Sweden: Loreen Fails to go Directly to Melodifestivalen Final

melodifestivalen-2017Sweden – Mirroring earlier surprise polls, previous Eurovision winner Loreen only made it through to the Andra Chansen second chance contest tonight in Sweden as Wictoria and Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia went direct to the Melodifestivalen final. 

We now know all 8 acts in the Andra Chansen and SVT pretty quickly who it had decided to pit against who in the duels for next week’s show:

FO&O – ‘I Gotta Thing About You‘ vs De Vet Du – ‘Road Trip
Axel Schylström – ‘När Ingen Ser‘ vs Lisa Ajax – ‘I Don’t Give A
Boris René – ‘Her Kiss‘ vs Dismissed – ‘Hearts Align
Anton Hagman – ‘Kiss You Goodbye‘ vs Loreen – ‘Statements

Who do you think will win a place in the Melodifestivalen final?

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109 comments on “Sweden: Loreen Fails to go Directly to Melodifestivalen Final

  1. Travesty, as Rob would put it. LOL

  2. It is a shocking result but I feel it is for the best after all. “Statements” will only benefit from being performed in AC as well and will get extra momentum for the final. With help from international juries there I can see it winning. It has happened before, it can happen again.

    This was a very strong semi overall. But Loreen brought the best entry of the national final season and one of my 3 favourite songs and performances in all years I am following esc so closely (the other 2 being “Revelation” and “Only Teardrops”).

  3. My favourites in this heat were eliminated. lol Loreen went too far for MF standards; she should have gone for a safer less dark (and yes more glittering) approach and save the real show for ESC. I suspect they want her out (I agree with Michos). Btw, that app device must go asap.

  4. Just checked some of the acts and songs from MF.
    “Bound to Fall” was great. But it was eliminated, if I get this right?

  5. I had already a feeling during the program that Loreen would miss the final. After all, it’s a performance rather than a song, and even as a performance, it’s too much of a strong meat to appeal to a wider audience. I can’t imagine that many people walking around listening to “Statements” on their iPhones. But I personally enjoyed it a lot and I really hope she’ll make it to the final.

    I like Jon Henrik, even if I think that the Disney chorus seems to belong to another song.

    But Wiktoria was awesome. And her song is also better than last year. I think I’ve fallen in love a bit and that doesn’t happen often during the NF season. :p

    Now, I want Loreen, Boris and Axel to the final from AC!

  6. As i said before the results were announced this was way too artsy to make it to the final.The whole staging was intense but rather apocalyptic and ominous.Loreen had said that she had things she wanted to share with people about what’s going on in the world atm.But Swedish televoters may be put off by that on a cold Saturday evening.MF is all about the big show.

    • We really don’t need Mello stars to tell us what is happening in the world. It’s all out and all over our faces all the time. Statement is actually quite weak as a statement when you compare it to any news services.

      • I think every singer has the right to present their artistic vision on stage.I was sure Loreen wouldn’t come back with Euphoria vol.2.I’ve noticed she’s involved in humanitarian work.It was risky coming backing back with it.

  7. And they made an investigation to see how long the app heart was sparkling for each performance. And judging it, it looks like Loreen was only 5th among app voters.

    1. En värld full av strider: 75 sec.
    2. Running with lions: 67 sec.
    3. Bound to fall: 0 sec.
    4. As I lay me down: 100 sec.
    5. När ingen ser: 70 sec.
    6. Du får inte ändra på mig: 0 sec.
    7. Statements: 44 sec.

    • Which is not suprising. The app is not helping MF at all, but I guess it is making huge amounts of money for some company.

      • Well, we don’t know how the result would have looked like with only phone voting, but what I don’t like with the app is especially the fact that people are just lazy voting for this and that, instead of making priorities. It doesn’t feel authentic (lacking a better word to use) in the same way as phone voting does.

        • Well, I think that phone voting widens the age groups that will be more likely to vote. The app tilts MF towards teenage girls, imo.

