Sweden: Loreen Fails to go Directly to Melodifestivalen Final

melodifestivalen-2017Sweden – Mirroring earlier surprise polls, previous Eurovision winner Loreen only made it through to the Andra Chansen second chance contest tonight in Sweden as Wictoria and Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia went direct to the Melodifestivalen final. 

We now know all 8 acts in the Andra Chansen and SVT pretty quickly who it had decided to pit against who in the duels for next week’s show:

FO&O – ‘I Gotta Thing About You‘ vs De Vet Du – ‘Road Trip
Axel Schylström – ‘När Ingen Ser‘ vs Lisa Ajax – ‘I Don’t Give A
Boris René – ‘Her Kiss‘ vs Dismissed – ‘Hearts Align
Anton Hagman – ‘Kiss You Goodbye‘ vs Loreen – ‘Statements

Who do you think will win a place in the Melodifestivalen final?

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109 comments on “Sweden: Loreen Fails to go Directly to Melodifestivalen Final

  1. I kinda get why Loreen failed to qualify, its a topic people easily cowar towards and can make you get kinda uncomfortable to watch as it is such a serious topic, but having said that I now after listening to it twice think it was extremely robbed as imo it was easily the best performance and song of last night:

    1. Statements: 9
    2. En Värld Full av Strider: 8
    3. As I Lay me Down: 8
    4. Running With Lions: 6
    5. Bound To Fall: 5
    6. När Ingen Ser: 4 (Good voice, but a very boring song imo)
    7. Du Får inte Ändra På Mig: 2 (I kinda thaught about it last night a lot, but Sara Varga sang and performed much better when she was hurting in her last entry, which is quite absurd, but still true imo)

    • I do however think that there are way too many things going on in the number and Loreen and her team are gonna change it or so they have said in an interveiw. Idk what they are going to change, but I hope something that makes the song itself stand out more!

  2. Kung David did yesterday fantastic opening act and hilarious “Bra vibrationer” in Green room.
    What a fantastic Mello year it has been. Line up, show, hosts everything. Still it’s sure by now that they are not going to win come May.

    Sweden’s winning entries have always taken Mello by storm from the first live. They haven’t been growers, they have been knock outs. Sings that make Mello fans loose breath and go: Oh my god, we have the ESC winner!” It happened with Heroes. It happened with Euphoria, and the there was another winning entry as runner up.

  3. Wictoria has overtaken Loreen in the betting odds but the latter remains firmly in 3rd place despite not qualifying straight to the final.Jon ft.Aninia come 4th while Robin completes the top-5.

    • Wictoria is far away from winning this year imo, not a good enaugh song to compete against Loreen and Nano imo as Loreen will sail to the final from the second chance. If not Loreen changes her performance, Nano will win this year quite easily as a lot of non-mello/ESC fans of mine have all liked that song.

      • Nano’s song is good enough and could mean another top-10 foe Sweden.

        • I am quite certain that it will lead to a top 10 or a top 5 to be daring as we havn’t really heard anything like this before in ESC, of course we have heard it in the mainstream world, but not in ESC.
          I do think however that if we send Loreen we have a chance to win the whole thing again as it is Loreen and usually more artsy acts do better in ESC then in Mello sadly.

  4. Controversy around Loreen’s performance arises in Sweden.Hans Runesson the son of the woman who’s iconic act=photo was included in Loreen’s performance accused her of trying to exploit his mother’s memory.

  5. Jon Henrik #1 in i-tunes,Loreen 2nd and Wictoria in 3rd place.

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