Latvia: Supernova Final Tonight

LatviaLatvia – Latvia’s Supernova competition comes to a conclusion in Riga tonight with 4 acts fighting for the ticket to Kyiv. You can watch online from 20:25 (CET) HERE.  It will be hosted by Ketija Šenberga & Toms Grevinš, and feature a performance from Marie N (Latvia 2002).

Justs (Latvia 2016) is also expected to perform during the show, as is expert panel member Intars Busulis (Latvia 2009).

The four acts left in the competition are:

  1. My Radiant You – ‘All I know
  2. Santa Daņeļeviča – ‘Your breath
  3. The Ludvig – ‘I’m in love with you‘ 
  4. Triana Park – ‘Line

Which is your favourite? Vote now!


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44 comments on “Latvia: Supernova Final Tonight

  1. Triana Park won!

  2. Triana Park won!

  3. Triana Park win ! Phew !

  4. As expected Triana Park.

  5. Well done. I kind of like the song but I still believe the lead singer isn’t the best live performer. An OK+ for now entry.

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