        • Yes I agree, thats the problem we are going to see yet again in the final where last year the entry that came last in tele. David Lindgren got 28 points and Frans who won it got 68. I mean we can just call it a day and get rid of the tele as it almost does no difference at all in the final. The app is also killing interesting approaches like Loreen for example. I am 100 % sure that ”statements” would have gone to the final if the app was off this semi. So of course the artists and songwriters send all this generic shit to the contest, cause they know that light hearted mainstream pop that has dominated this season will prevail and its really sad to see imo.

          • we’ve been saying that every year since the app was introduced… it’s still BETTER than the “esc fan jury” in Denmark lol

            • But at least the televoters in ”Melodi grand prix” have their say in the end unlike here in mello where we cant do shit if the jury fanwanks a specific entry.

  8. Sorry for hijacking your thread, Loreen, but you might forgive me because I love your MF 2017 song. :) <3

    I have listened to the available songs. Here is my first official ranking of the season:

    1st – Italy: The fact that this song has already sparked academic debates and has a longer wikipedia article than most ESC winners says it all: This is relevant! Go for gold! 10/12 (for now)
    2nd – Ukraine: A beautiful marriage of rock and electro. Right up my alley, and therefore I might be a tad biased, in particular because the lead singer is hot, and I mean HOT. Minus 1 for the bad diction. 9/12
    3rd – Hungary: Authentic, different and a great rap part. You can hardly ask for more. 9/12
    4th – France: I want a classy, modern and hot dance routine for this one. It makes me happy when I am listening to it. 9/12
    5th -Finland – Very classy and I love the piano interlude. The lyrics bit about "you in my bed" bugs me a bit though. 9/12
    6th – Belarus: My favourite Belarussian ESC entry ever. Ethnic fun. Thank you! 8/12
    7th – Moldova: Fun done in a classy way. Great to see you back at what you are doing best, Moldova. 8/12
    8th – Poland: It's decent. I don't mind it. Really like her lower register. 7/12
    9th – Albania: We need to wait for the revamp but Lindita is a fine vocalist and an emotional performer. She is better than her song imo. 7/12
    10th – Slovenia: What can I say? The song is as interesting as watching tupils losing petals but I had to give +3 for those stunning live vocals. 6/12
    11th – UK: Lucie is great, the song is not. 6/12
    12th – Switzerland: Ehat can you expect when you submit a song that failed in Azerbaijan 2 years ago. This is lame and forgettable but at least pleasant. 5/12
    13th – Malta: The song is awful but Claudia is a fine singer. +2 for live vocals. 4/12
    14th – Spain: Everything sound lame and sloppy here but because of the summery feel I still give 4/12
    15th – Germany: Packet soup. We will come last again. Noone will like this one enough to vote for it. 3/12
    16th – Denmark: She escaped my last place after all, but who cares? 3/12
    17th – Georgia: Her hair scares the shit out of me. The song is awful too. 3/12

  9. Sunday preview :

    Latvia : Supernova is going downhill fast after an impressive first year and a good 2nd one. They managed to find themselves in a tough spot yet again by eliminating some of the best songs. Their only viable choice to have a remote hope of reaching the final is Triana Park.

    Romania : I have only heard the yodelling song. If this is the favourite..I don’t think Romania will break the trend of being featured in the lower half of my scoreboard.

    Portugal : Expectations are obviously low so I’ll put the bar quite low as well : A listenable song that sounds like it has been written after 2000. Not even 2010. 2000. Can you FdC ? Please ?

    • I’ve grown so much into Triana Park. It’s their only choice. Good thing is that they won the televote twice in a row and had big cheers in the semi. MRY (formerly MRU) would be a grave mistake over an act taht is catchy and has amazing staging.

      Romania list it for me when they cut Sergiu Bolota

      Portugal… no.

