Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

martina-bartaCzech Republic – In an announcement made by the Czech Republic broadcaster, it was announced that Martina Bárta will represent the country in Kyiv in May. She is an up and coming jazz singer. Her song will be revealed soon.

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205 comments on “Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

  1. It seems as MUCH better choice than the snoozefest singer last year…but we have to wait for her entry! :)

  2. I am waiting eagerly for the song.

  3. I have high hopes for CZE this year.

  4. They keep the elegance but will they bring better music? I hope so.

  5. The other day I had to take a taxi (one of the rare cases I do so). The driver, a likable lady, was listening to Smetana’s “Vltava” on the radio.

  6. Intriguing choice. I hope she gets the right song.
    Czech Republic seems to mean business since its return and I like that.

    Good luck !

  7. Eagerly waiting for the song. I like some sorts of jazz better than others, so it can go either way with respect to my musical taste.

  8. of topic: i don’t know how to add a picture to this message….. but Friday 3th march the Dutch song from Og3ne will be presented. 11.00 o”clock in Amsterdam.

    • Hi Bart.
      Thanks for the info. I hope the Dutch manage to maintain their recent high standards of entries again this year.
      If you’re looking to add pics or vids to your messages. Just bring up whatever it is you wish to share onto your device. (if it’s a pic, click on image link rather than page)
      Highlight then copy and paste the link just after or before the message you wish to post and it should come up along with it once you have posted your reply. (That’s how I do it and it seems to work. There are probably other easier ways). Hope that helps. Technology! All moving so fast lol….. ;)

      • Thxs Martin. I had a picture on my iPad but can’t copy it (and there’s no link). Well the pict is nothing special. Just the announcement from Og3ne. But this again for your help ;-)

    • I hadn’t caught this one yet. Thanks, Bart! Good luck, Croatia!

      P.S. – waiting for the song.

  9. Kasia Mos performs her esc entry live:

  10. What US state European countries would be based on their GDP and other factors:

    • I love the Bluegrass State. I love Lexington too :P

      • Kentucky?Not a big fan. :P

        • Georgia for me, hmmm, at least there are plenty of nice songs about that state as far as I know although one could never equate the beauty that is Barcelona to Atlanta for example :-)

        • Uh I don’t like Arizona because of desert climate… :D

        • Wild Turkey, KFC etc :P

          • hola you know I love you very much and will answer u very soon, next week have been sent to the USA for investigation reasons!!, :( will keep you updated in relation to Catalan TV), in the meantime, will have to update myself on Georgia it seems!! :-(

          • I think i’d like Idaho,Utah,Colorado or one of the Northernmost states.I don’t like the South.

            • I think the south is more interesting when it comes to history and architecture, while the north-northwest region re: landscape :)

            • I prefer East and West coast when it comes to culture.I don’t think i’d fit in the South given their worldview.

            • I see your point re: their worldview and I think I wouldn’t fit either :)

            • I don’t think you’d be a fan of Idaho or Utah. Very conservative people with closed-minds. The scenery is stunning though. Coming from an American.

            • Yes,i know.I was alluding to their stunning landscapes and climate.I wouldn’t like to live in Los Angeles or Arizona f.i.Too warm for me. :)

            • I agree, I can’t stand the heat. That was probably my least favorite part of living on the French Riviera. It’s like 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) here today and I feel very at ease.

            • That’s the impression you get through the media. A place like North Carolina is way more progressive than you think.

      • As a New Yorker, my favorite has to be New York by default. But I do really love Massachusetts and Vermont (I’m in Vermont right now actually), New England in general is just amazing (despite their huge rivalry with us New Yorkers). Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota are great states too. Just don’t like The South or California. HATE California.

        • Montana seems nice to me?? :)

          • Nice scenery, closed-minded people. That’s generally the case for all of the states in that region (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas, etc).

        • NYC is definately a place that I’d like to spend some years of my life :)

        • What’s wrong with Cali? Great climate, plenty to do, everything is slower than NYC.

          • Exactly why I don’t like it. There’s no snow, everyone moves so slow, and I just hate the culture. I’m a true Northeasterner, I need to be in New York or New England to survive.

