Norway: All MGP Final Songs Now Online

norway mgpNorway – NRK, the Norwegian broadcaster, has now published all of the songs that will compete in the MGP national final on 11th March 2017. All 10 artists will perform and a jury / televote will select the top 4 songs to go to the gold final stage of the evening. 100% televote will then select the winner from the top 4 acts.

Here’s the 10 finalists and their songs:

You can also listen to all of the songs HERE.

Norway will compete in the second half of the second semi-final on the 11th May 2017.


53 comments on “Norway: All MGP Final Songs Now Online

  1. Amina’s chilled dance, Jenny Augusta’s americana (even though her voice is a bit annoying) and Elin & The Woods’ Enigma tribute for me please.

    Elin & Woods are probably easy winner if they don’t fuck it up with overtly clichéd Sami stage spectacle Reindeer horn pieces on Elin’s head implie to that. Vocals might fail them too.
    As they are emulating Enigma so heavily they might like to call Michael Kretu for some additional production to get a more distinguished and nyanced end result. Now it’s a bit on Roger Pontare goes Enigma side.

  2. Overall a weak lineup but there is still some hope for Norway:

    Augusta’s song is quite interesting but her voice is bad. Elin & The Woods offer do something interesting but I would like to watch it live first. Amina is so and so.

  3. It’s looking like Norway will be staying in the semi-final again… :/

    Augusta’s song is the one that stands out for me having listened to all the entries, but I get the same vibe as I did with the German country song in 2006. E&TW would be the favourites to win if they do a great live performance, after all it’s about the presentation of the song as well. If John Henrik can come 2nd in Sweden and finish ahead of “Don’t Stop Believing”, this could easily win over all the other songs. I hate to say but these would be the entries that Moldova would select so they can actually produce a national final in the first place.

    The recap-video for the Grand Final of FDLC15 has been published, hope you like it!

  4. I didn’t hate the snippets that much, but from this line-up it does seem that Norway will struggle in the semi. I see many possible MGP winners depending solely on the live. Probably not Jenny or Amina though.

    Off-topic, Italy has now built a large lead over Sweden in the betting odds as Francesco’s entry is charting in the i-tunes charts of 15 european countries, including Germany, France and Sweden. Two UK-based media (Metro and Digital Spy) have already ran features on the italian entry as the music video has surpassed 12 million YT views in 6 days. It now holds the record of most views in a single day for any italian music video (4 million on Monday).

    • Still all this say very little at the point we are right now. Views are mostly from italians anyway (who cannot vote for it). And we still have 33 songs to be revealed and chosen.

      I see a coordinated campaign to promote this thing and that makes me super suspicious tbh.

      Anyway, as I said all those things do not control the jury vote at the very leas (neither the televote for that matter) and I have confidence in their judgment as always. They have done a lot to prevent embarassments for the contest, I am sure they will act in this direction this time as well :)

      • Gee, and I thought you liked the contest to produce hits :) Anyway he is not the devil, just someone who brings a smile into lot of people’s faces. If it makes you happy to predict that he will crush and fail, then that is what you should do.

        • This is just a novelty act, it will be as much of a hit as Ukraine 07 – aka the dark ages of esc.

          He is not the devil, just someone who will return esc to the status of laughing stock it had in the pre-2009 era and for a long time – what I call the dark ages of the contest.

          And if that happens this will be a contest I will no longer be interested in. A year after a substantial masterpiece won we can’t allow 2017’s dustin the turkey win for any reason imo if we want the best for the contest.

          I predict he will be lower top 15 actually which is still a worrying result for such an act in 2017.

          I know I will fight it toon and nail till May regardless of its ranking in any poll or betting odd, even if it is last. IMO this is a crucial integrity matter for the contest when in that year such entries still make it to esc.

          • My bf hasn’t warmed up to him either. He wanted either Fiorella or Sergio to win San Remo. All of a sudden this year he has turned into such a ballad guy lol. Or perhaps he doesn’t want any competition for Demy :)

            • I wanted Ermal to win but this is not my point here, it’s not about “oh I wanted this to win so I am mad it didn’t”. This is childish.

