Portugal: Festival da Cançao Semi-final 1 Tonight

portugalPortugal – The first semi-final of Festival da Cançao takes place this evening as Portugal decides who will be its representative in Kyiv in May. Eight semi-finalists will compete tonight for a place in the final on 5th March 2017. You can watch online from 22:05 (CET) HERE

Here are tonight’s semi-finalists:

  • Márcia – ‘Agora’
  • Golden Slumbers – ‘Para perto’
  • Fernando Daniel – ‘Poema a dois’
  • Deolinda Kinzimba – ‘O que eu vi nos meus sonhos’
  • Rui Drumond – ‘O teu melhor’
  • Lisa Garden – ‘Without you’
  • Salvador Sobral – ‘Amar pelos dois’
  • Viva La Diva – ‘Nova glória’

Four acts will qualify to the final using a 50-50 jury/televote. The second semi-final will take pace next week.

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470 comments on “Portugal: Festival da Cançao Semi-final 1 Tonight

  1. Nuno Markl has said he gave Salvador his 12 pts and he praised his immense talent.

  2. Still I fail to see anything in Salvador’s song. The datedness and the creepyness of the performance are the biggest problems here but even if I skip those there is little else here in every way. Flat, uneventful, hardly an interesting melody. A conventional FdC entry in the most non positive way.

    As I said yesterday its cute in its datedness but that’s all.
    Fernando has more to offer with his slightly more contemporary (slightly I repeat ballad).
    But all those songs would crush and burn in the semi anyway.
    I hope semi 2 has something worthy on offer.

    At this pace it seems BQL if chosen may as well be the first realistic favourite to win the contest this year.

  3. Then YT views have reached 53000 just now; 9000 more in 2 hours. This is not common for this type of song.

  4. And now with lyrics on Screen i can understand most partsof it.What a wiistful little song.It’s a tearjerker. <3

  5. And a La La Land medley:

  6. Listening to the German 70’s band Can atm. Some excellent stuff <3

  7. As usual catching up with everything here (I’m a lame contributor these days I know but with my family and job these days..sighs and blanks mother-in-law from mind :-( ) anyway catching up with the euro hoo-haa, ok Salvador must represent Portugal at ESC, having listened to him and his song (anything with el meu coraçao works for me) it’s trending topic, it’s listenable, it’s sung in native language and , more importantly, it seems to be from the heart (we miss you here Diana Navarro!) , but there is another semi-final so maybe not to get too excited?! Portugal el meu amor..:-)

  8. News on FdC: Salvador Sobral will undergo umbilical hernia surgery tomorrow; he was ill during the semi and that partly eplains the clothes he wore last Sunday; his belly is swollen and he was trying to hide his condition; according to ESC Portugal he will be able to sing ‘Amar pelos dois’ in the final of FdC. His condition also explains why he is so thin. Get well soon, Salvador. :)

    P.S. – ‘Amar pelos dois’ has reached 130000 views on YT, meanwhile.

  9. Before I go: Lena d’Água, who will be singing in SF2, has said on YT that she finds Salvador’s song ‘linda de morrer’: very beautiful.

  10. Celina Piedade – “Primavera” from the 2nd semi can be interesting and promising to me A LOT! For hardcore ESC fans of course not!

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