Israel: Selects its Representative Tonight

IsraelIsrael –  Israel will select its representative for Kyiv tonight as part of the Next Star competition. The final will see the last remaining 4 acts compete in two rounds performing cover versions. Beatbox Element, Diana Golbi, Imri Ziv and Julietta are the four finalists and will sing off in duels.  The winner of each duel will progress to the second round, plus a jury will allow a wildcard to go through too. The jury consists of: Asaf Amadursky, Harel Skaat (2010), Keren Peles, Static and Ben-El Tavori.

Round 1:

Beatbox Element – ‘Hey Mama‘ (David Guetta)
Diana Golbi – ‘Euphoria‘ (Loreen)
Imri Ziv – ‘Halo‘ (Beyonce)
Julietta – ‘My Number One‘ (Helena Paparizou)


In the second stage the three successful artists will perform another cover song, and the winner chosen by online televoting. The song they sing in Kyiv will be revealed at a later date when it has been chosen by a committee of experts.

Round 2:
Beatbox Element – ‘Human‘ (Rag’n’bone Man)
Diana Golbi – ‘Purple Rain‘ (Prince)
Imri Ziv – ‘Because of You‘ (Kelly Clarkson)
Julietta – ‘Shikorim me-ahava‘ (Eden Ben-Zaken)

You can watch the semi-final performances here.

Fans can vote with the Mako app, or online here.

The show can be watched tonight from 20:00 (CET) online here.


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158 comments on “Israel: Selects its Representative Tonight

  1. Hello from Essen everyone. After a very long and very busy day, I have just caught up with ESC news. I will check Imri once the Israeli song has been released.

  2. I’ve read on FB that Imri Ziv had my fave Israeli dancer Tome with him. And Michos said Harel too? Damn what a bunch of load of hotness that much have been :p

  3. Not a huge fan of Imri. Was rooting for Diana. Oh well, just another Israeli entry I won’t like probably.

  4. I was looking for more info on Imri last night and found myself bumping into some pretty explicit material involving various esc singers (not Imri) and I got mixed feelings about it.

    People should be more careful of what they share at this day and time on the internet even in supposedly private conversations especially if they are receiving exposure of the kind esc offers. When you are careless then crying about it wont save you (mr. Justs *cough*). Especially younger people : be responsible internet users..

    • I don’t think we should be blaming the victims for this. People who hack or share what is private material are the lowest of the low and criminals who blackmail people or simply looking for clicks. I agree we should all be exercising caution so as not to fall prey to these criminals, but in the end each person, even those in the public eye, deserve to have their private life respected and protected.

      He has my full sympathy and support as I understand this has unnecessarily caused him a great deal of grief.

      • Sharing explicit material with people we dont know on the internet if we flirt with them is irresponsible in itself.
        Nobody said it is ethical to share them and I not blaming the “victim” here but we dont live in a perfect world and we all should responsibility for our actions primarily.

  5. Imri says he wants to sing an up-tempo song and bring a big show on stage.Michos’ wish may come true after all.

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