania
    >>>22) Croatia

  2. Hope it sounds well on the big stage as well. Good singers, but mediocre song and lyrics to me :-(

  3. Now the we’ve heard the Dutch sisters sing live (thanks for the link, Dimitri), I am ready to support their song; they’re pitch perfect and they do not need to shout to shows us their worth; the lyrics are a bit cheesy and the melody is not the best in the world either, but this is quality cheese and it stands out in a sea of shouty and hollow ballads. Well done, ladies.

    P.S. – keep the dark look for ESC, please; do not ruin everything with flashy outfits and an ott stage presentation.

  4. Off topic: FdC 17 – there are rumours that Fernando Daniel will sing his song in English tomorrow evening; if this is true, it certainly reeks of desperation.

  5. I’m glad with the Dutch entry. It will not win but it’s nothing to be ashamed of [read: Toppers]. The sisters can sing very well and yesterday evening they showed us the song benefits from a live performance. That’s a big plus [other songs are good as cd studio version but can’t deliver the same quality live. For example Latvia].
    I was lucky to be at the press meeting yesterday and spoke with them. They are very nice and not at all arrogant. They have a big team around them and I’m confident they will give a good act in Kiev :-)

    My top so far:

    1 Italy
    2 Hungary
    3 France
    5 Finland
    6 Netherlands
    7 Germany
    8 Latvia
    9 Austria
    10 UK
    11 Cyprus
    12 Switzerland
    13 Spain
    14 Poland
    15 Denmark
    16 Albania
    17 Malta
    18 Belarus
    19 Moldova
    20 Georgia
    21 Croatia

  6. It all depends on the right timing, their harmonized voices & staging :-)

    A big underdog i think waiting to bite hopefully when the time’s right :-)

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