Eurovision Tickets On Sale Tomorrow Night!

Eurovision badgesEurovision 2017 – Tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will go on sale tomorrow evening, Tuesday 14th February at 19:15 CET). Tickets will be available for 6 rehearsals, two semi-finals and grand final and prices will range from 8 Euros to 500 Euros. 70,000 tickets will be available. 

Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Jon Ola Sand said:

“We are delighted that the tickets will go on sale so quickly despite some delays, we are confident that UA:PBC has found a reliable partner, Concert.ua company and their services would be a convenient way to purchase tickets for the event for a huge number of fans of the Eurovision from various countries. We are also convinced that everyone who purchases the tickets, will have a great time in Kyiv in May this year.”

They will be on sale via the company V Tiket on the website site www.concert.ua. 

“We stick to our slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 “Celebrate Diversity”. That’s why we made sure that the tickets for the shows will available to all segments of the population from the students to wealthy people”, – stated UA:PBC Deputy General Director Pavlo Hrytsak.

16 comments on “Eurovision Tickets On Sale Tomorrow Night!

  1. OK, so me an Jane are ready, fingers poised to endure another ESC ticket buying frenzy. It’s such fun.

    We need a sweepstake, who thinks which of the following will happen?

    The front page will crash instantly so you can’t even get in the queue
    The queue system will crash
    We will be 89273648927 in the queue and here until 8.30am tomorrow morning, at which point it will say there are none available.
    Not all of the shows will be on sale
    No cheap tickets will be available as the touts will have got them all
    No tickets at all will be available as the touts will have got them all
    If we get the tickets in our basket… it will crash
    If we go to pay it will all be in Russian
    If we press to buy… it will crash
    It will fail to give us ‘print at home option making us pay €30 for delivery
    It will sell out in 1.25 minutes and not one person on social media will have got a ticket
    We will have a smooth transaction and have cheap Grand Final Tickets within minutes

    Aint Eurovision great?!

    • I fear Ukraine is a country still at war, and thus ESC is last thing on their mind at the moment, especially thanks to Donald T, I mean from journalistic terms, from our own agency via news on the ground , it sounds terrible the recent fighting there on the so called border, we kind of lost our own journalist there

  2. Guess how the sale went….

    Yeah we have nothing yet. Out of 9 shows only 1 went on sale, the Grand Final. Over 4000 in the queue before me, we had NO chance. They have just put the dress rehearsal on sale …1500 in the queue… no chance. Looks like they will put each show up randomly whenever.

    On the plus side the system seems to work. But I have only seen about 10 people on Twitter say they have tickets.

    Tickets appear to be 51€ to 548€ for the grand final.

  3. Ok, we’re still in the virtual arena shopping area, we literally haven’t left, we’re staying in as every now and then tickets pop up for the final. And it means if you’re in there you get first chance as soon as anther show goes randomly on sale! This is quite funny now. We’re just picking up the cheapest ones we can as each show goes on sale. SF2 just went on sale.

    So we now have both semi-finals tickets, and a sf2 jury and a GF dress rehearsal so far I think. You kind of lose track!

    • Sounds like fun … LOL

      • My aunt hardly bought the tickets online in 2013 for me and few more her colleagues from the work..they spent all working day on trying to buy the tickets for ESC! And only for the final, so I don’t pity Eurofans at all..everybody struggles to buy tickets..here in Serbia I bought directly at Arena, they have put some tickets on sell directly in Arena for local ppl..i attended 1st semi and the final back then..

    • Wow, new exciting multi player platform. Get lucky, Hulluna!

  4. The German official video:

  5. Update we now have tickets for 8 shows! Only took nearly 48 hours! Just missing the grand final…

  6. Hi, I sell two tickets to the second semi-final. travelervioleta@gmail.com :)

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