Moldova: Semi-final of O Melodie Pentru Europa Tonight

moldovaMolodva – Tonight see’s Moldova hold its semi-final for this year’s O Melodie Pentru Europa selection contest.  14 acts battle it out for 8 places in tomorrow night’s final. Four finalists will be chosen by the public and four by a jury. 
The show begins at 18:35 CET and you can watch it here on 
TV Moldova 1.


The acts in tonight’s semi-final are:

  1. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – ‘Don’t lie’
  2. Emilia Russu – ‘If only you’
  3. Sandy C – ‘A beautiful world’
  4. Valeria Pașa – ‘Freedom’
  5. Valentina Nejel & Sergiu Pungă – ‘Ne-a fost iubirea un joc’
  6. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu  – ‘Discover Moldova’
  7. Marks & Stefanet – ‘Join us in the rain’
  8. Aurel Chirtoacă – ‘Dor de mamă’
  9. Big Flash Sound  – ‘Logic’
  10. SunStroke Project – ‘Hey mamma’
  11. Diana Brescan – ‘Breath’
  12. Nadia Moșneagu – ‘Never give up on us’
  13. Samir Loghin – ‘Glow’
  14. THE ONE  – ‘Dance’

The Moldovan postcard playlist can be found HERE.

39 comments on “Moldova: Semi-final of O Melodie Pentru Europa Tonight

  1. I am trying to catch the Moldovan semi, but all the connections I’ve tried are always buffering.

  2. Just started following. My hopes are not high tbh but I am hoping to be positively surprised.

  3. I won’t have much time to follow EMA later this evening :(; I am following o Melodie Pentru Europa, whcih has not produced anything above average so far. Valentina Pasa has avery good singing voice and that is pretty much it.

    I’ve been reading an article on Gabbani published by wiwi; it’s very different stuff from what they usually do; it does not use their favourite words – slay and expensive – and it is very interesting. The comments are also very revealing; it seems that ESC 17 is gearing up to be a fight between Sweden, Australia (EBU’s favourites) and Italy, so some say; then people start alluding to looks and it all goes down the drain. :(


  4. Ethno Republic are on.

  5. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – ‘Discover Moldova’ : From start to finish this is like a tacky, messy tourist board promotion song. The blond girl has a good voice. She should sing a better song next time. Tasteless and irritating – 2/10

  6. How nauseating and insulting at the same time btw to see the italian embarassment of an entry compared to the works of Bob Dylan and John Lennon. This world is going crazy for sure. I hope it’s mid-table finish at best will mark the end of joke entries at esc. I thought it would be last year but they came back and more threatening than ever.

  7. Marks & Stefanet – ‘Join us in the rain’ : It was pretty basic but enjoyable at least – 5.5/10

  8. Aurel Chirtoacă – ‘Dor de mamă’ : Given that I suppose he sings about his mother the backgrounds made sense and were quite beautiful. The song had an obvious emotional kick and he delivered it quite well. Not too bad – 6+/10

  9. Big Flash Sound – ‘Logic’ : First act that I see that sounds like a truly credible esc entry tonight. They have some Hardkiss vibes. She is vocally very solid and the song is effective and well written. With a tad of polishing this is even a Q for Moldova – 7+/10

  10. SunStroke Project – ‘Hey mamma’ : They’ve been marked so much by the “epic sax guy” meme that it is hard for them to get past that imo. That said, their entry this year is fun in all the right ways, playful and uplifting. Really liked the styling with the costumes and the little dance. The brides in the background though..not really. I can see it winning tomorrow for sure – 7/10

    Moldova has improved their nf level a bit I have to say !

  11. Big Flash Sound are very good live

    SunStroke Project are surprisingly good live and they went for a very classy look coupled with an effective and simple stage presentation; it reminded of Belarus 14.

  12. Diana Brescan – ‘Breath’ : Barefoot with raggy clothes and children in the background are a very “in your face” way to get an emotional reaction from the audience that I do not like. She has trouble hitting those notes at the verses and her diction is not too good. She is better at the verses. The song itself has a good kick in the chorus – 6+/10

  13. Nadia Moșneagu – ‘Never give up on us’ : Who told her this make-up is flattering ? gosh..Big diction issues and the dancing routine is too buys and fussy. Her classical background in singing is showing for sure, she has a structured voice, she can definately perform but I feel it gets wasted here and the whole effort sounds rather messy – 5-/10 (for the vocals mainly which are good)

  14. Samir Loghin – ‘Glow’ : I kinda loved those dancers tbh due to their total random, interesting looks. The guy is cute but he cannot sing to save his life and the song is quite amateurish as well – 3.5/10

  15. THE ONE – ‘Dance’ : The main singer gets on my nerves a bit with his on stage manneurisms but the overall result is ok. The song is kind of catchy and the vocal performance decent. – 6-/10

    I only heard 9 of the songs but from what I heard SunStroke Project and Big Flash Sound are the only acts I enjoyed to a degree and think they have a chance to survive an esc semi. I will seek the first 5 songs after EMA.

  16. Jury results:


  17. Samir,Vozniuc,Valeria Pasa and Marks and Stefanet qulaified with televoting.

  18. The Moldovan results were very good; they chose the best performances+songs. SunStroke will win by a landslide.

    • I see that Ralph Siegel’s composition got the most televotes. hahaha :D For the 4 jury qualifiers we don’t know the televotes..I can’t find to watch performances now..

  19. Don’t really like any of them. My favorite was Boris but of course he had to withdraw. I expect SunStroke Project to win but I don’t like their song really and didn’t like their first entry either. I guess my favorites would be “Breathe” or “Discover Moldova” but probably neither would come anywhere near my overall Top 15 on an average ESC year.

  20. Well SunStroke Project seem like the only decent choice they have left in Moldova. Please stay away from Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu.

  21. the whole semi is on MRT site, you can watch it here:
    part I:

    and next is part II

  22. This channel is uploading tonight’s performances: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgRZzBiyWMhfbai0MI7g9uA/videos

  23. I enjoyed Sunstroke Project’s performance. “Discover Moldova” is decent but it just makes me miss Nelly Ciobanu. “Hora din Moldova” is still easily my favorite Moldovan entry.

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