Cyprus: Hovig’s Gravity Released

hovig-cyprusCyprus – Two hours ahead of schedule the Cypriot entry was leaked today. The official video has now been issued too and you can check out the full official version of ‘Gravity‘ by Hovig. The song was written by Eurovision stalwart Swedish composer Thomas G:son. Have a listen now… 


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468 comments on “Cyprus: Hovig’s Gravity Released

  1. Palmyra, the “jewel of the desert” where we hosted FdlC18 after Hello Psychaleppo’s victory seems to be finally free of ISIS thugs:


  2. Finland’s official video :

  3. On the Dutch song: I love the harmonies these girls are capable of and you all know I love vocal ensembles that work well. The song is nothing to write home about, but I was expecting worse stuff – 9th on my list for now. If they nail it live, this could do very well. Good luck.

    • Do tell us, if they perform it live on Dutch TV, stommie, please.

      • I think they will sing it tonight at RTL Late Night. Don’t know if I will watch it, but it will certainly appear in no time on YT. (Their vocal abilities are the least of my worries when it comes to NL17).

        • Thanks. :) Will look for said performance.

        • might be nice to hear them live, I kind of miss the golden era of the 1980s when Dutch songs ruled Europe in terms of hit songs in Europe and influence I mean LUV, Doris D, Dolly Dots etc, at least songs you could sing too, they even played one of them in recent skiing world championships

  4. and re the Cyprus song thread here which kind of got lost, well if ever a song was full of random , clichéd Swedish lyrics would be no 1, where to begin? among myself and dear Euro friends here we will compare it (and and 1,000 other euro songs, especially Scandi ones) to the following

  5. we believe that you have 3 tunes in a song and a showbiz chorus nothing can wrong the world is just a great big stage,, each man plays his part, in this concrete jungle, my sleeve is on my heart :-)

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