Ukraine: Last Two Finalists Chosen

ukraineUkraine – The 6 finalists in the Ukrainian national selection are now known after O. Torvald and MELOVIN  both won their places last night. The final will take place next weekend on Saturday 25th February. The winner will book a place directly into the Eurovision Grand Final on 13th May as the host country. 

The line-up and running order for the Ukraine final is:

30 comments on “Ukraine: Last Two Finalists Chosen

  1. I know the standards of last year’s NF were set very high but this lineup just isn’t as exciting. I miss the 3 way fight between Sunsay/Jamala/The Hardkiss. Still a decent NF though.

    6)Salto Nazad

  2. Illaria has the best song by far and her known live rendition is very good. I am very much afraid that Tayanna will win though with her big and shouty ballad. Claudia F. is a much better singer and ‘Breathlessly’ soars live when compared to Tayanna’s known live rendition. Good luck to all hopefuls.

  3. My favourite is Tayanna here. I don’t really like any other finalists from this NF, unfortunately.

  4. Salto Nazad – ‘O Mamo‘: African sounds from Ukraine. It’s a pleasant track to listen to while doing other things. I don’t get the strong dislike for this one in the fan community. It’s a pretty basic composition but it is charming. All in all, I like it more than almost everything we heard in Poland, Malta, Slovenia and Sweden last night. 7/12

  5. Melovin – ‘Wonder‘: There is no live version available. Judging on the studio version it is a solid electro song. Not good, not bad. 6/12

  6. I am afraid Tayanna will easily win this and will probably give Ukraine another good result. I really liked Vivienne Mort last night – much better than the two finalists who are good performers with boring songs (repetitive and predictable respectively). What happened to the jury pushing for actual ukrainian music? Her and Arsen Mizroyan not being in the final is a big disappointment for me – and I wasn’t even crazy on the studio version of her song.

  7. O Torvald – ‘Time‘: A strong rock song with interesting beats and a lead singer who doesn’t look like a rock guy, which is always a plus in my books. Right up my alley. 10/12
    I seem to be at odds with ET majority taste a lot this season …

  8. Illaria – ‘Thank you for my way‘: I love several Illaria songs (Nebo <3) and really like this one too in studio version, in particular the effective ethnic touch. On the other hand I had issues with almost all aspects of how it was staged. I have never been a trolls and elves guy. Get rid of all the corny nature imagery please. Still, this one would make a fantastic ESC entry. 9/12

  9. Tayanna – ‘I love you‘ / Osen: A competent yet generic contemporary ballad performed by a singer who becomes a bit too shouty at points. “One Last Breath” Vol. 2. She looks stunning and will probably defend Ukraine’s title on home ground. 6/12

  10. Digression n° 1: Arsen Mirzoyan – Geraldine: I watched this one because I realised that it was praised a lot around here. Just like Richard or Crosswalk on Malta last night, this one was too authentic and straightforward to get anywhere in the ESC universe these days. Arsen is a fine vocalist (love the tone of his voice too) and a charismatic performer. Alas, gloss, glitter and empty yet lofty gestures (can you hear me Tayanna? keep beating talent and substance … The song is catchy in a very pleasant way but his French sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? 8/12

  11. Rozhden – ‘Saturn‘: An extremely redundant funk number. What is this one doing in the final? 4/12

  12. Digression n° 2: Panilkova – Dokuchayu: The Ukrainian Laing. This is a much more modern way of addressing ethnic sounds than Illaria’s song. Both constitute the perfect couple to illustrate how to do ethno these days. Panilkova’s song is a bit closer to my personal taste though … like really close. 12/12 Best song of the season!

  13. Digression n° 3: Vivienne Mort – Iniy: What a fantastic line-up in Ukraine for the 2nd year in a row. Well done but it is such a pity that we won’t see the 2 best songs in the final. Vivienne’s song is very me. Understated, self-confident, independent and a tad … well, let’s say unwieldy. 10/12

    Out of what is left … O Torvald FTW

  14. I’m afraid Ukraine is lost case. Tayanna will win and she will get a good result as both ESC juries and televoters are notorious in not being able to make difference between screaming and big voice singing.
    I had very high hopes for Ukraine this year. With no pressure what so ever they could have treated us with a proper Ukrainian gem. Now we probably get a David Foster demo he abandoned in a first place.
    Interesting to see if Tayanna has had some time to do shopping.

  15. I love Vivienne Mort’s entry in studio but she struggled big time yesterday that’s why I had to downgrade her at 7/10. Still, together with Panivalkova, the 2 most genuine songs in the Ukrainian preselection this year <3 Pity they are out :(
    Yesterday's heat was the first one featuring two entries I can say I disliked a lot.
    Both "Singing Pants" and "I'm your light" felt awkward and opportunistic to me. Bottom 2 makes perfect sense to me!
    Anastasia Prudius served the most complete package yesterday. She's out :(
    O.Torvald need to improve both vocals and diction. Melovin is a good performer but we are still missing a chorus here. Kadnay were competent but I didn't care for the song much. I'd have ranked them like this:
    1.Anastasia Prudius – Flow : 7/10
    2.Vivienne Mort – Iniy : 7/10
    3.KADNAY : 6/10
    4.O.Torvald : 6-/10
    5.MELOVIN : 5,5/10
    6.Green Grey : 5/10
    7.Vitaliy Kozlovskiy : 4/10
    8.Payuschie Trusy : 3/10

    Average of all Ukrainian hopefuls this year : 6.00 (not bad, currently standing at #3 below San Remo and Super Nova)

    In the Final I'm afraid I have to go with either Tayanna or Ilaria despite their flaws (bombastic and disneyesque respectively)
    1.Tayanna : 8/10 (I love the Russian version)
    2.Illaria 8/10
    3.O.Torvald 6-/10
    4.ROZHDEN 6-/10
    5.MELOVIN 5,5/10
    6.Salto Nazad 5/10 (I'm not disliking this, I just find it repetitive and amateurish)

    Results-wise, they should send TAYANNA. Personally I wouldn't mind any of my top 3
    Good luck Ukraine!!!

  16. Ukraine seems in a bit of trouble I would say, especiallt if the jury insists on supporting its favourites, Salto Nazad and Rozhden mainly while Melodin would do pretty bad as well as there is no song to speak of really. O Torvald have a very decent song but the shooting gimmick towards the end is provocative for no reason and I doubt it would be allowed in esc.

    My hopes lie with Tayanna and Illaria to carry the day and I think for Tayanna it will be difficult since I expect her to be last with the jury vote..Illaria FTW please !

    P.S. Vivianne Mort should be in the final over Melodin.

  17. Rozhden or Illaria for me.

  18. Melovin is great, the problem is the repetitive song. I can see him winning the televote in the final. It’s a shame we lost KADNAY and Vivienne in this semi.
    Tayanna is divisive here… it’s true, the song lost a lot in the translation but I don’t know, I believe in it. Hopefully the team behind her will push the performance and make her win this NF :)

    • I forgot to add that Vitaliy could have been a big pop star but I feel that his team is a disaster, all of his songs are middle-of-the-road and he has the talent required to do better things. “I am gonna satisfy (…)” is another lyrics-highlight of the season.

  19. Televoting percentages of the 3rd semi:


  20. O.Torval is the best of what’s left, followed by Melovin. They kicked all the good ones out, insane results week after week…

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