            • Well, there is going to be Cali weather this weekend over here. Sun is shining, great weekend to be out, but I have to work. Lol

              Cali is a great place to spend a week or 2 though. Sometimes slow is good.

            • You’re a New Yorker too, right? Where in?

            • Born in Manhattan, raised and still live in Astoria to Greek immigrants. First generation American. Astoria has changed in the last 20 years, way more diverse now. You?

            • That’s cool, I’m from Long Island (lol I know how much people from NYC hate us). My parents met while they were going to college in Manhattan though (NYU). My mom’s American and my dad’s from Albania. Because of my dad’s job we’ve moved a lot throughout the world but Long Island will always be my home. We live on the Northshore of Nassau County. I love Astoria though, it has such rich culture. My maternal grandparents are both from Queens.

            • I am an NYU graduate as well!
              We don’t hate LI, in fact I have friends and family there.

              And LI has the best venue for concerts, the Westbury Music Fair. It’s called something else now.

              And coincidentally, I’m going on a date with an Albanian girl next week.

            • Aw well lemme tell you us Albanian girls know how to have fun :P

              And that’s funny because NYU is my dream school. I’m a junior in HS though so I only have a little bit of time left before college lol

            • Good luck getting into NYU. Study hard and volunteer as much as you can. Have a strong CV and good test scores.

              I graduated 20 years ago, and its gotten even harder since then.

              Also, I have dated Albanian girls before. They are fun for sure.

              You need to focus on school, dating comes later. Yes, I’m sounding like your parents now. Lol

            • Lmao yeah I know. I’m like “the smart one” in my group of friends (I would tell you my GPA but my school is obnoxious and never tell us what they are, but basically all my grades are in the 90s with like some 80s in physics and precalc) and I’m in two honor societies so I’m forced to have 64 hours of community service a year (it’s very very annoying).

              I’m single right now and really want to stay single until college (high school boys are so immature I’m done with them), but y’know sometimes it can be hard staying ‘abstinent’ lmao. If I don’t get into NYU though my fallback is The New School.

            • Good. Seems like you are on the right path. Don’t be like me that did the minimum work and still ended up with mid 80’s and got a diploma studying to maybe 25% of my potential. I now regret not giving it my all in school.

              Community service may be annoying but it will pay off. For college and after college when you look for work.

              Yes, I know it’s hard but you have your whole life ahead of you. There are millions of people out there, but you only live these years, especially college, once. There are plenty of distractions but stay focused and hungry.

              In a few years when you are successful with a good job, you won’t have any trouble meeting people.

            • I really appreciate all the help and good advice <3

              Check back around this time next year to see if I get in :P

            • I will. Glad to help, as you get older you get wiser.

              Also, I won’t be watching tonight but you know how much I love Krista. As a singer and as a person. And I’m not just saying that, I’ve ended end getting invited backstage to one of her shows and saw it for myself.

    • Washington is fine with me…


  11. Off topic:
    Absolutely loving Krista’s Melodifestivalen song <3

  12. Hi guys,

    sorry, it’s off topic, but it has just been announced that Croatia will be represented by Jacques Houdek (confirmed by both HRT and the singer himself).

    For years, Jacques has been considered one of the best (if not THE best) Croatian male vocalists.

    For years, he has been known for his uptempo songs, but in recent years he is well known for ballads.

    He is a huge fan of ESC, and has participated in Croatian ESC selection (Dora), on five different occasions (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2011).
    He came second in 2011, and fifth in 2003.

    • Hi Goran, nice to see you around. <3 It's been a while. :(
      I remember Jacques. He is a great vocalist but so far I haven't really warmed up to any of his songs. Let's hope that I will like his ESC song more. Good luck!

      • Hi, Toggie! It is nice to be back :-)
        I’ll do my best to try to be here more.

        Regarding Jacques; over the years I have liked some of his songs, but generally it is not really my cup of tea.
        However, I admire him as a vocalist. Besides, he is genuinely a good guy, and a true artist.