  10. I have just watched Loreen’s live performance and it made me think, which is a good thing imo. It is very emotional, dramatic, sentimental and perhaps even a tad bathetic … but then, the right wing populists we see popping up everywhere aren’t known for subtlety either. Perhaps the good people need to appeal to peoples’ emotions more too. I applaud Loreen because this performance was artistic, relevant and powerful. Brave and daring, in particular in the context of MF whose hateful app sent her to AC and totally ludicrous Wiktoria dtg instead …

    • Minus the last sentence I fully agree with everything else especially the idea that the people opposed to right wing populism shoud try bolder approaches that appeal to emotion.

      • You see that we agree where it is most important. Therefore I ask myself: Why do you make such a fuss when it comes to issues of taste in music???

        • You continue to not get it. At all.

          When I agree with something said I will say it. When I disagree with something I will also say it and lets leave it there.

  11. The first two duels are plain crap…ugh.

  12. Is it bad I’m more excited that Axel made it to AC than the winners of said Delta?

    Axel’s song is perfection <3

  13. My corridor has a party and as I go in music goes from “Hope and Glory” to “Hero”. Cannot escape MF :-P

  14. To be honest smth is fishy to me here, i think that such a performance “Statements” would not win “Euphoria” style, but “twice Euphoria”
    style, and somebody doesn’t want Sweden to win again, they push Italy I think..to satisfie ppl who start to complain about Sweden winning all the time..somebody wantd to get rid of Loreen, because in ESC she would butcher them all like massascre with points..like in 2012..even harder..
    I like Italy, but I hope smth will appear to stop it winning..

    • huh? why would Swedes sabotage themselves? more conspiracy nonsense…

    • While I do understand that you are terribly disapppointed with Loreen’s result (as I am btw), I don’t see your point. It is very simple: The Swedish people did not want to think about what is going on atm but chose to vote for lighter stuff, aka escapism. I don’t like it either but that’s what it is imho.

      • My HUGE fave is Jon and he beat Loreen tonight, so Im not biased at all..but it really is fishy to me cause this performance was for the final and I think somebody pushes Italy this year to sort of “save” ESC cause really every year of Sweden and Russia nobody can achieve good result, it is so obvious that if Loreen goes to ESC she would BUTCHER them BIG TIME, and I actually dont like that too much, I felt a bit unconfortable when Ryabk and Loreen literally embarrased other contestants in 2009 and 2012 final votings! And that would happen with “Statements” without doubts..

    • I don’t think they will win with Loreen, but they do have a chance with some of the other MF stuff. By the way, looking again at all the performances back-to-back now that we have the chance to do so, I have to revise my predictions. It seems to me now that Nano, Robin and John-Eric will be the three to watch for victory. Somehow they seem the strongest for me right now when put together in the same line-up.

  15. All 28 performances are now available: http://www.svt.se/melodifestivalen/artister/

  16. The 2 songs that qualified are growing on me. I wonder which songs Christer Bjorkman was referring to when he said “several songs” could win ESC? lol. There doesn’t seem to be a clear favorite but I am guessing Robin or Wiktoria will win. My personal favorite is Mariette.

  17. It was indeed the strongest MF heat. I enjoyed all 7 songs but ‘Du får inte ändra på mig” which scored a 4/10 from me.
    On Loreen : I appreciate her both as an artist and a person. “Statements” is a good song and she sang it brilliantly considering all the stage routine she had to concentrate on. What I didn’t like was all the superficial imo stage extravaganza which only took away from the song’s charm. I mean a kid coppying Sia’s dancer persona, people protesting with flags, people against protecting people. So much stuff in your face and quite desperate imo. I would have preferred her with a more introvert performance same as in 2012.
    On Jon & Aninia, i’m quite happy they qualified. I prefer this to his previous entry and I find it quite charming and distinct.
    Wiktoria has never been on my radar (not even last year). Tonight she was! I found her very good vocally and I believe she’s the first contender for the trophy together with Nano and Robin.
    Both Alice and The Gordons were immensely enjoyable in their own genres too ! Same as Axel Schylström

    Regarding AC duels my vote goes to :
    1.De Vet Du
    2.Axel Schylström
    3.Boris René. (Dismissed are weak live, pity cause song is up my alley)

    • I agree with most of the things you said here. Interestingly, despite that I’ve said sveral times that Loreen’s entry is more performance than song, I’ve now realised that I appreciate the song more than the performance, lol.

