Spain: It’s A Man!!! Spain Pick Manel Navarro

manel-navarroSpain – In the first song selection of the night, Spain have decided that they will be sending Manel Navarro to Kyiv with his song “Do It For Your Lover”.
Manel will be competing in the Grand Final on May 14th

Manel Navarro won the jury vote  however it was Mirela that won the public vote making the result a tie between the two.

The jury which consisted of Virginia Díaz, Javier Cárdenas and Xavi Martínez voted in a second round between the two and ultimately decided that Manel will fly to Ukraine in May.

This is the first time in 2017 that a National Selection has seen a Male winner and this is just my opinion but it’s about goddamn time right?

Have Spain decided wisely?

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34 comments on “Spain: It’s A Man!!! