Slovenia: Watch EMA Final Tonight to see who Goes to Kyiv

sloveniaSlovenia – The final of EMA 2017 takes place tonight in Slovenia and 8 acts ares till in with a chance to represent their country in Kyiv in May. The show starts at 19.55 (CET). There will be guest performances from Jamala (Ukraine 2016), Tony Cetinski (Croatia 1994) and ManuElla (Slovenia 2016). 

Voting will be 50-50 televote & regional juries.

You can watch the show online HERE.

Tonight’s finalists and the running order are:

Sell Out – ‘Ni panike
Nuška Drašček – ‘Flower in the snow
Tim Kores – ‘Open Fire
Nika ZorjanFse
KiNG FOO – ‘Wild Ride
Omar Naber – ‘On My Way
BQL – ‘Heart of Gold
Raiven – ‘Zažarim

BQL (pronounced Be-cool), Nika and Raiven seem favourites in many polls.

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231 comments on “Slovenia: Watch EMA Final Tonight to see who Goes to Kyiv

  1. I will try to be as objective as possible, I am still quite dissapointed.

    Omar is a great singer, he is really invested to his performance and the song is pretty good. That said there was much better material on offer this evening and Slovenia missed out on a huge opportunity to get their best result ever imo wth BQL.

    7.5/10 and 7th place on my list. Good luck !

  2. Pictures of Jon and Aninia from the dress rehearsal are MAGICAL!
    It is like a Northern fairytale, I hope it will be snowing on the stage! :)


  3. I really don`t like that winner but am glad he beat the horror of that QZ boy band stuff I heard, man that was one of the shittiest thing I ever heard in ESC :-(

  4. I think it was the worst of the 8 finalists no?

  5. It is what it is. A very meh-ish ballad. Not awful imo but nothing to care about or remember afterwards. I also think that these “personal” lyrics that he has put in more or less every entry through the years feel forced and constructed.

    (5/12) for now, since he at least is a good singer. Good luck!

  6. Off topic: The audience poll for the public dress rehearsal for semi 4 of Melodifestivalen sent Loreen to andra chansen in 3rd place (and only 1 vote ahead of 4th place). Normally this poll has been very accurate in predicting placements but last week Jasmine was voted 2nd and we all know how that turned out, so I don’t know what’ll happen now.

    1. Wiktoria – “As I Lay Me Down” – 205 votes – 28.3%
    2. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – “En värld full av strider” – 167 votes – 23.1%
    3. Loreen – “Statements” – 119 votes – 16.4%
    4. Alice – “Running With Lions” – 118 votes – 16.3%
    5. Axel Schylström – “När ingen ser” – 71 votes – 9.8%
    6. Les Gordons – “Bound to Fall” – 42 votes – 5.8%
    7 Sara Varga & Juha Mulari – “Du får inte ändra på mej” – 2 votes – 0.3%

    • Wiktoria 1st??? Oh my … GOOOO Jon & Aninia!

    • This is weird and worrying indeed. From the snippet I thought Loreen was stunning..And on the online poll Loreen was leading by a huge margin.

      Of course things are always different from the arena and on TV.

    • That is surprising. Waiting for the longer snippets.

    • Public Polls have been way off the mark a lot this past year in many things, perhaps this will be another that will change come tomorrow night.

      • let’s see, btw here in Spain ; ireland has become the here and now especially about crazy murders and vice versa, regarding Spanish people :-(

        • Yes. It’s quite horrific. A couple of drug gangs who operate from Spain and are literally killing each other at any opportunity here and there. They seem to be very well linked to other cartels and other well known people which is astonishing and they seem almost untouchable which is even more so. I think the various police networks are trying to break them though but don’t seem to be getting too far.

    • Not that surprised to see Loreen finishing third. It’s not much of a song, but rather a pure performance. It even lacks a real hook which should make you dead meat in MELODIfestivalen usually. Plus that the rehearsal audience has such a large amount of kids who of course want something more catchy, upbeat and fun to rely on.

      With that said, I still think that Loreen has pretty good chances to make it to the final (my bet is on her and Wiktoria). It will also work better on TV than in the arena. But I do not think that Loreen will be the televoters favourite in the final. Her entry is simply too complicated and, dare I say “artsy”. But at the same time, I have a feeling she might win anyhow in the very end thanks to Lex Charlotte 2008, that is that the international juries will vote so heavily for her that the televoters can’t prevent it.

      P.S. One must also remember that Jon Henrik and Alice were picked as fake winners and therefore got a chance to sing their songs twice, which might have affected the voters somewhat.

  7. Me looking at the Slovenian juries:

  8. Oh how I wish I’m in far north, in breathtaking Skellefteå town, dancing in trance, next to the fire, to the stunning, “flowing” beat of En värld full av strider (Vearelde gusnie jeenh vigkieh)…… I want to feel the freezing cold northern breeze in Aninia’s long dreads hair, and experience huge late winter’s snowflakes falling on the Jon’s dark Colombian skin…

  9. Just returned back home to realise that my least favourite EMA 2017 song made it to Kiev!!! Awkward and creepy… I always thought it was among Raiven and BQL…
    Anyway, I believe it’s quite safe at this point to say that Slovenia won’t be troubling the scoretable this year either. In a jury-free era I would bet my money on an elimination but for now I will say that a GRC 2015 is the best case senario here.
    3/10 and my #last for the moment (Sorry Slovenia :()

  10. Francesco Gabbani will be singing the SR version in Kyiv:

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