Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

martina-bartaCzech Republic – In an announcement made by the Czech Republic broadcaster, it was announced that Martina Bárta will represent the country in Kyiv in May. She is an up and coming jazz singer. Her song will be revealed soon.

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205 comments on “Czech Republic: It’s Martina Bárta to Kyiv!

  1. Sell out too.

  2. Omar Naber yawn

  3. Omar was trying to record/stream his reaction since he arrived to the stage…

  4. King Foo as well?I wanted thenTosca Trio too.

  5. Results made sense for the most part although “Freedom” would make a better finalist than Sell out probably.

    Anyway there is no winner in this semi. I wish they d put the strong semi today tbh.

  6. All of tonight’s performance are here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ESCSlovenia/videos

  7. What a disappointing semi :(
    Kudos for the industrial stage though !!!

  8. Nika Zorjan is my clear favorite from semi 1 but still not sure how much I like it. It’s catchy and her vocals are strong but the overall performance is just a bit underwhelming. I also like Sell out’s song but the singer’s voice isn’t really doing much for me and the live was kinda disappointing. I

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