Hungary: It’s Joci Pápai to Kyiv!

joci-papaiHungary – Last night saw the climax of A dal 2017 and the winner was Joci Pápai singing ‘Origo‘. 8 acts battled it out in the final with 4 acts going through to a televote which Joci won. He is 35 years old and comes from Tata in Hungary and is of Romani descent. He previously was successful in 2005 in the talent show Megasztár

Her’s the winning song:

Will Hungary keep up it’s recent excellent record of qualifying from the semi-finals?


19 comments on “Hungary: It’s Joci Pápai to Kyiv!

  1. My favourite ! Good luck !
    Top 3
    1. Italy
    2. Hungary
    3. Finland

  2. Joci, three things to do on Monday. Put down the fire, then fire the gypsy dancer and get rid of those texts.
    You could go to hair stylist too, but that’s just a detail.
    What matters most is the song and your performance. Both of them I do like a lot. You are my current #2.

  3. I am very happy my favourite in A dal is actually going to Kiev – a song with actual passion and soul. They need to come up with something better for the staging, but considering what happened to Freddie last year I am not very optimistic on that front.

    Considering this is a song about a romani man who is being rejected in love because of his ethnicity, it would be good to remember other romani artists that made it to Eurovision. They are Spain 1979, Spain 1983, Spain 1990, Austria 1992, Austria 1993, Spain 1996, Finland 1996, Czechia 2009 and FYRoM 2013. Spain made it into the top-5 in both 1979 and 1990, while Austria 1992 finished 10th.

    My top-13 so far:
    1) Italy
    2) France
    3) Finland
    >>>4) Hungary
    5) Georgia
    6) Belarus
    >>> 7) Poland
    8) Switzerland
    9) UK
    10) Germany
    11) Spain
    >>>12) Malta
    13) Albania

  4. Good choice, not the best one, imo, but a good choice nevertheless. Good luck, Hungary!

  5. Good choice Hungary, good song overall but there is a part in the middle which I dislike. But for the most part its a great choice imo :)

  6. Its ok for what it is, well performed. Stage presentation could be a bit toned down and the rap parts could be missing. Still wouldnt be my cup of tea but just saying.

    It is a travesty the jury left TOTOVA out of the superfinal and sent there 2 not popular with the televote acts (Gina and the hashtag song) to boost this one honestly. Smells sabotage from miles away.

    Good luck !

  7. Top 13 :

    1. Switzerland
    2. Poland
    3. France
    4. Germany
    5. Finland
    6. Belarus
    7. United Kingdom
    8. Malta
    9. Albania
    10. Georgia
    11. Hungary
    12. Spain
    13. Italy

  8. This was my favourite A Dal song on first listening. It kinda faded on me later on but still I believe it’s a good and authentic song. I definitely prefer it to Totova’s entry in the same genre. However, his live rendition is not very good I’m afraid. He needs to tone down the rap part (way too aggressive) and work on his vocals. The whole dancing routine is not working well either I’m afraid. It’s a pity cause if I were to judge only the song it would have been up together with Italy, France and Finand this year!

  9. My current favorite (I like it slightly more than Apollo atm)
    Also I am so happy jury killed Totova. She was so annoying live :-(

    I loved Gigi, but we all now how her song would fit in this years line up -.-

  10. I doubt Hungary will reach the final. This is not really a good song. The stylistic elements are interesting, but there are good and bad songs within every genre. The melody and chords aren’t really going anywhere, and the production sounds thin. The vocal performance is not particularly homogeneous either, and as the rap part comes in, I’m left behind. Because of the folkish elements which are pretty intriguing, I will land somewhere between 5/12 and 6/12.

  11. Am not quite getting this. I think it is very, VERY overrated. Am not a big fan of his voice, the almost mumbling lyric and that woeful rap. It’s going to need worked on. A lot of work to be done if this is to do anything imo.

  12. Song with a spice! I like it :)

  13. Looking at the 4 songs the jury picked for the superfinal it’s a relief Joci won.They picked the 2 most unpopular songs with televoting and Gigi’s screaming ballad that wouldn’t stand a chance against Joci,Totova or Kallay anyway.
    It’s a nice song that stands out in the sea of many below average female ballads.it sounds genuine and like it’s coming from his heart.He now needs to revamp the stage performance and his styling.The weakest part of the song is the rap part.It takes away some of the song’s power,imo.
    Here’s a Spanish translation of the lyrics i found:

  14. He is a good singer. Song is quite nice pop music with nice romani twist in it. Good luck to Joci and to Hungary! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  15. Great choice, continuing the tradition in Hungary of sending trendsetting songs. And it’s not in English either. It’s non mainstream, ethnic, and different. Diversity! This is the type of risk taking countries should be taking. It’s no coincidence that after one listen to all the songs so far, I only pretty much remember Belarus and this. Everything else just blends it.

    I respect/love the Hungarian voters. I told Boggie that it would have been hard to win with her song had it been in most other countries. She agreed.

    Being this isn’t a ballad, and it’s not mainstream, I fear it may be marked down by the jury, eliminated in the semi, which will only breed more boring safe ballads in the future. That’s not good.

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