Denmark: It’s Anja to Kyiv!

anjaDenmark – We have a winner in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix and it’s Anja Nissen who has won the golden ticket to Kyiv in May. Anja will be singing ‘Where I am‘.  Anja beat off Ida Una and Johanna Beijbom in the super final and won with a huge 64% of the vote.

What do you think to the winning song?

56 comments on “Denmark: It’s Anja to Kyiv!

  1. I wonder what Anders thinks of this.

  2. Average and forgettable. I can’t remember how it goes after it ends.

  3. Anja is a talent to be reckoned with, a real force of nature. She has an impact on stage and knows how to show passion. She is invested to what she does and I love that.
    The song is not the best Denmark has sent but it’s still very decent and I can see Anja in the final for sure.

    8.1/10 and 3rd place on my list. I may not have something to absolutely love yet but it’s good to know I can rely to Denmark (3rd) and Switzerland (1st) to deliver consistent quality :)

    Good luck Anja !

  4. Really happy beacause i won the bet !! As for the song , it’s a radio friendly song , not bad , but it lacks of character !

  5. The 3 Superfinalists were in my bottom 4 with Anthony. Awful results, and Anja was definitely one of the worst: it’s dated, shouty and boring, and definitely not catchy. I hope Denmark can get a third non-Q in a row! my current last place with Slovenia (both being so awful)…

    Most good songs didn’t have a great live (still sorry for Rikke’s awful live), some only decent songs had an amazing live (the Chemistry boys)… but the one true package was Sada Vidoo, who could have gotten an esc top 5 I reckon.

    Oh well, Denmark’s totally lost it in esc!

    • Sada Vidoo wouldn’t be top-5 in ESC. There was no performance there, just drag-show. I think this one will be in the final. As I wrote above, the song reminds me of Denmark 2002 but with a stronger performer :-P It is the kind of average thing that will get average, middling results.

  6. It is meh radio music. Not hateful, but nothing I’d pay attention to. Anja is a fine enough singer and does what she can with this song. It might very well be yet another stay in the semi for Denmark.

    (4/12). Good luck!

  7. I’m probably alone on this one, but I really love Denmark’s song this year. After two dismal years, I think this is gonna get them back into the top ten. Anja is a competent vocalist and the song is modern and fast-paced enough to stand out.

  8. Anja is a fine singer without doubt but the song is so simplistic and the instrumentation is so lazy that it is borderline insulting to the listener imo. Even her quality screaming can’t hide the disgrace this song is. Goes straight to the bottom of my bin.

  9. Eh, maybe it’ll grow on me but right now I just keep forgetting about it.

  10. Plastic quality screaming… empty and hollow. Good luck!

  11. With a dress like on the picture she will get a vote from me :) Unfortunately song is big nothing special :(

  12. DR’s Head of Entertainment, Jan Lagermand Lundme, says that “I really do think this year that Anja can win Eurovision. But I won’t say it”.


    • He is probably known for his great sense of irony, this Jan. Or he really is a breast man.

    • He just said it haha :P

      Well I would suppose he knows the field of songs till now, he knows there is no frontrunner so I can’t blame him for being optimistic.

      • Silence is not always golden. ;)

        Being on this position requires you to be a diplomat. And maybe he has more confidence given that they fired the usual “expert jury” this year to replace it with an “ESC fan jury”. DR expects them to at least know what’s working or not better than the usual record company people.

        • yes, DR moved from expert jury to esc friendly jury, whoever they are, and the 3 superfinalsits were in the bottom 4 for me, which says a lot! but then wiwi keeps saying anja is a big deal in australia, when our own australian (marc p.) says it’s not the case, so “esc fans” at wiwi level would think anja a big thing!

          • Just as Thomas N’evergreen was “big in Russia” and yet Russia gave Denmark just 1 point.

            The ESC fan jury was made up of members from “Grand Prix-fanklub” (some Danish OGAE one could say). One of them had Estonia 2000 as his all-time favourite Eurovision song, which I found interesting (it’s not New York Alex, is it?).

  13. She’s a very good singer and she looks beautiful on stage.The song is kinda mehhh and a bit dated but i think it will work in esc.I can see this qualifying.

