Latvia: Watch the Supernova Semi-final Tonight

LatviaLatvia – It’s semifinal time in Latvia tonight as 8 acts battle it out in their national selection programme, Supernova, for a place in the next Sunday’s final. Only four acts from the 8 will go through to next week’s final. The show starts at  at 20:25 (CET) and you can watch it online HERE.  

The acts competing for the final 4 places tonight are:

Join us later to chat below in the comments about the acts as they perform.


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660 comments on “Latvia: Watch the Supernova Semi-final Tonight

  1. Loreen’s song sounds like what I would expect if Rona Nishliu and Elitsa & Stoyan were put together to do Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” in 3 minutes. :p

  2. Top-10 Norwegian entries based on results:

  3. I don’t judge short snippets but 1 minute is long enough to give me an idea whether I will like a song or not.

  4. Sada Vidoo has really grown on me a lot, I ‘m waiting for her performance of “Northern lights” in NF and if everything is all right I hope she wins it..it can be a serious threat for my 2017 list! :)

  5. HRT has released 19 seconds snippet of Croatia’s entry “My friend”.


    Although I never judge a song upon hearing a snippet, in this case I can say with certainty – Croatia will stay in the semi final.

    I am not here very often, but those few of you who know me from previous years, may remember my uniqe position on Croatia and their “entries”.
    As a true ESC fan, I have always been in favour of ESC enlargement (in Europe), and I am always sad to see any country withdrawing, EXCEPT Croatia!

    For many years now (especially from 2009 on), I have been actively and consistently advocating Croatia’s permanent withdrawal from the ESC, and I am very proud of that!

    The reason is that the HRT has shown, on many occassions, total lack of respect for the the ESC.
    Most of Croatian musicians redicule and mock the ESC. They seem to think that Croatia has a very good music scene, and that ESC is a “kitsch festival”, where there is no place for “true artists” such as themselves.
    Unfortunately, this view is shared by most of Croatians (99% I’d say…)

    Croatia’s entries over the years have been so bad, but it is not even the question of bad entries.
    It is the question of their attitude towards the ESC, which I am very much familiar with.

    In my opinion, most of their entries have clearly shown their despise towards the ESC.
    Being aware of their general attitude towards the ESC, I consider Croatia’s further participation to be an insult for the ESC.

    Regarding Jacques Houdek – I actually like this guy a lot.
    I am just sorry that he didn’t chose a different approach to this project. He is clearly being advised by HRT people, and other Croatian media, and that is very sad.

    • Alas, many countries and broadcasters have a similar sttitude when it comes to ESC.
      I really liked Nina last year, except the dress …

    • I mean… every Croatian I’ve ever spoken to about ESC have been fans of it and mentioned how they were upset that Croatia wasn’t participating (at the time). Also, Croatia frequently has sent their A-list celebrities to ESC (Severina, Nina Badrić, Jacques) so I don’t really agree with your rundown. However, I don’t doubt that Croatia will stay in the semi.

      • Well, there are lots of fans in Croatia, and (of course), they would show a different attitude.
        But, believe me, most of Croatians are very negative towards the ESC.
        I know this for a fact.

        I used to be very emotional about it before, but I have cleared my head since :-)
        The word “Croatia” means nothing to me.
        It is just a word on the front of my passport.

        And the fact that the HRT has sent some of Croatia’s A list celebrities (but all of them with bad or average songs), exactly prooves my point!
        They thought it was going to be enough.

  6. I will not be around this evening.

    Slovenia: I hope Raiven wins but I believe BQL have it in their bag. Sad.

    Moldova: At the moment there is nothing I am interested about.

    Saturday: I will focus on DMG and MF. If ”Paper” is on this evening I will switch to Iceland as well at some point. As far as Ukraine and Moldova is concerned I don’t enjoy anything and therefore I will not tune in at all. I am not following Lithuania either but I will check all semi finalists the following day.

    Sunday: I will start with Supernova where I hope Karin Park wins and then switch to FdC. If ”Adunti Aminte” performs in the 1st show of Selecta Nationala I ”will visit Romania” briefly.

    Enjoy the show tonight :)

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