Croatia: Instrumental Version Released

jacques-houdekCroatia – The  Instrumental Version of ‘My Friend‘ by Jacques Houdek has been released today. Jaques is nicknamed “Mr. Voice” and his song ill be sung in various languages. You can listen to the full instrumental online now… 


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352 comments on “Croatia: Instrumental Version Released

  1. Doli n’ Penn the duo behind the Israeli entry have written songs like this:

  2. Oh, also, Darya Antonyuk is reportedly the favorite to represent Russia this year. She’s the most recent winner of The Voice Russia. I don’t know how I feel about this. She has a great voice but I think she’d just bring another ballad, and that’s the last thing we need. It also kinda all seems like a recycled version of Russia 2013.

    • Ugh I really hope they will withdraw at the end…

      • C’mon man. This is all just rumors. When they release their song you can say you don’t like it, but don’t wish for their withdrawal, that’s just mean.

        • I have been boycotting and ignoring in my rankings the russian entries for 3 years already so either way I don’t care – they would make my life easier though, having to skip all the info about them and their rehearsals is challenging sometimes.

          • Sorry but that’s really immature.

            • Oh I am used to such judgements by now.
              I know I am standing up for human rights severely oppressed in this regime, which has no place in esc as it currently acts. As long as I am good with myself sorry but anyone else’s opinion on that is pretty irrelevant tome.

            • You have seen nothing :).

    • I had a quick look at her Voice songs. Urgh. She is imo a poor singer. She cannot control her notes or breathing and it seems apparent she has little professional training and experience. Sometimes these talent shows uncover gems… and sometimes people who have not made it already in the business for a reason. If she went on UK XFactor I bet Simon Cowell would think she was an average cruise ship singer. An yes, it will undoubtedly lead to another ballad, and another loss for Russia. I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen of her.

  3. Joci Pápai just released the video for Hungary’s 2017 ESC entry “Origo”.

    • By the way, i don’t understand why the beads from this year’s logo have to look so huge in all official ESC communications. They look quite ugly like that.

  4. France2 just anounced that Amir will be joining the regular duo of Stéphane Bern and Marianne James as ESC commentator for french television.

  5. Pope Francis likes “Occidentali’s karma” so much, he just recorded his own version:

  6. Pope Francis likes Occidentali’s karma so much, he just recorded his own version:

  7. Cyprus :

  8. Cyprus 2017:

    • It’s better than the snippet laid us believe but give Rag’n’Bone Man his song back:

    • I like the song, but I can’t stand his voice and diction…

      • I don’t think that Hovig was worthy of an internal selection,tbh but with a good enough stage performance Cyprus will qualify,Unless,the juries are pissed by the obvious rip-off but they haven’t shown any such signs in the past.

        • I didn’t like Hovig since day one and I still stand by my opinion despite the good song he now brings. As for the juries. I am sure most of them have not listened to the original song before.

          • I didn’t know the original hit either. Just listened to Dim’s post.

            • I listened to it for the first time at the gym and I thought someone talented hot black was singing it. :p

    • Thanks, Dimitri. I did not like the snippet and I do not like the song at all. This feels like a very ambitious project (à la ‘Statements’), but it falls flat on its face, imo; the lyrics are numbingly pointless and pretentious as is the ostentatious orchestration; one can expect an expensive stage presentation and mediocre vocals. Good luck!

    • CyprusFanN°1 says: It’s rather bombastic and lacks originality. Sorry, no support this year. Good luck!
      Last year, the Cypriot song wasn’t original either but at least it was dynamic and powerful. This one just pompously plods along.

      • I like it much more than last year which was a song i never warmed up to but i agree it sounds like a copycat.

    • I like it. Intriguing intro. Very clear cut melody, well balanced structure. Biggest minus is perhaps that it is re-using the song title from Ukraine 2013, but a solid effort overall. 8/12 for now.

  9. Hello from black sea region (Rize)
    To my luck it hasn’t rained since I arrived…
    Lots of corn bread to eat and tea to consume…I may take a day trip to Batumi just to grab some pear juice which I am addicted to :)
    I see you are going full throatle :) Cant wait to catch up my eurovision routine

    lots of hugs

  10. Once again I come to provide the breaking news first but this whole situation causes double postings because people cannot see my posts on time…This is what happens when you make communication challenging for dedicated and active forum members.

    On Cyprus : It is better than the snippet and the song itself is actually quite good for its genre but I just don’t feel it is for Hovig at all. His diction at certain parts is embarassing and his voice colours struggles to fit this melody.

    It’s a bad song-singer match and imo Cyprus was wrong to go with the mindless perception that G:Son can write for everyone and it will be equally great.