        We’ll have to wait to hear the song, but regardless, comparing him to most of Croatian representatives of the last decade, I am sure that he will bring more seriousness and credibility (which most of them lacked).

        Anyway, best regards to everyone!

  13. Jacques Houdek for Croatia really ? Hmmm..I remember reports of him having homophobic and/or racist views stated publicly which I do not appreciate much..We ll see.

  14. Great to see that the Czech Republic aim to maintain the momentum gained reaching last year’s final. Martina sounds like another classy choice. I’m hopeful she’s given a great song. Would be great to see Czech Rep. have further success.

  15. Ok.The announcement of the Croatian representative has resulted in a debate about his alleged homophobic views in wiwiblogs…

  16. The last Ukrainian semifinalist to release his song:

  17. 2 betting agencies are giving odds for all 43 countries. They both have Italy as the runaway winner at 4/1. Runner up (Sweden tied with Rissia and Australia) at 7-8.5/1

    • Greece completes the top 5 at 10/1

      • am not sure will ever understand the concept of betting on such things but not having heard the final entries yet from Sweden, Russia, Australia or Greece, am guessing betting odds are based on a projection of for eternity the final result will be based on those countries songs as potential winners? damn, what a sad day for ESC :-( thank god for Italy 2017! :-)

    • which means they use esc history for sweden, russia, australia and to some extend greece (though the singer is known): it means only italy is getting money based on the actual entry!

      • sorry! you expressed my comment in another way!! :-)

      • I think Greece’s ranking has to do mostly with the team behind the song and not so much with our recent results(last top-10 was 4 years ago).

      • They definitely use esc history but in case of MF betting could be based on Loreen too

        • It is all about Loreen. And let’s not forget she performs last. It is an indication.

          • It’s not based on Loreen. Sweden is always there.

            • Yes, indeed. But Loreen is one more reason for them to bet. Sweden is a top10 material (at least) I would say even if they send a mediocre song if performed well. The line up atm isn’t strong and it doesn’t expect to become more competitive based on what we have heard in all other preselections.

            • Agree, they are masters of stageing and presenting their product with mainstream mass appeal. Swedes are also wizards in music marketing in and outside ESC bubble. When you combine this with their shameless winning attitude I think even top 5 with mediocre song is quite easy. They are high end professionals and they have managed to produce a very strong ESC brand.

            • Exactly.

          • Sweden is not always a top 10 material. In 2013 they ended up 18th in televoting and don’t forget the 2007-2010 era.
            Let’s not reproduce the stereotypes about countries always doing well whatever they send.

            • true, but in the end about stereotypes, nobody here is defending Iberian Peninsula stereotypes, nor UK etc stereotypes about Eurovision, we end up with the same old defense of stereotypes which = so what stereotypes are we defending here? just nordic ones due to MelodiF

            • It all changed with and after Popular. They upped their game.

            • I was talking about this year. 2013 was a rubbish-bad pop so it makes sense they ended up 18th – save only by the ”experts”. The 2007-2010 era was not particularly strong period for them either. All in all my comment has nothing to do with stereotypes. It is a generalisation. Sweden can do a top10 again easily since the level of competition is low.

            • Could you pls send me a link of your ETSC6 entry :p ?

            • Why so? :)

            • To download it to my ipod.

            • Sure! It’s probably one of my fave entries <3

        • ok, so if I wanted to place a potential bet on the winning song of ESC 17, where would I be right now in terms of at least getting my money back? is where I get lost, ie I would never bet on Spanish song winning ESC because odds are it will not, so ideally I could vote on him NOT winning ESC?!

          • With everything happening in Spain over Eurovision right now, I think it is a pretty good bet for nil points.

            • ok I agree with you there nil points for sure I hate it

            • It’s not just the song. It’s the controversy and lack of domestic support. We all know how bad Ann-Sophie did after controversy hit the german national final.

