Chaos in Ukraine as Eurovision Executive Producers & Manager Resign?

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – After a series of hold ups and concerns, the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest looks to have been been plunged into a new crisis today with the breaking news that key players in the organising committee have resigned, amid concerns of tenders not being signed. 

According to reporters at ESCKAZ, local website, Strana,  has reported that the executive producers Victoria Romanova and Oleksandr Kharebin have resigned, and the organisation team of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will almost be completely changed at this late stage.

It is claimed the reason is the  institutional collapse and failure of  the organisation of the contest. 

“One of the reasons is the failure of tender procedures. In fact, the schedule of tenders and identification of contractors have been practically derailed. It includes works planned on the main venue, Euroclub, PR, TV production, hotel service, catering etc. In general – there is nothing there yet, even the ticket agent was not chosen, the tender has been cancelled”, the source told Strana.

The as yet unconfirmed story goes on to state that even contracts that the EBU wanted put in place for light and sound equipment, and contracts with companies responsible for the broadcast of the TV pictures and so on have not been signed as yet.

Strana reports the following letter has been sent from the resigning team:

“In December, after our team has achieved confirmation from the EBU that the Eurovision Song Contest will be hold in Ukraine, we saw our powers taken off, since a new actual head of the contest in Ukraine has been appointed, who got the complete control over all the Eurovision aspects in Ukraine.

“This appointment and all the actions that accompanied it, stopped for almost two months all work on the project, the work of our team was completely blocked. We have repeatedly informed about the state of things to the management of UA:PBC, management of the State Committee on TV and Radio Broadcasting, representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, we tried to find a compromise and make every effort for the further implementation of the project.

“During this time, besides presenting of the results of our team work made in the period September-December 2016, new management has not carried out any of the real actions to ensure that the project will be realized in the required period of time.

“We regret to inform that our team can not accept such an appointment and does not see the possibility to continue our work on the project for the preparation and organization of the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

“New management structure of the contest proposed to us, lack of transparency in decision making process in key areas of work, lack of any legal obligations towards the specialists invited by us to work on the contest, disruption of the schedule of tenders, – all this, in our view, hinders quality and timely preparation for the event in Ukraine.

“Our alternative and compromise proposal on the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the Eurovision team, unfortunately, was not supported by UA:PBC management. In this regard, we inform you that the team, well known to you for many months of our work on the preparation to the Eurovision sees no more opportunity to continue our work on the contest in the conditions proposed to us.

“We sincerely thank all of our team members for the many months of work, their professionalism and dedication”

The letter is signed by Executive Producers of the contest Oleksandr Kharebin and Victoria Romanova, and the Event Manager, Denys Bloschynsky.

An emergency meeting is currently being held to appoint new personnel and a press conference is expected later today by the recently appointed manager who seems to have caused these divisions, Pavlo Hrytsak,

Emergency talks were previously held but the EBU gave Ukraine the benefit of the doubt and allowed the contest to progress there despite being 8-10 weeks behind schedule.

With no sign of any tickets, and hotels cancelling on fans and then putting prices up, this latest shock means that this is turning into a very stressful time for those fans looking to travel to Kyiv in 11 weeks and some are now thinking twice about going at all.

2 comments on “Chaos in Ukraine as Eurovision Executive Producers & Manager Resign?

  1. Press conference live now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCRQNVviKcw

    They’re saying everything is fine. Yes of course it is.

  2. *sigh*

    So to sum up the article in on word : Chaos.

    I love Jamala and “1944” to bits but I cant help but think that Australia would have done a much better job in cooperation with (probably) the german broadcaster.

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