    • Oh and also this whole conversation every year about plagiarism gets tiring at a certain point. Millions of songs are written everywhere, the chords are not infinite. Simple math.

  11. Regarding Cyprus :
    Weak chorus, diction issues and I don’t like the idea of “copying” major hits in order to attract voters who tend to fall for “familiar” sounds in esc. Cyprus should have avoided Swedish recipies this year…

    • Pyrex always trumps tupperware, if I may say so.

    • In addition I’m fed up with this big hits plagiarism plague. Australia 2015, Belgium 2015/2016, Sweden 2014/2015/2016 and the list goes on…

      • Sweden 2000 and Denmark 2011.

      • Why Sweden 2014? What did I miss?

        • Wrecking ball vibes…

          • This one ? :)

          • I agree there are similarities in the feeling and the production, but when listened upon note for note, I don’t think they have much in common.

            • About the Cypriot entry and ‘Only Human”?

            • I would like to have your professional opinion about plagiarism.

            • Well, it always depends on the concrete case, but I often take the plagiarism allegations with a grain of salt. In many cases it has turned out to be a very little thing where f.e. a small melodic phrase resembles something from another song, and then it’s a storm in a teacup imo.

              The thing is, it is almost impossible to write a song that doesn’t bear any kind of resemblence to something else. You may not always know it when you write it – I have f.e. been writing songs in the past, and then later heard another song where a small part of it sounded a bit like mine, but I really did not know that song when I wrote it.

              Also I think it is worth noticing that suing someone for plagiarism can be a way of getting some money out of them, and I think some may be speculating in it (especially music companies). Treating music as private property has always given me a somewhat sour taste in my mouth.

              Historically, if you go back in time before 1800 in the Western music history, very few people would care about these things. Composers like Bach, Händel or Vivaldi gladly recycled musical phrases both by themselves and others. It is not until the Romantic era that we get the ideals of musical originality that are common nowadays, and they pretty much a result of the Romanticist myths about the ‘auteur’.

              That being said, there are of course cases where I thin the similarities are too close. This one is just on the verge of it, and of course there is the “Dreamin'” vs. “Moonlight” case where the melody in the verse is actually 1:1, note for note. It is basically the same song.

            • Oh, I just noticed. That comment was about “Wrecking Ball” vs. “Undo”.

            • I don’t think there are great similarities among the two.

              In the history of the contest there are two examples where I believe there might be a strong case of plagia.

              Sweden 2000 Vs Belgium 1996
              Denmark 2010 Vs A 2006 MF song

              And then Cyprus 2017, although in this case the similarity (a great one I must say) is on the background tempo only.

            • As I said to Dimitris, a tempo is just a matter of how many beats per minute the pulse has. Both songs have the same tempo, but so does many other songs. It’s more the groove and the way it is produced that can be seen as critical here.

            • What about the other pairs?

            • The Sweden 2001 and Belgium 1996 I think is a bit thin. The verses have nothing in common, but the similarities lie in the chorus: The melody lines have the same rhythm (and so do a lot of other songs), but the melody notes themselves are different. There are differences in the chords too: The third chord in the chorus is f.e. a IV step chord in Belgium 1996, whereas it is a II step chord in Sweden 2001. Plus the chorus ends in a different way.

              The tempo is approximately the same (somewhere between 120 and 130 bpm), but again that’s a standard tempo for many pop songs.

            • I don’t remember the 2006 MF song, but on the contrary there is a clear case with Denmark 2010 and the DMGP 2015 song “Mi Amore” which actually sounds like they are reusing the entire instrumental track from DK2010 and just put a different melody to it.

            • Here’s the MF song.

            • Listening to it, the allegtions must be about “New Tomorrow” rather than “In a Moment Like This”.

              Verse: no similarities. Completely diffrent melody and chords. Chrous: It resembles “New Tomorrow” in some parts and not in others. You may find other songs with similar phrases. It’s quite common to start a melody with a phrase that is afterwards sequenced a couple of notes up.

              The obvious differences in other aspects of the song makes it a thin case I think, but I can hear why some may react to it. It’s a much better song than “New Tomorrow” – especially since there is much more happening musically in the verse – but that’s another discussion.

            • Yes about ”New Tomorrow;;. Den 2010, I got confused :p with the years.

      • What did Belgium do now exactly ? Oh come on this is ridiculous, everyone takes inspiration from somewhere…If we had one big case of plagiarism in esc recently that would be Il Volo mimicking Il Divo at almost everything essentially (and that’s not a bad thing good for them but since the issue came up).

      • Oh and course Sweden – where again none of those entries plagiarized anything really – especially for 2015 the songwriters were surprised how they can plagiarize a song released after they had composed “Heroes”.