  18. Martina Barta has stated in the interview her entry is not jazz! Such a pity! :((((((((

  19. News flash – France. Amir has expressed himself over Alma’s song who apparently did not fall out of the blue sky but is actually supporting him on his tour (so probably same record company etc). He says he loves “Requiem” and his three pieces of advice to her are to stop following social media, to be in love with Eurovision and show it and to communicate “positive energy”. Apparently a YT video showing Alma performing the song two years ago has surfaced and has the french delegation worried about a possible breach of the rules (same story as Jamala last year).

    News flash – Greece: More details of the March 6 video final are coming out. Apparently there will be nine diaspora juries from a corresponding number of countries, but diaspora greeks will also be able to televote in a specially dedicated phone line, with all the proceeds going to greek charities. The final will be hosted by ERT sportscaster Elena Bouzala with the help of a surprise special guest. I guess they have chosen her for her stylish looks – she also hosted the press conference ERT organised for the Demy team and I found her quite bad and ignorant of the subject.

    News flash – Italy. Learn the moves baby!

    • no no, it’s worse than that, it’s the same COMPOSER: it’s basically Fr2 not having any sight and just picking the next in line :/

    • Elene Bouzala is probably my favourite female tv sportcaster. I agree though that she doesn’t know a single thing when it comes to ESC.

    • *practices the monkey routine*

    • Hahhahaa, thank you Michos for the newsflash. Brilliant.
      I have a special request. Could I have some background info on Mr Rouvas’ new single Zitima Zois. It appeared on my Spotify and I quite like it. Actually I’ve been playing it all evening long. What is he up to and when we will have a new album?

      • Lol busted for listening to greek pop on Spotify :-P I am afraid I could find no information regarding a possible new album by Sakis. “Zitima zois” (A matter of life) was released especially for Valentine’s Day. The only bit of Sakis news everybody’s talking about right now is his imminent marriage to his longtime girlfriend, the fashion model Katia Zigouli who is also the mother of their four children. Apparently she said they are planning a summer wedding. Right now he is appearing alongside turbo-folk queen Paola and perennial Eurovision rumour Tamta in an Athens bouzouki club.

        • For me, Katia Zigouli is the most beautiful woman in Greece atm.

        • Guilty as charged 😃 What a lovely set of information. I didn’t know anything about this glamorous couple and their beautiful children. I really can’t blame Greeks talking about his wedding. I would be doing it too. I just love the pics I found on the web.
          Paola I know, Tamta I will know after this weekend 😃

          • It was rumoured that her record company wanted Tamta to participate in the greek final in 2015 with this but missed the deadline. She is a migrant from Georgia, runner-up in a talent show and star of the pop and fashion world. She is currently going out with one of the country’s most eligible bachelors, the scion of a shipping family who is Demy’s former beau and the owner of Panic Records!

            • Does this song have same lyricist as Sanna’s Undo? 😃
              That eligible bachelor is obviously collecting pop princesses of highest order. Who can blame him! Or these princesses. Being scion of shipping family must give you quite an advantage of in being hot.
              Shame on Tamta for missing the deadline, I’ll forgive this stupidly sadomasochistic video,because I’m very pleased to meet her 😃

            • This is Tamta and her boy Paris Kasidokostas, scion of the Latsis shipping family, among the richest in the world. The list of his former girfriends includes his namesake Paris Hilton :)

            • LOL I remember this Greek party boy! Yeah, the family name obviously enhances his looks a bit.

    • I ve read the article on Alma and a possible breach of rules and I am very worried, it would be a disaster at this point to lose such an entry with no guarantee of a better one replacing it :-(

      On Greece my money is still on Demy winning this year even before listening to the songs..

      On Italy all I have to say is what has the contest come to again after such promising years of recovery :-( We are back to the dark era..

      • I am not worried: just like Jamala, the song was once sang in a concert when she was working on it, it was not broadcasted (someone recording it on his phone), it was not commercialized and so the song was almost totally new material by september 1st

      • Ι don’t think France will have a problem with that. Same thing happened with Ukraine last year. They will just say that it was not commercially released and end of story.

  20. Slovenia has begun.Were’s that charismatic host they had?

  21. King Foo: A band on stage singing an ok rock entry.It was nice act to open the show. 7.5/12

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