Estonia: Final Line-Up Revealed

EstoniaEstonia – The ten acts which will compete in this year’s Eesti Laul final are now known. Last night saw 4 acts go through to the final by a jury televote to be held on 4th march. An extra act was then put through on 100% televote. You can check out the final line-up of the 10 finalists here now… 

Former winner Måns Zelmerlöw will perform in the Eesti Laul 2017 final’s interval.

26 comments on “Estonia: Final Line-Up Revealed

  1. The lives pretty much confirmed that my full support is going to Kerli. Overall, good NF.

  2. It’s a good line up. I still miss Carl Phillip, but I managed to get two big favorites of mine, Ivo and Whogaux et al, in the final.
    Plus there is a new sweetheart in town Koit Toome & Laura.
    Kerli had wah too shaky vocals in chorus fir ESC stage and the performance was just a all over the place. I still like the song a lot.
    Love and kisses to Estonia!

  3. Despite the melancholy and the lack of chemistry , Verona is still my guilty pleasure… Love it from the beginning! And those shots .. brilliant ! :) :)

  4. “Verona” was predictably good vocally and stage-wise. Rasmus had great staging and obvious charisma but the song is too similar to last year and there is weak singing there hidden between layers of taped backing vocals. Kerli had a good song but she was very flat in the chorus and her hapless stage presence smelt a lot of Greta.

  5. This is not a very good line-up, but Eesti Laul manages to offer very good live vocals. I am still not sure which song is my favourite. I do not like ‘Slingshot’ in its studio version, but I like its live rendition much more, for instance; I am confused. LOL

  6. What a stunning semi the one yesterday was !
    Rasmus is officially my 2nd big favourite this season behind BQL in Slovenia. Amazing performance.
    Kerli is very good and edgy as well, while “Verona” with a tad of fine tuning is up there as well. Joined with “Slingshot”, “In or Out” and “Feel me now” in the final they make a very strong Eesti Laul final again !

    Rasmus FTW !
    (Or Kerli or Lenna alternatively)

  7. The only ones I don’t like are Lenna, Ivo, and Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan feat. Maian. I’m not crazy over Daniel Levi or Koit & Laura, but I wouldn’t be super angry if they won. All the others I’m a big fan of. I’m hoping Kerli can win because I can see that song as a potential winner. I really love Rasmus, Ariadne, and Elina too though. Also, Angeelia should’ve been in that final.

  8. I’m not exactly thrilled with Eesti Laul this year either, especially after my big favourite Antsud with Vihm missed the Final last night. I believe Kerli is totally overrated, song is so underwhelming and the stage performance was messy and so 2000s…
    Verona sounds so cheap but it’s also such an earworm (blushes).
    Rasmus is the one to watch. He oozes charisma and together with Elina Born the best performers in Eesti Laul this year!

    Ranking and scores of 2nd semi :
    Antsud : 7,5/10
    Rasmus Rändvee : 7+/10
    Koit Toome & Laura : 6/10
    Alvistar Funk Association : 6/10
    Angeelia : 6/10
    Daniel Levi : 6/10
    Liis Lemsalu : 5/10
    Kerli : 5/10
    Almost Natural : 4/10
    Close To Infinity ft. Ian Karell : 3/10

    Average of Eesti Laul this year : 5.70

    • I really liked Antsud last night. I just feel it misses a bit more lyrical depth..

      • That’s why I rank it at 7,5/10, otherwise it would have scored max.
        I mean, stage presentation was spot on. Orchestration was ethereal, vocals were good!

  9. The only standouts here are Elina, Kerli and Koit & Laura. Elina plays the “too sexy” role, reaching a point where that overshadows the song. I don’t like Kerli’s song, it’s probably her worst song ever, but it’s a good show… and “Verona” should copy some parts of the staging of “Good Enough” from UMK16.

  10. My favorite of the 5 that qualified are Koit&Laura.It’s romantic and nostalgic although i have some issues with Laura as a singer and performer.Kerli seems to be the most popular but the chorus is really weak like something a 5 year old would write.She may win based on the show and her popularity.Rasmus is a great performer but the song is not.It sort of reminds me their 2016 entry.And what is Daniel Levi doing in the final?

  11. uuuuuh Laura sounded really…hmmm…not good at all I’m afraid..and after that performance of “Verona” i have a feeling if they go to Kyiv for Estonia they will stay in semis big time..it can be a flop of the year

    So sad for Antsud didn’t pass the semi and Alvistar Funk Association – “Make Love, Not War”!

    NowIi just hope Eina won’t win!

    I’m for Kerli all the way..Estonia needs to stand out in Kyiv, with “Veroan” or with Elina they certainly won’t.

    I even think Ariadne is now the dark horse of the Eesti Laul..and also bids for good result in May, if wins here..

  12. I am listening to the EL finalists now:

    Elina – 6/12: The song is happy and brings a smile to my face but her live vocals were very shaky.

    Ariadne – 8/12: An gentle, melodic, straightforward and happy no-nonsense number. It made me happy and made me tap along.

    Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan feat. Maian – 5/12: I don’t like the Common Linnets tribute look and think that the song is rather disjointed. Moreover, I am not the biggest fan of her singing voice.

    Lenna – 4/12: Sounds like a lame MF reject. Next one please.

    Kerli – 8/12: Very interesting instrumentation but the melody is pretty basic. Considered as a live package, it is lovely in its own quirky way.

    Koit & Laura – 7/12: I fail to understand both the love and the hate this song has earned in the fan community. It is a competently crafted, well-produced, well-sung and well-staged conventional number. Nothing wrong with it but nothing to get WOW about either. It will probably win EL this year.

    So far: Where have the fantastic experimental Eesti Laul sounds gone to???

  13. Ivo – 5/12: I am very well known for probably having the strongest dislike for his 1996 song among all ESC fans out there. Therefore I had to reset myself before listening to the lottery song. Well, it is traditional and a tad boring but I guess that it is fine for what it is. It simply isn’t for me.

  14. Liis – 4/12: It is most certainly not another “Üle vee” <3. In fact, it is pretty sh*tty imho.

  15. Rasmus – 9/12: This is more like it. I love his voice and he is very charismatic onstage. The song is not as good as he is but I enjoyed the live performance a lot nevertheless.

  16. Daniel – 7/12: This one looks stunning first and foremost. Very dark and stylish. Alas, the song is not on par with the staging but at least I like it much more than Daniel’s previous effort.

    I am rooting for Ariadne, Kerli and Rasmus but when all is said and done, we will all pack our suitcases and travel to Verona.

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