              I am intellectually opposed to this entry the same way I was intellectually opposed to “Euro Neuro” or “Moustache” or any such entry with a tacky, embarassing presentation and some supposed “deep intellectual” message about the flaws of human nature etc. No when you need to bring gorillas and silly dances on stage you DO NOT believe your song can convey your message boldly enough which means you do not believe in the message itself.
              And while both of the aforementioned criticized matters related to the “oh so flawed humanity and europe etc” in their own tacky and somewhat superficial and naive and in your face way, this one takes a step further.It is the epitome of pseudo-intellectual anti-westernism in today’s society which I detest with passion.

              And besides who thinks any non italian speaking televoter who will vote for this will vote for it because of its supposed message even if we assume this was one worthy of a vote ? The esc televoter especially in the final will see a guy doing a silly dance with a gorilla with eveything else hindered by the lingual barrier.

              I haven’t felt that strongly opposed to an entry since the pseudo-artistic, pseudo-intellectual “Suus” in 2012 tbh.

            • Interesting. Your bf and I seem to be the most apart (than me and anyone else on ET): they were my least favorites of the big possible wins in SR

            • He doesn’t follow ET though :) I am just relaying what his reactions were when he heard the songs for the first time on Saturday night.

        • *I will fight it tooth and nail

  5. COPYY/PASTE from an offtopic in another thread
    well, it’s not AS bad a line-up as the snippets let you imagine. I genuinely liked three songs, by Amina, Jenny and Elin & The Woods and I did not mind Jowst. I was indifferent to most, but do think that In Fusion is vile and by far the most useless and annoying and just flat out awful song in thsi line up. True, I think NMGP has weaken the past few years but this is a new low for them.

    I think there are no clear favorites, with anyone with a big live in capacity of winning in the end. I think that based on Norway’s usual runs, I think the rockband has a bit of Wig Wam in them, or the schlager “Mama Boy” if the live supports it. They could have their Jon moment and vote for Elin & The Woods!

    Let’s see!

  6. I’m listening right now. The two that stood out for me are :
    1.I Go Where You Go and
    2.Mamma boy
    Regarding both Mesterverk and Oadjebasvuhtii I will need more listenings

  7. In fusion girls, maybe nothing ever knock you over, but you have just knocked me down completely!!

    This is the best song of the season, without a single doubt!

    I’m even afraid they will be better for me than my ULTIMATE fave Jon from Sweden!

    In fusion GO DIRECTLY to Kyiv!! <3

  8. The best lineup by far:

    1. In Fusion – “Nothing Ever Knocks Us Over” 10/10
    2. Elin & The Woods – “First Step In Faith” 10/10
    3. Jenny Augusta – “I go where you go” 10/10
    4. Amina Sewali – “Mesterverk” 10/10
    5. Kristian Valen – “You & I” 10/10
    6. Ulrikke – “Places” 9/10
    7. Ella – “Mamma Boy” 9/10
    8. Rune Rudberg Band – “Run Run Away” 6/10
    9. Ammunition – “Wrecking crew” 5/10
    10. JOWST – “Grab The Moment” 5/10

    Average mark: 8.4!!! :O <3

  9. Good luck, Norway.

  10. Jenny Augusta was my favourite out of this bunch. It had a lively little tune that felt both sincere and promising, and I like her Kate Bush resembling voice too, which I think matched the composition pretty well.

    Elin & The Woods were interesting too but it feels as if they just had this idea about doing something “Sami goes modern” and then didn’t really develop it any more.

    Rune Rudberg delivers a solid country-rock/dansband song, very Scandinavian. Not somethint that will work in 2017 but I’m quite happy that songs like this still find a place in at least one NF.

    Amina’s entry stands out a bit too, also for being the only song in Norwegian this year. It’s cute and not wrong in itself, but as with Elin & The Woods, it feels as if a lot more could have been done here.

    Don’t really care about the rest, except that I hated Ulrikke’s and especially Ella’s entries.

    Lykke til, søta bror!

  11. I am rooting for Elin & The Woods and Ella, even though the latter’s lyrics are rather annoying. As for Ulrikke’s song … gosh! that one is probably among the 10 most atrocious songs I have ever listened to. I’d rather do “Baila el chiki chiki” …

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