Slovenia: Snippets of Semi-finalists Online Now

sloveniaSlovenia – The two semi-finals of this year’s Slovenian EMA 2017 take place this weekend on February 17th & 18th. National broadcaster RTVSLO has today revealed the running order and snippets of the 16 songs. Listen to them online now.

Semi-final one

KiNG FOO – ‘Wild Ride’
Nika Zorjan – ‘FSE’
Tosca Beat – ‘Free World’
Lea Sirk – ‘Freedom’
Sell Out – ‘Ni panike’
Zala Đurić Ribič – ‘Lalalatino’
Alya – ‘Halo’
Omar Naber – ‘On My Way’

Semi-final two

Clemens – ‘Tok ti sede’
Raiven – ‘Zažarim’
Kataya & Duncan Kamakana – ‘Are You There’
BQL – ‘Heart of Gold’
Ina Shai – ‘Colour Me’
United Pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko – ‘Heart to Heart’
Tim Kores – ‘Open Fire’
Nuška Drašček – ‘Flower in the Snow’

The EMA  2017 final will take place on 24th February.

17 comments on “Slovenia: Snippets of Semi-finalists Online Now

  1. What I love/like based on snippets (In this order)

    Heat 1:

    1. Raiven – “Zazarim”
    2. Nuska Drascek – “Flower in the snow”
    3. United pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko – “Heart to Heart”

    Heat 2:

    1. Zala – “Lalalatino”
    2. Nika Zorjan – “Fse”
    3. Alya – “Halo”
    4. Omar Naber – “On my way”
    5. Lea Sirk – “Freedom”

  2. I like Raiven’s song but even from this snippet I am IN LOVE with BQL’s song. Could be my first 9/10 of the season.

    Interesting line up overall.

  3. Off topic: Catching up on Supernova and all I’m saying is that HOLY COW TRIANA PARK NEEDS TO WIN.

    This is some Blitzkids mvt., euroclub high end tune. Latvia’s best bet to continue their good streak. Very visually appealing and infectious.

  4. The ones that caught my attention:Nika Zorjan, Sell Out, Raiven, BQL.

  5. Semi 1:
    KiNG FOO – ‘Wild Ride’
    Tosca Beat – ‘Free World’

    Semi 2:
    Nuška Drašček – ‘Flower in the Snow’

  6. Panivalkova’s esc entry’s studio version:

  7. I liked BQL, Tim Kores and Nuška Drašček… at the end I think I was desperate to like something. I don’t have hopes for good vocals live but maybe the songs are better in its full version (the rest included). :)

  8. since 2015, the slovenian NF has been good. Not necessarly great, but well produced, nice promo materials online that showed a real investment, and most of the times the songs are of a decent level with variety in music style… a good (2015) and a bad (2016) result so far, let’s see for 2017!

  9. Moldova is a hot mess for yet another year.Boris Covali becomes the 3rd semifinalist to withdraw.Pity because i liked his song:

  10. Hot debate in Spain too.The way the NF was conducted comes under scrutiny in the parliament.RTVE under fire.lol

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