Poland: Who Should Represent Poland?

polandPoland – Tomorrow Poland will be one of three countries picking their Eurovision Song and Poland has ten songs competing in Krajowe Eliminacje. The winner will be decided by the public and a jury. Who would you like to see represent Poland?

The ten songs competing are as follows:

Martin Fitch “Fight for Us”

Lanberry “Only Human”

Isabell Otrębus-Larsson “Voiceless”

Paulla “Chcę tam z tobą być”

Olaf Bressa “You Look Good”

Kasia Moś “Flashlight”

Aneta Sablik “Ulalala”

Rafał Brzozowski “Sky Over Europe”

Carmell “Faces”

Agata Nizińska “Reason”

Details of the National Final such as links and times will be on tomorrow Super Saturday Post but let’s start the debate early. Voting and comments below…

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22 comments on “Poland: Who Should Represent Poland?

  1. I voted for Kasia Mos, but I like many of them.. :)

  2. Well, Carmell was the one that got me so that’s the one I voted for. But maybe they’ll change when we will see them live.

  3. Voted for Carmell for now. Lives can change that. Just ask Margaret..

  4. As for Melodifestivalen: Semi 3 feels just as if it’s a cavalcade of artists trying to sound like other artists. Like:

    Robin Bengtsson – Justin Timberlake
    Krista Siegfrids – Linnea Henriksson / Veronica Maggio
    Anton Hagman – Shawn Mendes
    Jasmine Kara – Eastern European ESC dance pop queens
    Owe Thörnqvist – Ehhh, ok, himself, lol.
    Bella & Filippa – First Aid Kit
    FO&O – One Direction

    I don’t have any clear favourite in this actually, unlike the other semis. Robin feels like the big favourite, and he’s the only contender for victory in March right now, methinks. But that’ll probably change with the last semi. Anyway, this is how the rehearsal audience voted tonight:

    1. Robin Bengtsson 228
    2. Jasmine Kara 108
    3. FO&O 105
    4. Anton Hagman 72
    5. Owe Thörnqvist 49
    6. Bella & Filippa 33
    7. Krista Siegfrids 20

    • I really like Krista’s song.I guess she has no chance. :(
      FO&O are really bad,tbh.

      • while I genuinely hate her persona (and to be fair very annoyed she’s the character everyone on her seems to adore), I did like “Faller” from last year, the one rare true schlager in MF and it was well delivered… but this one feels insanely weak, out of place, and like a bad MF filler…

  5. Carmell and Kasia Mos are very good.

    • I agree totally :)

    • I agree completely too. They’re my two favorites by far, and Kasia seems very competent live!

      • Carmell is a good live singer too.On the other hand,i don’t know why Lanberry is allowed to take part in the final.Has the September 1 rule changed?

        • well Jamala and right now “Requiem” prove that there’s a loose interpretation of the rule (not distributed, no commercialization )… besides, other NF before have done it, include older entries, and said “we’ll see only if it wins” (keeping the singer changing the song, asking the runner-up etc). I dont think such a song was ever picked as a winner in said NF though

  6. Carmell or Paula, I suppose, because one has to vote for someone. Voted for Carmell.

  7. It is a very bland line-up imo. Plus, most songs pretty much fall in line with everything I don’t like. The 3 best are Paulla, Kasia Moś and Carmell imo. My vore went to Carmell.

  8. There are quite a few I liked. Carmell is my favorite followed by Kasia, Aneta, Lanberry and Isabell.

  9. Paulla is my favourite here. But I struggle very much to focus into any song. Everything sounds so safe and middle-of-the-road. No way to know if anything will stand out unless we listen to the lives. And of course it matters a lot whether any of these acts is already popular there like Michal Szpak was.

    • Lanberry’s Polish version of the entry has around 5 milions views on YT..Paula has almost 1,5 millions..and do you know that Martin Fitch is actually Marcin Mrozinski who represented Poland in 2010 with song “Legenda”?

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