Spain: Fallout Continues After Controversial National Final

spainSpain – It looks like in the aftermath of the Spanish final controversy that the Head of Delegation, Federico Llano has left his role. Whilst some outlets such as Bluper.es is speculating he was sacked, OGAE Spain suggest that he resigned. No formal announcement has been made. 

In the national final, Objetivo EurovisiónManel Navarro and Mirela tied on points, and the jury chose Manel Navarro for Kyiv despite Mirela winning the televote and the audience chanting her name, causing uproar. Booing ensued and an audience member was removed.

The controversy resulted in the the Spanish government demanding answers from RTVE in Parliament, and OGAE Spain approaching the public prosecutor and the Ombudsman of RTVE with questions to be answered.

Ms Ana María Bordas, head of TVE International Projects since June 2016, could be the replacement as Head of Delegation.

15 comments on “Spain: Fallout Continues After Controversial National Final

  1. Love this kind of stuff.
    Just when I thought they’d hit rock bottom.

    PS: It is highly likely that Spanish esc fans are the worst.

  2. it was a travesty of a NF and of a jury… but the EBU is clear that the broadcaster is totally free to decide who/what is sent: it’s TVE’s problem is they won’t admit openly like RAI or France TV that they decided internally (back when RAI said they’d ask whomever they wanted in San Remo, not anymore as they ask whoever gets first) and make a make-believe NF… but Spain isn’t like 2006-Belarus where you can’t complain and people aren’t dumb enough to just sit around and accept it…

  3. Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios!

  4. It’s really sad when things turn out this way. I hope they find a reasonable solution.

  5. Fans have every right to be mad if some juror members had the conflicts of interest I have seen reported on media. Nothing wrong with spanish esc fans. If I witnessed such corruption I would be pretty mad as well.

  6. RTVE has given a statement (hi Loreen!) about what happen with their NF. They have said that everything followed the rules, it was a regular process and it wasn’t rigged (basically that is what they are saying). They are going to take all the comments in order to improve. :)
    Let’s say that the case is closed. Good luck Manel, hopefully TVE will do something better next year and sorry for those who paid to cast a vote for the others contestants and think the NF was fixed. I’m not even Spanish but my apologize to all the people who had to witness that behaviour, from the jury, the fans, the contestants and from the broadcaster.

  7. Manel is kinda cute but the song is so meh.

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