Slovenia: EMA 2017 Final Line-up Now Complete

sloveniaSlovenia – After last night’s show we now know the line-up for next week’s national final in Slovenia. Four more acts went through to the final, two by televote and two by jury vote. The final of EMA 2017 will take place on 24th February at 19:55 (CET) and 8 finalists will battle it out. 

The acts in the final of EMA 2017 are:

Omar Naber has previously represented his country in 2005 and had tried several time to return since. Raiven finished runner-up in last year’s EMA… will she be more successful this year and win the ticket to Kyiv?

Slovenia will perform in the 2nd half of the 1st semi-final on 9th May.

22 comments on “Slovenia: EMA 2017 Final Line-up Now Complete

  1. BQL – ‘Heart of Gold‘: While I do understand the reasons this act has its fans, it does very little for me. It is rather generic and predictable, and I hate the schlager beat that sets in at 2 minutes. No! Don’t choose this Slovenia. A cute boy isn’t good enough for ESC. 5/12

  2. KiNG FOO – ‘Wild Ride‘: I can’t see any logical connection between verses and chorus, and the disturbing fact is that both are already bad when considered separately. The song is a mess. I am no fan of the singer either. This is worse than most acts in Malta last night. 3/12

  3. Nika Zorjan – ‘Fse‘: This is the first song I sort of enjoyed listening to. It’s no mastepiece at all but it pleasantly combines modern sounds and regional flair. Alas, I found Nika’s mannerisms a bit distracting. 6/12

  4. Nuška Drašček – ‘Flower in the Snow‘: In the beginning, this song makes “Blackbird” sound like a jolly ditty. Later on it becomes pretty aggressive and adds a slightly anthemic dimension towards the end. Shouty and borderline pesky. Another disappointing finalist. 5/12

  5. Omar Naber – ‘On My Way‘: He is still a delight to look at but this is about songs. It’s a ballad by numbers. Tediously predictable but great vocals. 4/12

  6. Raiven – ‘Zažarim‘: This is it! It’s a very interesting song, in particular because you expect it to turn into schlager in the chorus which it never does. The song creates a unique atmosphere: dreamy, intimate and daring at points. 9/12

  7. Sell Out – ‘Ni panike‘: Finally a bit of harmless and straightforward fun in this ESC NF season which has mainly been a parade of dirges, novelty songs and I have no clue but want to sound contemporary acts. *shakes it* 8/12

  8. Tim Kores – ‘Open Fire‘: Awful and dated. Just that. 2/12

  9. “Heart of Gold” has been growing on me.
    1)Nika Zorjan
    5)Sell Out
    7)King Foo
    8)Tim Kores

    Thanks Maraaya for saving the NF for me lol.

  10. The season is in high gear! Just a few more weeks and than we can relax. There are only 2 songs that really interest me here:

    1. ‘Zažarim‘ (by far)
    2. ‘Flower in the snow’

    Good luck to all hopefuls.

  11. 1. BQL – “Heart of Gold”
    2. Nika Zorjan – “Fse”
    3. Raiven – “Zažarim”

    Don’t like the rest of them. I have to say Slovenia really surprised me this year. I didn’t expect such a high quality show from them. Personal favourite is “Heart of Gold”, but also like the songs of Nika and Raiven. Good luck!!

  12. I can see BQL easily winning this – their voices sound well together and they sing in english a song in a very recognisable summer hit formula. I think the staging is too static for such a song though, at least until he gets off the piano. Nuska also gave a strong performance of her anthemic, rather old-fashioned ballad. Raiven is all atmosphere and styling and little substance I am afraid.

  13. There is only one song I like here – ”Zazarim”. I fear BQL, Nika or Nuska are winning this.

  14. A rather underwhelming EMA this year.
    Last night’s semi was a bit stronger compared to first semi. Raiven seems promising but her songs are always missing something…
    Here’s my ranking and scores for yesterday’s hopefuls :
    1.BQL 6,5/10
    2.Raiven 6,5/10
    3.Clemens 6,5/10 :(
    4.Nuška Drašček 6/10
    5.United Pandaz & ARSELLO ft. Alex Volasko 6/10
    6.Tim Kores 6/10 (Man’s backdrop is already getting tiring)
    7.Kataya & Duncan Kamakana 5/10
    8.Ina Shai 5/10

    And my list of preferrence for the Final :
    1.BQL 6,5/10
    2.Raiven 6,5/10
    3.Nika Zorjan 6/10
    4.Nuška Drašček 6/10
    5.Tim Kores 6/10
    6.Sell Out 5/10
    7.King Foo 5/10
    8.Omar Naber 3/10

    Average of EMA 2017 : 5,56 (Ranking below San Remo, Super Nova, Євробачення, Krajowe Eliminacje and A Dal currently. For more details check my profile)

  15. I cannot put down in words how excited I am for this one !

    I have listened to “Heart of Gold” at least 10 times since yesterday. Definately the best song of the season so far for me, it simply has to win. I am not surprised to the least Maraaya are behind it.

    This is the entry that can bring Slovenia to the top 5. So refreshing, contemporary, well performed. I am just super hyped, the bandwagon for this one is real.

    I will be devestated if they do not make it but I will be less devestated if Raiven wins instead, she is also stunning.

    Slovenia please do the right thing and offer us the first big gem of the season !

  16. Raiven or BQL for me.

  17. I like “Flower In The Snow”, the lady sings it well. Then BQL, but it sounds like all the songs I have to listen here, the guy singing the song title is a let down, sounds awful.

  18. Update on YT views on the performance videos :

    BQL – 201k views
    Nika Zorjan – 98k views
    Omar Naber – 61k views
    Raiven – 47k views
    Tim Korres – 46k views
    Nuska Drascek – 33k views
    King Foo – 24k views
    Sell Out – 18k views

    Some semi finalists like Alya and Zala have much more views than some finalists. Zala is 3rd in views above Omar actually.

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