Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

martina-bartaCzech Republic – In an announcement made by the Czech Republic broadcaster, it was announced that Martina Bárta will represent the country in Kyiv in May. She is an up and coming jazz singer. Her song will be revealed soon.

205 comments on “Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

  1. King Foo – “Wild Ride” : I like her voice and the song builds up nicely but the energy does not feel there and it feels a bit forced – 6.5+/10

  2. Nika Zorjan: Is Maraaya behind this shake-it entry?Lol.She’s good vocally. 7.5/12

  3. Nika Zorjan – “fse” : She has a good voice but this has a very 2000s vibe in its orchestration and feels a minute too long. Not too exciting – 6-/10

  4. A nice folky interval act!

  5. Tosca Beat: That was pompous and imposing at the same time.Politically charged lyrics. 8/12

  6. Tosca Beat – “Free World” : This is in the “so bad its good category” I would say. Its over the top in ways that do not remind eurovision though. I feel.it could use less screen projections of words, less volume enhancher whatever those things you shout in are called, less “in your face message” and less angel wings. But I kinda liked it in all its extravaganza – 6.5/10

  7. Tosca Beat were all right, “Freedom” is awful. I’ve got some suprise visitors and need to go … :(

  8. Is it the final, or is it just a semi?

  9. Lea Sirk: She got huge applause for a song i didn’t like.It’s repetive,shouty with an underwhelming chorus. 5.5/12

  10. Lea Sirk – “Freedom” : Probably the most complete act so far songwise and in terms of stage presentation. Without being great it was good and I cant fault her or the song – 7/10

  11. Sell Out: A ska track.It reminds me of Turkey 2004.It’s nicely performed. 7.5/12

  12. I managed to come in at the end of some ska song. Unfortunately the stream is very unstable, except for the sound.

  13. Sellout – “Ni panike” : They kinda had me up to the mannequin challenge point which I found very unnecessary.
    I liked the orchestration and the general cozy mood this balkan flavoured tune had but I wish the main singer was a bit more relaxed and into it, he seemed too nervous and stiff – 6.5-/10

  14. The production standards of EMA are super high this year btw I am very impressed. Great job.

  15. News flash – Bulgaria. According to press reports, Bulgaria’s public broadcaster has settled on 17-year-old Kristian Kostov to represent the country in Kiev and is now in negotiations with his record company. It seems that fan favourite Gery-Nicol will not be getting the nod after all. Kostov was the child wonder of X-Factor Bulgaria two years ago. This is a video he has released:

    • Cute

    • Some times I wonder what would happen in a hypothetical scenario in which EBU issued a rule that: no former talent show entrants would be allowed in ESC. It would sound like the end of the entire ESC concept since, the last many years in particular, almost 4 out of 5 ESC entrants are former talent shows’ participants, right :P

      • This girl from Cyprus f.e qualified for The Voice semifinal.She was awful and the other girl really deserved to go through:

      • you are right guapo as always, but I’m guessing ESC has come to such a stage in the sense that is has become entwined with a talent show type format and thus we will we get endless ex talent(less) people, and thus countries will send on ad nauseum their ex singers because eg no real repsentative of that country would even consider it

    • If he goes with a current, up-tempo song, he’ll stand out in Kiev.

      Regarding talent show contestants- many of them are very good singers, and with the right team behind them, become artists with strong merit, and deservedly so. Sure, it may not be the best reflection of a country and its industry/national identity/ what have you, but they’re fine for the Contest.

  16. Zala Duric Ribic: A latin song.It’s not bad but it becomes rather repetitve after a while.She started off with a golden cape and then left wearing a bathing suit.lol! 5/12

  17. Zala – “lalalatino” : Awful lyrics and presentation but it was funny in all the wrong and right ways. I should hate it but I did not – 3.5/10

  18. Alya in a golden dress singing a rather dated latin pop song that really can’t keep you watching for 3 minutes. 5/12

  19. Alya – “Halo” : That dress is so ugly it should be outlawed. Other than that she did her best and the song is ok, cheerful and catchy. It would do very well…in 2002. – 5+/10

  20. I believe and hope the winner is in the other semi which is stronger.The quality of this semi gradually went down.

  21. Omar Naber keeps on trying and the quality of his songs keeps on deteriorating.This is a super generic ballad with corny lyrics. 5/12

  22. Omar Naber : I missed a large chunk of his performance to due an internet connection issue but from what I saw he was the best of this very mediocre night. Also this guy just doesnt age at all !

  23. I never thought I would say this, but Omar Naber, in my opinion, had the best song tonight.

    Alya was not bad. Missed Nika Zorjan’s performance.

    The rest was simply afwull (song wise).

  24. A year and an NQ later I feel like its time to finally inform Manuella that when you mix blue and red you get PURPLE.

  25. Nika will shake all the way to the final.lol

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