  14. Somewhere in the middle for me together with the VERY similar entries from Switzerland and Germany this year. Actually I think I prefer both SWI and GER to this cause they feature better singers. Anja is not very stable while screaming the higher notes…
    Still, I like the chorus, quite memorable :)
    It was another “same” Dansk MGP with ok songs, well-produced if not soulless and definitely lacking diversity. Both “Big little eyes” and “Vesterbro” would make better esc entries for me. I’m quite undecided on the doll ACT, I thought it was more of a distracting performance rather than a song, plus the Japanese theme (musically) dosn’t connect with “Northern Lights” at all!!! It would most probably flop in esc like Germany last year.
    I need to re-watch the Danish hopefuls in order to finalise my average for DMGP 2017.
    As it seems it will be around 6/10 again, simply for featuring entries that are neither great nr bad (though “Warriors” was painful to listen to)

    For the moment I give Denmark a 6/10 and a #12 on my pre-contest list!
    Good luck to the country I FdlCed twice :)

  15. YUCK, in studio version it didn’t sound so bad my God.. :(
    It sounded lika normal radio friendly song, but this, GOSH, where to begin? Vocals are so bad that I can’t listen her to the end..the dress, her image, hair, everything is so annoying, corny, awfully tacky..YUCK, I’m sorry Denmark, but you have lost compass in ESC as well..

  16. Anja wasn’t one of my favourite before the live performance but I liked what I watched. It sounds like a single from the winner of a talent show. It was the best choice in my opinion, well, I like this kind of songs. I thought this could win ESC but after reading all the comments I think I’m wrong. Also, I can’t remember how the song goes.

  17. Calling Mercury were my fave tonight. I got a warm mixed feeling of A-Ha going cozy :P
    Vesterbro was another song that stood out yesterday. The Danish language helped I guess. Northern Lights kinda lost steam live. Too gimmicky.
    I don’t mind the winner cause I like its chorus and I do have A.S.A.P as my guilty pleasure.
    Hurricane was well performed. The same doesn’t apply for “One” and “Color my world”.
    Antony was borderline bad and René Machon was awful to listen to.

    My full ranking and scores :
    1.Calling Mercury 7/10
    2.Thomas Ring 7/10
    3.Sada Vidoo 7/10
    4.Anja 6/10
    5.Johanna Beijbom 6/10
    6.Rikke Skytte 6/10
    7.Jeanette Bonde 6-/10
    8.Ida Una 5+/10
    9.Anthony 5-/10
    10.René Machon 3/10

    Average of DMGP = 5.80

  18. I turned off the TV as the last song was performed (dinner time), so I didn’t get to vote and see the results. Anyway, here is what I think of the winning song:

    First of all it’s a pretty clumsy and unnatural melody (as is sadly the case with many modern pop songs). Take for instance the way it goes in “Tonight I’m gonna hold you”. Since it is called Melodi Grand Prix, one would think that the melody should be the main focus of the entry, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    There is nothing wrong with the song structure or the production, but it doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before a hundred times, and so there is nothing to grab your attention. Because of that, and because of the songs harmonic and melodic aspects which don’t really go anywhere, the song doesn’t really express anything, it sounds very sterile, and the long, high singing notes towards the end don’t make it better: They just sound hard and noisy, there is no interesting sound colouring of the vocals that could give it some aesthetic fascination.

    So all in all I am not impressed by the winner, but I wouldn’t rule out a place in the final. Since a lot of modern pop music sounds like that, some voters will probably like it. But it doesn’t do anything for me. 5/12 because it is at least well structured.

    But in order to illustrate how different people can perceive the song, here is what the Danish Eurovision fan Rasmus Petersen said to DR after the song won. He was asked why it won, and this was his answer:

    There is one headline for the song and for Anja, and that is quality. “Where I Am” is not a song which anyone can write or sing. It is not a long motorway of endless beats and rhythms, it is more than that. And Anja had the strongest vocals on the night. (http://www.dr.dk/event/melodigrandprix/analyse-saa-gode-er-chancerne-dansk-grand-prix-succes-i-europa)

  19. Song is ok, but unfortunately her vocals is more shouting and screaming than singing. Maybe she’ll do better in Ukraine. Very best of luck to Anja and to Denmark. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  20. Not only are the ballads starting to blend in, but also the girls are all starting to blend in. And usually I’m able to tell them apart.

    Everybody is starting to look, sound, and act the same.

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