Poland: It’s Kasia Moś to Kyiv!

kasia-mos-smallPoland – Our third act announced last night for Kyiv was in Poland, where Kasia Moś won the Eliminacje Krajowe 2017 final singing ‘Flashlight’.  The vote went on a 50-50 jury-televote split and neither the jury or the public at Kasia as their number one. Check out the winning song now… 


Poland did very well in the televote last year, will they repeat that this year?

14 comments on “Poland: It’s Kasia Moś to Kyiv!

  1. Not bad, not bad but the stage approach is poor… Poland has potential for a good result in May but they have to work on the performance ..

  2. Now that I have listened to the Ukrainian songs (the finalists and 3 others), the Polish song sounds much worse than it did last night. LOL

  3. Kasia is easy winner of the battle of ESC divas at the moment. Her song is much more current than her rivals. She is good singer, but I would think it would be better if they changed the key a bit high. She has to concentrate too much on lower notes and it makes the performance a bit tensed. Now girl, get a stylist and proper stage designer and you will do surprisingly well come May.

  4. Kasia sings it well live, but Carmell’s song was much better. Poland 17 starts well enough, but it quickly becomes hollow and bland. The juries (the current ones) will most probably fall for it.

  5. First time since I remember following the contest that Poland chooses something worthy of praise. Kasia is an amazing singer, she conveys emotion in an elegant way and delivers this ballad flawlessly. My runner up for now. Good luck.

  6. This is a 3 D entry (Divaesque, dramatic and dark).
    I approve! I’d have preferred “Faces” though but this was my second option.
    Ranking and scores of Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 :
    1.Carmell 8/10
    2.Kasia Moś 7/10
    3.Agata Nizińska 7/10
    4.Isabell Otrębus-Larsson 6/10
    5.Paulla 6/10
    6.Aneta Sablik 5,5/10
    7.Lanberry 5,5/10
    8.Rafał Brzozowski 5/10
    9.Martin Fitch 4,5/10
    10.Olaf Bressa 3/10
    Average : 5.90

    2017 National Preselections’ Averages :
    San Remo : 6.36
    Super Nova : 6.09
    Євробачення : 6.00
    Krajowe Eliminacje : 5.90
    A Dal : 5.80
    Eesti Laul : 5.70
    EMA : 5.56
    Belarus : 5.54
    Georgia : 5.32
    FiK : 5.26
    MESC : 5.13
    UMK : 5.10
    You Decide Song (UK) : 4.83
    Die Entscheidungsshow : 4.66
    Objectivo Eurovision! : 4.33

  7. I do not understand the fuzz around this song. I mean. It is ok. But that’s it. Rather bland lyrics. Sounds like Bond theme to me…

  8. This is way too over-dramatized vocally, and the production is pretty bombastic too. The composition isn’t much in itself (it’s not badly written though), and so most of the emphasis is on the singer who more or less keeps it all together. My problem with such overstated vocals is that they often sound forced. Moreover it leaves little room for the listener to perceive the song in a more reflected way. Less is more. 5/12

  9. Another entry that will need a better staging presentation than Anouk’s ‘birdy’ theme. It will be needed to cover up a rather ordinary song but that will no doubt be delivered well (she is quite capable) this should do okay for Poland.

  10. I don’t think Kasia Mos has decided whether she wants to do current and “sophisticated” or another bombastic and pseudo-dramatic Bond ballad. And why does she sing in such a low register? The questions seem endless. Carmell’s Lana del Ray-ish “Faces” is a much better song, but how desperately uncharismatic she is. I think Poland’s jury vs televote results will be quite opposite to last year.

  11. “Flashlight” was my second favorite so i’m ok with the result although their awful jury had Carmell in 6th place strongly faviring “Voiceless”.I believe “Faces” was a better song and i liked its’performance much more too.Kasia sings a dark,melodramatic song but she does it in a dated way.Like she’s the standard diva belting out a big ballad.

  12. I think the best “voice+song” won at the end. I don’t like it but it’s better than I expected.

  13. She is good talented singer. And her song is so very beautiful. Indeed i would like to wish best of luck to Kasia and Poland! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/ :)

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