Malta: It’s Claudia Faniello to Kyiv!

claudia-faniello-maltaMalta – Last night saw Malta choose to send longtime hopeful Claudia Faniello to Kyiv to represent them. Claudia has tried many times to represent her country at Eurovision and is finally successful. She will sing the song ‘Breathlessly’ in the second semi-final on 11th May. 

Caludia has had 11 songs in the Maltese selection finals since 2006! She has finally done it. Apparently she only won by 452 votes!

Here’s the winning song:

Claudia’s brother,  Fabrizio Faniello, represented the country in 2001 and finished 9th and again in 2006 and finished 24th. Can Claudia improve on that result?

19 comments on “Malta: It’s Claudia Faniello to Kyiv!

  1. Claudia Faniello makes this rather generic ballad soar live; she is a singer, a real one, not made of plastic. Good luck, Malta.

  2. She is excellent singer, I wish she really had something worth her instrument to sing.

    Breathless is bland and amateurish take on big 90’s ballad and a far cry from the work of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, the writers of the original “Pocahontas song”, which the first one produced with full orchestra not with a sound bank.

    This ESC diva song genre is quite hollow over all. Such a shame as I am a big fan of big divas with big hair and their even bigger diva songs. The serioulsly dated genre is only alive in ESC, I mean kind of alive to be precise.

  3. I am just so unbelieveably happy for her for making it after all these years. The song is a pretty ok ballad that she elevates with her vocals and passion.

    Good luck Claudia !

  4. I prefer it to both UK and Spain ftm. She is an excellent singer and the song is kinda growing on me. The chorus is quite memorable and I like the 90s nostalgia.
    I am giving it a 6/10

  5. Composed and arranged as a “big ballad”, and as such it’s on the verge of being too sentimental. But it is clearly not a bad song. Moreover she is performing it very well, and I think she will get a fine result. 7/12 because the sentimentality is a bit too much for me, but with the compositional and vocal skills in mind. 7/12

    • I agree with every word you have written and awarded 7/12 too. While the song itself certainly isn’t for me, Claudia is. She is such a classy vocalist who isn’t prone to overperforming or even shouting. (Just compare her vocals to the lady from Georgia!) There is a chance that she will stand out as an oasis of controlled calmness in the sea of overperformed acts we will probably see in May again. As a result I wouldn’t be surprised to see Malta doing much better than most fans expect at this point. I certainly hope that the juries at least will reward her precise vocals.

  6. Well done Claudia and good luck Malta. This will need a decent presentation to follow alongside her very decent vocal if she is to make any form of headway.

  7. In the clash of the big “diva” ballads that is the maltese national final (I use the word “diva” in a very loose sense, since none of these singers can even dream of being one) they had at least the quirk of the native language and something much more memorable in second-place Janice. Instead they got this Disney number from someone wearing a bridal gown that’s two sizes too small. Of course the juries will deliver for Malta like they always do, while they will flirt with zero points in the televote like Czechia with a similarly understated and pseudo-elegant ballad last year.

  8. She has obviously never heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon…

  9. I feel bad for those who watched this NF and got this result, and for the hyped Brooke. On the other hand, Claudia is a good singer and after trying and trying again this is finally her time. The song is really boring, I don’t like it, but she makes it look like an unpretentious ballad, which is a good thing.

  10. Vocals are fantastic, and I agree about that with Shevek and Toggie, but also want to state that is is not enough..this composition is so dull..it doesn’t have much quality to be honest…it’s standard, cliche, boring…doesn’t transmits the emotion it should (ballad). i’m always for good vocals, but I always want to say that it’s not enough for the entry..we need other aspects.. so I’m sorry, i give 6/10 because of singing technique and vocal skills, but more than that I’m afraid is not possible… :(

  11. And just look at that kitsch (wedding) dress, nails, hair, make up..so tasteless for 2017.. ugggh…this is stuck in..I dunno really where?! :(

  12. Well she is amazing singer and her song is beautiful. So many times she tried and now she finally did it and won ticket to eurovision. Very best of luck to you Claudia and whole Malta! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/ :)

  13. “Kewkba” lost to “Breathlessly” by a 450-vote difference!!

    GRRR! Atrocity! :(

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