Croatia: Split Personality Splits Opinion?

jacques-houdekCroatia – Opinion is split now we’ve heard the full song from Jacques Houdek. The full version of ‘My friend‘ sees Houdek singing in two very different styles as though it’s two different singers performing. It’s definitely pretty unusual and different!  There’s also the possibility that he’ll dress half and half for the performance!

But what do you think? Vote now.


28 comments on “Croatia: Split Personality Splits Opinion?

  1. I wouldn’t rule out this doing a Romania 13 in the end ;)

    • I was actually thinking about that. Depends on how they do the staging. Too earnest and they go away like Belgium 2014. Could also go overboard in the opposite direction which might get televotes but would alienate the jury.

  2. I truly detest Croatia 17 that is nothing more than pretentious exhibitionism, imo. Will it get votes? It might, unfortunately. Last on my list. Good luck.

    • OMG it seems Lenna Kuurmaa from Esti Laul goes over the top in the final, accodrnfg to this piscture from rehearsal, she will fly HIIIIIIGH! hihi :D

      • Less is so very often more, Marko.

        • In this case lower, hihihi, because she goes HIIIGH..i remember ESC in 2013, in Malmo, I attended live, everybody wanted to FLY HIGH that year, Aliona Moon from Moldova, Cezar from Romania, Cascada from Germnay, Farid Mamadov from Azerbaiajan, and not to mention Loreen who was flying all around arena and above us in public, during interval act! hahah :D Why everybody likes to fly. :D

  3. I didn’t vote in the poll because i obvisously don’t consider it a musical genius but i don’t think it will flop necessarily either.Jacques will have to walk a thin line here.The divided costume performance will have to make it look pleasant and eye-catching but not really ridiculous,chaotic and pompous.

  4. This will be a huge WTF moment at my parents’ ESC party. :)

  5. Can’t vote in the poll personally given that this thing should not be associated with Disney in anyway imo.
    It’s a pity any quality that may be here is buried under a pile of pretentiousness and a tacky musical hybrid.

  6. Ppl compare this to Il Volo from Italy and to Cezar from Romania, I dislike both, but this one is good! :)

  7. I would call Croatia 2017 as a huge step back after ladt year’s great entry!

  8. I really like his pop voice. He is a very good singer with range and tones.
    They should just skip the opetatic voice. It’s bad, it’s actually not an opera voice at all, it’s more like some cabable singer is making fun of opera.
    I split my opinion in two.
    Without opera voice this would do very well. With it it’s true WTFESC moment, high in laugh factor and very low in everything else.

    He really should change his manager and record company. If he has been trying to come to ESC for years, he shouldn’t really show up with this pile of shit. I kind of feel a little bit for chubby boy at the moment.

  9. Well he doesn’t split my opinion…

  10. Just noticed there is a poll about the promised split-personality costume. Quite frankly, given the song’s musical content, I don’t think it would make much difference in people’s perception. But as you probably know, on principle I want song contests to be about songs and not stage gimmicks, costumes, fireworks, LED lights, dancing etc., so I will vote against it.

  11. I like the instrumental parts…

    The song itself is a pretty hard carcrash and it’s also quite bizarre with this schizofrenic jumping between different vocals. Just imagine a song like Azerbaijan 2008 being performed by just one person and you sort of get the picture. He seems to be a good singer at least but he also seems to have a habit picking bad songs. Plus that his whole appearance gives me Axel Hirsoux vibes.

    (3/12). Good luck!

  12. the most horrific esc entry in years, probably since bulgaria 2009 or something like that (from way back when juries just came back or were not involved)… oh wait, I forgot the 2012 many horrors, well yeah, since then, then

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