Eurovision Ticket Buyers Worried Their Tickets are not Valid

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – Many fans were left frustrated and worried last night during the Eurovision 2017 first online ticket sale, with fans left not knowing if their tickets are valid. There are reports of several different sorts of technical and payment issues.  One of the most worrying are for those people that thought they were lucky enough to have purchased tickets and they actually received their .pdf tickets by email… just to have their payment rejected up to two hours later, leaving them unsure if their tickets are valid. The company taking payments were hit with many worried fans…


If you are in this position, email support@wayforpay.com with details of your transaction.

When the queue launched at 20.15 local time, over 5000 people were already waiting to be randomly allocated to the queue. A further 7000 quickly joined meaning over 12,000 people were looking for tickets. Only about the first 1500 people were able to buy any. Ticket prices for the grand final ranged from 51€ to 548€. Standing tickets in the fan zone were 87€.

Despite indications that all 9 shows would be on sale, only the Grand Final went on sale immediately, followed an hour later by the grand final dress rehearsal.

The grand final sold out in 30 minutes. The standing fan zone for the dress rehearsal has also sold out.

The other shows may go on sale by this afternoon.

Other technical issues for people trying to buy tickets included Internet Explorer browsers not working, the checkout button being greyed out so there was no way of buying tickets in your basket, and confirmation emails received for payment but no tickets have been sent.

Tickets are selling for inflated prices on secondary sites as usual with yet again no attempt by the organisers to stop this. There are 106 tickets on Viagogo.co.uk  with tickets starting at £247.


5 comments on “Eurovision Ticket Buyers Worried Their Tickets are not Valid

  1. Wow, I’ve always wanted to go to go to at least one ESC (and visit Europe in general) but this seems like such a mess :/

  2. Yes, unfortunately our tickets for the dress rehearsal fall into the category of ‘payment confirmed but no ticket PDF sent’. I’m not happy with this shambles and am reluctant to proceed with further purchases. I imagine the concert.ua problem in-box will be overflowing this morning.

  3. This is one year I’m more than happy to give it a miss.

  4. Luckily our tickets were confirmed after a lengthy phone call this morning. We bought four in total since we were lucky enough to get on so quick. I will be reselling two of them at some point but at face value only. Or I might even run a competition on my blog so that people who weren’t so lucky on the website can still get a chance :)

  5. What a colossal balls-up from start to finish! I feel very sorry for everyone caught up in this and being given so much stress. It’s not always like this! Stockholm 2016 was smooth and joyous. Looks like Kyiv 2017 needs a helping hand.

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