      Sara and Juha really crashed live, but I will still claim it’s a sweet song that I’ll keep listen to in studio version.

      • Who do you think is the most likely to win it now? Your heats’ trivia were quite spot on this year. f.e I placed a bet on Jon’s direct qualification after reading your preview last night!

        • If Loreen makes it from the AC to the final (which I think she will), I still think she has a chance to grab the trophy. I could see many from the international jury vote for her, and as we saw last year, the app has given the jury even more power since the people voting gets more tight with the app.

          Many people believe in Nano, but I can’t see him win. I think his lack of charisma is a too big problem. His entry is pretty much Oscar Zia’s “Human” again, and I think it will get a similiar result, that is like 2nd or 3rd. Close but no cigar.

          Mariette, Wiktoria and Robin also have a little chance, I think. God, this is tough. It’s the first time since 2013 that we don’t have a clear frontrunner (and that year, Ulrik – who was yet some kind of a frontrunner – only finished 5th in televoting). It’s nice with a more uncertain line-up.

          P.S. Cool that I was the one making you bet on Jon Henrik! Am I your leprechaun now? ;)

          • You have a very valid argument about the application which I had forgotten about. It’s mostly about who the international juries will support cause indeed with the application, televoting didn’t even matter last year (too tight). I see juries falling for Robin, Wiktoria and Loreen mostly

  18. Nano the favorite to win MF followed by Loreen(?) and Wictoria in 3rd place.All the rest are way down according to betting odds.

    • For the moment I’ve only placed a bet on Nano at 3.30 and Robin at 6.00
      Will most probably doing so for Wiktoria too !

      • Nano has the personal story and the most current song even though it brings to mind many latest hit.Robin has the complete package on the surface but the song is weaker.I prefer his 2016 entry,tbh.Wictoria has a catchy song but too girly overall,imo.It doesn’t look like the winner,atm.Loreen-is she qualify-will get a jury boost but i don’t think she has a chance.Jon and Aninia give it their everything on stage but a folk ballad in Swedish wouldn’t be getting the international juries’ support,imo and i don’t think they could have the landslide televoting victory to overcome that obstacle.No one mentions Mariette or Ace but i don’t think they’re strong enough to make it,anyway.So,yeah.Nano,Wictoria and Robin but why not place something on Jon too in case a big upset may happen?

    • Yes it is so obvious Loreen is still a huge fave..even a lil children can see that smth went strange tonight..if this is not set up she will win in the final from AC, like Robin in 2013.. The crappy MF international jury (that jury is relly a huge joke btw) will KILL Jon and Aninia who dont have a single word in english. At least I hope they will push Loreen. If they choose Wiktoria, Marietta, Robin Bengtson, Sweden will be in a huge trouble in Kyev, these entries are really mediocre, even jury cant save them imo..Nano can do ok, not that great, Jon and Aninia could pull top 10 in ESC ( I aleready see so many ppl in Estern Europe loving it by comments), and Loreen, so obvious, just read comments everywhere, would be the winner in Kyev with a new record in ESC points.. :D

      • Marko, Loreen may still win with the help of the international juries. Once in Kiev, she will have the jurors totally on her side: swedish song in English with a message vs an Italian song in Italian with a message; guess what and who will win.

        • I know that is what I said…I like both Loreen and Italy 2017… if Loreen wins will she be your new number one?

          • Marko, you implied that someone was trying to prevent Loreen from going to Kiev, so that Italy could win, because someone does not Sweden to win again. I do think so. Loreen went for something that is no MF fare and she is paying the price; teenage girls coyld not care less about her message. If she wins, Sweden and Italy will both send songs with a strong message; personally, I think that the jurors will bury Gabbani and go for her song. We’ll see.

