Moldova: It’s Sunstroke Project to Kyiv!

sunstroke-projectMoldova – The final of O Melodie Pentru Europa has finished in Moldova and the winner is Sunstroke Project singing ‘Hey Mamma‘. The trio are Sergei Yalovitsky (vocals), Anton Ragoza (violinist and composer) and Sergey Stepanov (saxophonist) and previously represented Moldova in 2010 with ‘Run away‘. 

Here’s this year’s winning entry:

52 comments on “Moldova: It’s Sunstroke Project to Kyiv!

  1. Uhhh Moldova is really bad country in ESC, maybe my least favorite, hate it.. :(

  2. Moldova chose well!! They’re going to be a life vest in the sea of ballads of semi 1.

  3. Saxophone is probably my least favourite musical instrument.
    I mean I could literally puke listening to Kenny G.

  4. Moldova chose well. It’s fun, unpretentious, well performed and classy. Good luck.

    P.S. – it’s my new nº 5.

  5. out of the three finals tonight: Ukraine, Denmark, Moldova I did not expect to like Moldova the most!

  6. Bad…

  7. Joyful and fun, what’s not to like? Straight into my top 5. It’s 4th or 5th, we’ll see tomorrow.

  8. Hopefully it makes the final. Not because it’s particularly great or anything, but because we need something to buffer the 20 ballads that are going to be in the final.

    One more thing: if Moldova had to bring someone that won before, why couldn’t it have been Aliona. Might as well go big, and bring back the best Moldovan in ESC ever. In fact, just do a Valentina and bring her back every year!

    • They had so much better than Aliona. Zdob si Zdub, Natalie Barbu and of course Nelly Ciobanu.

      • Everybody you mentioned combined, multiplied by a million, is half an Aliona at best. I didn’t want to say 25% because I wanted to avoid hyperbole. Lol

        • Please. SSP were also better than her the last time they went :-P

          • You’re getting closer. You only need to multiply them by 100.000 to get half an Aliona. Lol

          • The only entry that doesn’t need a multiplier is Lautar, because it has an Aliona. But Aliona by herself beats Aliona sharing the stage with others.

            When Aliona performs, there should be nobody allowed on stage with her. It should be a law or something.

            • They never did better than Nelly Ciobanu in the ESC I am afraid. It should be taught in schools on how to do an ethnic entry.

            • You probably need 6-10 Nelly’s to get an Aliona.
              You don’t need convincing from me, just watch her interviews from back then. That smile, and the way she was so shy away from the stage but turned into a different person on stage. How can you not love her?

              You aren’t allowed to love her more than me though.

    • agree. hope other countries wont choose more ballads :(

  9. I would totally drop the tacky bride costumes for the backing singers but it is fun in a tasteful way, slick presentation and a catchy song. I think we will see it in the final.

    Good luck !

    • I kinda disagree. Possibly refresh them up a bit, but visually I really liked what is going on here. Arresting and quirky Moldovanness we really missed seeing.

      • I certainly did not miss it. The constumes are ok, the slick dance routine fine but the brides feel too much. I certainly do not want the old Moldovaness back..

  10. And we got an upbeat!

    This is dangerously catchy adn well produced. And with a lack of ballads in their semi half, this might do REALLY well

  11. I neither like nor dislike it, I can’t see it doing well in ESC.

  12. Epic Sax Guy is back in Eurovision! This is an amazing performance, his voice is as good as it was six years ago and the whole brides-grooms thing is hillarious. I can see Moldova doing well in Eurovision after some time spent in the wilderness.

    This looks like my top-17 at the moment but it is still a rough draft:

    1) Italy
    2) France
    3) Finland
    >>>4) Moldova
    5) Hungary
    >>>6) Ukraine
    7) Georgia
    8) Belarus
    9) Poland
    >>>10) Denmark
    11) Switzerland
    12) UK
    13) Germany
    14) Slovenia
    15) Spain
    16) Malta
    17) Albania

  13. This gets some undeserving praise,imo,It’s a really basic pop song.It gets annoying after a while.It’s up-tempo so that’s a plus but it’s not a good up-tempo.The vocals are fine but the staging kinda cringe worthy.

  14. This could pull a Golden Boy and be the big uptempo number in a sea of ballads, and snatch some 5,6,7 points. Bridal costumes are tacky but since their presentation has a whole wedding theme, it’s actually…OK.

  15. Of course, this isn’t very sophisticated but I am so happy to see Moldova back on the fun track. After all, that’s what they have been always best at. *shake shake*

    Btw, I feel a lot of negative vibes when it comes to the songs this year. It’s never been like that before. Can you guys please man up and forget ETSC and FdlC until May? This is ESC, and it rocks! :)

  16. Italy

    Well done, Moldova! SSP showed everyone how to make an average song soar based on a very effective stage presentation and solid vocals. Fun, fun, fun. lol

  17. Moldova only has two credible msuic acts that take them far.
    SSP and Pasha Parfeny.
    These two deserve to have a big say on Moldova if they want more quality.

    Zdob si Zdub is maybe somewhat… over ESC? And kind of basebreaking.

  18. Not the biggest fan of their song but the whole package SCREAMED esc last night. It wll add to diversity in Kiev too. In a rather bland O Melodie Pentru Europa, this seemed like the wisest choice from the very start and it was my favourite entry in their preselection too.
    My 2nd pick would have been “Don’t lie” but it lacked edge live.
    “Discover Moldova” was another distinct sound I would welcome to esc.
    Average of Moldovan Preselection : 5,5/10

    Moldova gets a 7 minus from me thus currently occupying my #9 on my 2017 pre-contest list.
    Good luck to Sunstroke Project !
    PS : Second artist returning so far (after Omar Naber). Chances with Loreen seem thinner after last night’s MF results!

  19. Bah, this is just downright fun. And I don’t mind it at all if we look at what’s been chosen so far. Now Epic Sax Guy will rule the memes again!

    (8/12). Good luck!

  20. They are nice group. Their song is basic pop song, nothing less, nothing more. But in anyhow i would like to very best of luck to Sunstrole project and to Moldova. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  21. I almost forgot Moldova. Listening now. More electronic dance music…

    Definitely not for me. The production is very thin, and there is no expression in the melody which is not good (and held inside an interval of five notes). There is no musical and artistic substance, just an enervating melody and sax theme that give me headache. 3-4/12

  22. Btw. Remember Sunstroke Project won Eurovision 2010! Or at least in one of the rehearsal votings:

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