  12. Switzerland still holds the scepters of quality thus far.Timebelle increase their chances for something very good at esc by the day.\
    Quite a few very good songs but not great songs yet that can be considered frontrunners. That can make the contest more exciting on one hand and harder to predict but we could use some songs on the level of “1944”, “Play” or “The last of our kind” in their respective genres.

  13. The official video :

    • I thought all cypriots a) have good english accents b) are great singers. Apparently neither of the two is the case here.

    • Video is nice.

      • Video is like watching the talentless shop clerk or car-repair assistant who harbors illusions about fate depriving them of a chance to shine in show business, starring in a music video.

    • I quite like Hovig and actually don’t mind this. Couldn’t care less that it has the same beat as Human but that’s where the similarity ends imo. I don’t find his diction a problem either tbh. I’d like to think Cyprus will be in the final. Good luck.

  14. ITA : Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s karma (9/10)
    FRA : Alma – Requiem (8/10)
    FIN : Norma John – Blackbird (8/10)
    LVA : Triana Park – Line (7.5/10)
    ALB : Lindita Halimi – Botë (7/10)
    BLR : NAVI – Historyja majho žyccia (7/10)
    GEO : Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the faith (7/10)
    POL : Kasia Moś – Flashlight (7/10)
    HUN : Joci Pápai – Origo (6,5/10)
    MDA : Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma (6,5/10)
    DNK : Anja – Where I am (6,5/10)
    DEU : Levina Lueen – Perfect life (6,5/10)
    AUT : Nathan Trent – Running on air (6/10)
    CHE : Timebelle – Apollo (6/10)
    UKR : O.Torvald – Time (5,5/10)
    MLT : Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly (5/10)
    ESP : Manel Navarro – Do it for your lover (5/10)
    CYP : Hovig – Gravity (5/10)
    GBR : Lucie Jones – Never give up on you (5/10)
    SVN : Omar Naber – On my way (3/10)

  15. So far, not a 10/10 for the 2017 edition, however the average of selected entries currently stands at 6.31/10 making this a rather strong edition in my books.

  16. Reading Timebelle cannot perform now..lol !
    Maybe they could use a couple of gorillas on stage to be appreciated I guess who knows those days ? Oh the humanity…

    “Dated” and “recycled” stuff with artistry integrity any day over pseudo-intellectual circuses that’s for sure.

    • I thought you liked Loreen 😃

      • And Rykka :)

      • Lol of course because Loreen’s artsy performance is the same as dancing gorillas on stage, lol.

      • As for Rykka the italian dude would wish he had half her musical integrity tbh. I doubt he has 10 % of it.

          • Ahhh the age of mediocrity I always forget :)

            Panem et circenses. Dance monkey dance, entertain me ! And serve it with a side of pseudo-intellectualism to make me feel better.

            The nihilist in me just LOVES all that :)

            On a musical level though sorry I will be attending one of Rykka’s gigs for some actual music :)

            • You shouldn’t call that elderly lady monkey, nihilist or not! She did her best, I’m sure. But I totally agree, it was pseudo intellectual and I would say pseudo political too 😃

            • I will give it to you you try hard there. But you only enhance my point mostly I am afraid by attacking Loreen :-)

              I dont think esc has seen something as pseudo intellectually vile, pretentious and with zero musical merit like the italian entry in years. I am sure it will be defeated soundly though. At the very least the juries have musical sense left :-)

            • Really? I was thinking exactly the same about you and Francesco 😃

            • Which means what exactly ? Nevermind, I am getting kind of tired wasting time discussing this esc embarassment. May cannot come fast enough to finally never hear about it again.

  17. “Running On Air”: I really really like this. When Nathan was announced I had big hopes because I like his style but he needed a good song, then the song came out and it feels true to his vibe. In my opinion, it is competing in the same field with Spain but this is so much better (sorry Manel :( ), I hope he can sing like in the studio version during his performance at ESC (surprisingly, he can) and if he goes to the final then Spain is aiming for another bad result.
    “Gravity”: I like well produced songs and the Swedish factory always delivers good things. I think the song is good but for some reason I don’t like it. I enjoy the intro and then I can listen to it until 2:30 and then I only want it to end. Must be something with the chorus.

  18. I actually like Cyprus’s song. It’s not gonna end up my #1, but it’s pleasant.

  19. Gorilla from Italian entry is AWESOME, cant wait to see it on the stage in Kyiv! <3

  20. @ Donnie, ROFL Is this true? Anja sounds like a singing watering can …

  21. I am usually a polite person and in keeping with that principle, I shall only say that Croatia 17 is at the bottom of my 2017 list and will remain there untill hell freezes over. Good luck.

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