            ‘Statements’ has no subtlety and Loreen is trying too hard; she should tone it down a notch, imo.

  19. The best thing of the night, among Jon and Loreen is a STUNNING performnce of “Flashlight” by Kasia Mos in Ukrainian NF..more and more I get a vibe she will continue down the footsteps of AMAZING Michal Spaczk, resultwise..<3 thank you Kasia for bringing quality to the festival..

  20. Jon ft. Aninia: First, I didn’t enjoy his last entry. Everything was beatiful here, except those awful animations made by SVT, there was magic until the forced key change.
    Alice: Stop with the animations! I think the song is not well produced.
    Les Gordons: Hey! Not bad at all :) My problem is I don’t know how much of the song was sung live…
    Wiktoria: It was a bad mix of country/country-pop/pop. I like her voice but she doesn’t need to shout, or at least she should take away her microphone.
    Axel: I failed trying to write his surname. Finally something I really like in this semi!
    Sara & Juha: It was good until he started to sing and then… last in this semi.
    Loreen: With that songtitle I suppose there is a great message but with my poor English skills I understood a line of the song. Her style of singing (2nd reference of Sia) doesn’t help in this. I can’t say if this is good or bad because I’m not going to pretend that I’m super smart and alternative… I didn’t understand.

    Wiktoria is a big deal in MF, it seems. I like the song but the “my, oh my…” part. It was much more enjoyable the second time but those big screams are annoying.
    Anina’s vocals is the biggest problem in Jon’s song and she is singing over the pre-recorded chorus so the problem is huge.

    I’ve checked the lyrics of “Statements”, they are ok lol. I still can’t understand the artistic staging. Update: I’ve checked the video and I get the idea, the thing is I’m more focused in the song (instrumental) because I like it, I don’t know what is her priority: deliver the lyrics message, win MF, entertain the audience with a good act, reflection.

    • On the AC issue: FO&O (but I couldn’t care less), Axel, Boris and Loreen.
      “Who is going to represent Sweden?” needs another week to think :)

    • Apparently it’s inspired by historical times of defiance plus recent increase in social activism, calling out those who simply make statements on social media but fail to actually take any action and do anything against what is happening. We should be fighting for those that cannot defend themselves.

      She said in an interview that the music is about uniting people, it’s not about winning MF.

      On her Instagram she had a gif saying ‘refuse… resist… rebel… revolt…’ which is very much the anti-Trump language being used in the US.

      I just think it will go over the heads of a lot of people as we’ve all had to work out what she’s saying!

      • Thanks :) I could add more comments against her song/performance or in her favour but it’s up to us to believe or not and do something with all the things she is singing about. At least the discussion is open now and that’s an achievement in my opinion :)

  21. What a joke!
    So the Swedish prefer Wictoria above Loreen…really?

  22. I listened to all songs before going to bed last night and woke up singing “On My Way” … Oh my …

  23. I had missed most MF songs the previous weeks, so I listened to all direct qualifiers and AC songs. My favorite for the time being is Jon Henrik followed by Nano and Loreen (I still wonder how she didn’t make it to the final). Others I liked: Dismissed, FO&O (it’s silly, but I enjoy listening to the song for some reason) and Axel. OK songs: Mariette and Robin.
    I don’t get the fuss about Wiktoria, her song is totally forgettable.

  24. I have now watched/listened to all 28 MF entries. Thanks for the link, Dimitri.

    My top 7:
    01. Bound To Fall
    02. Statements
    03. Hearts Align
    04. Her Kiss
    05. En värld full av strider
    06. Hold On
    07. Snurra Min

    My bottom 5 (in no particular order):
    Gotta Thing about You
    Kiss You Goodbye
    Wild Child
    Good Lovin (awful song, sexy eyebrows).

  25. Hi, Paschalis. :) Unfortunately, my favourites here have been eliminated or sent to AC. I also like aspect of Jon’s and Aninia’s song and of Loreen’s as well, but they are trying a bit too hard, imo; less is very often more.

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