Iceland: Three Acts Qualify to the Söngvakeppnin Final

Iceland.jpgIceland – Three acts have qualified to the Söngvakeppnin final in Iceland on 11th March from tonight’s semi-final. The acts going through are Arnar Jónsson & Rakel Pálsdóttir with ‘Til Mín‘, Rúnar Eff Rúnarsson with ‘Mér við hlið‘ and Aron Hannes Emilsson singing ‘Nótt‘.

36 comments on “Iceland: Three Acts Qualify to the Söngvakeppnin Final

  1. Happy for Rúnar and Aron but the wrong duet made it for sure. I hope the cute duet gets the wildcard unless something very good is left out in semi 2.

  2. Melodifestivalen duels:
    1) FO&O vs De Vet Du
    2) Axel Schylström vs Lisa Ajax
    3) Boris René vs Dismissed
    4) Anton Hagman vs Loreen

    Poor Anton, SVT is trying to destroy him. I think the toughest duel will be #1. I predict Lisa, Boris, and Loreen to qualify from the others, and I have no idea what’ll happen in #1. Maybe De Vet Du since they’ve charted higher?

    • They are actually trying to destroy Loreen I am afraid. If they really wanted her in they would pair her with Du Vet Du or Axel. He has the televotes in his bag. To tell you the truth, I find it downright disrespectful what they are doing.

      • Nah I disagree. De Vet Du have the highest-charting single of Melodifestivalen 2017 so far, they would’ve qualified against anyone, FO&O was the only act they’ll struggle against. And Anton I think barely qualified in 4th place, his song is underwhelming, he didn’t do too amazing in the audience poll, didn’t chart that well, and he’s low in the betting odds. Loreen will destroy him. Teenage girls are gonna go for FO&O him (for some odd reason, because Anton is way more attractive).

        • I think the only reason they didn’t put her against Axel is because they came from the same semi

        • Ok since you have all thse stats and facts I will defer to your opinion :) Do Du Vet Du really have a high-charting single, I found them pretty terrible (and I like funny, irreverent entries). On the other hand, Anton seems to me like such a draw to the average teenage girl that will vote on the app.

          • Here are the peak positions of all the songs that have charted so far:

            -De Vet Du – “Road Trip” – #9
            -FO&O – “Gotta Thing About You” – #17
            -Lisa Ajax – “I Don’t Give A” – #25
            -Anton Hagman – “Kiss You Goodbye” – #33
            -Boris René – “Her Kiss” – #50
            -Adrijana – “Amare” – #52
            -Bella & Filippa – “Crucified” – #55
            -Jasmine Kara – “Gravity” – #57
            -Dinah Nah – “One More Night” – #59

            All the other songs haven’t reached the Top 10, and the direct finalists’ songs don’t get released yet. I would agree that Anton seems like he’d be the teenage girl vote winner, but it just doesn’t seem that likely to me. Loreen’s #4 on Swedish iTunes already actually.

            • *Top 100, not Top 10

            • As I said you are backing up what you say with facts, so I find it very useful! Even though I do think that a lot of Loreen’s sales have to do with her being well-known.

            • Now that I’ve checked the Swedish iTunes, it seems they’ve released all the direct finalists now.

              -Loreen – “Statements” – #4
              -Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Aninia – “En värld full av strider” – #6
              -Wiktoria – “As I Lay Me Down” – #7
              -Robin Bengtsson – “I Can’t Go On” – #12
              -Benjamin Ingrosso – “Good Lovin'” – #16
              -Mariette – “A Million Years” – #20
              -Nano – “Hold On” – #21
              -Ace Wilder – “Wild Child” – #22
              -Anton Hagman – “Kiss You Goodbye” – #27
              -De Vet Du – “Road Trip” – #28
              -FO&O – “Gotta Thing About You” – #32
              -Lisa Ajax – “I Don’t Give A” – #40
              -Boris René – “Her Kiss” – #41
              -Owe Thörnqvist – “Boogieman Blues” – #92

              There’s even a few eliminated songs on the chart, so unless the other songs that are still in the competition weren’t released or something for some reason, that doesn’t look good for them. Odd that Loreen’s even ahead of Jon Henrik & Wiktoria.

            • Yeah that could be why, I’d expect a lot of sales to turn into a lot of votes though

            • Update.

              6. Jon Henrik
              7. Wiktoria
              12. Robin Bengtsson
              16. Benjamin
              20. Mariette
              21. Nano
              22. Ace Wilder
              92. Owe Thörnqvist

      • I asked Morgan about Loreen’s chances but he did not answer me. I agree with everything you say.

        P.S. – lose the app, asap, MF.

  3. Rúnar:

  4. Damn you Iceland for ignoring my favourite duet. Luckily, I liked the other duet too. Too bad, I don’t care that much about the other finalists, who are between irrelevant and ok to me.

  5. These are reasonable results considering what we saw and heard. Congratulations to the finalists.

  6. Happy my favorite “Til Pin” made it.The top-3 was quite obvious based on their live performances.I believe Aron’s song is quite generic and nothing to write home about buy he’s the hot Nordic guy with stage charisma so i guess teenage girls voted en masse.

  7. Off-topic: there is a song that I love in Lithuania; good vocals, orchestration and rich emotional content:

    • Oh,it’s the song i singled out and posted here a month ago.He’s my favorite too but i suppose Aiste will win.

      • I did not catch your post, Dimitri; I watched his performance just now and I fell for it right away; no, he won’t win, but he should. Aiste oversings and overacts, imo.

  8. About the icelandic finalists:

    ‘Til Mín‘ is the average sensitive duet ballad that drags on and on with the obligatory big fireworks ending. He is very hot though and he looks very “mediterranean” for a scandinavian man. Interesting!

    Rúnar: I thought he was going for a Carl Espen but it didn’t turn out like that. This is a sturdy, manly ballad with some nice rock touches. Not bad at all – even though I could live without another big fireworks ending.

    Aron: Even though it can be described as anonymous, this dance track steadily draws you in and so does his performance which quite elevates it. He is also hot in those tight clothes for anyone who’s into blond looks.

    • Before the lives I liked “Bammbaramm” a lot but I checked the live and it was pretty bad unfortunately. I have to add the fact that we don’t get to hear the songs live in english even though it is the english versions that they are always sending to ESC is a perennial problem in evaluating icelandic entries at this stage.

    • The English version of ‘Nott’ has flimsy lyrics, sadly. I do quite like the orchestration though.

  9. My top 3 made it through tonight.
    1.Arnar Jónsson & Rakel Pálsdóttir – Til mín : Such a flawless vocal performance really boosted a rather anonymous song. A solid 7/10. Could grow to 8/10
    2.Rúnar Eff – Mér við hlið. Another solid performance of a good song. 7/10
    3.Aron Hannes – Nott : Decent effort, confident performance, good pick for diversity in Final. 6,5/10
    4.My 4th pick was the other duet. Nothing wrong with them, they were pretty good but I prefer the qualifying duet
    Erna and Hildur hindered their chances with out of tune vocals and cringe-worthy stage presentation respectively. Still they both scored a 6-/10 from me!
    I enjoyed this first Söngvakeppnin quite a lot :)

    • Erna and Hildur had songs I liked a lot in audio, especially Hildur, both were AWFUL live lol
      I do think my 3rd fave in audio, “Til Minn” had a good live, but the other duet was amazing live, the guy was adorable, the girl very cute and they did have chemistry together! sad they lost after all… Arnar I liked ok in audio, and he was good live, do think it’s in it for the win with Aron (Brink’s son) and Slava!

  10. My favorite before the semi was “Bammbaramm” but the live didn’t work out. I was surprised, isn’t she same girl who sang “Feathers” as part of Sunday? I expected stronger vocals. Pretty indifferent towards the 3 qualifiers.

  11. Aron has been my favorite since day one, and he delivers! You never know with these pop boys. Great performance, love the understated and very current styling.
    Also I didn’t know that he is such a beefy hot boy. He is singing and dancing straight into Hjallis’ heart.

    My other fav Barambambam is gone and unfortunately rightfully so.

    Two other finalists are ok, but still just fillers. I like duet of these two better. Both provide further proof for my empirical and thoroughly tested fact that Iceland is the hot bed of hottest men in Scandinavia.

    Last, but not least. Harpa always gets me into festive mood.

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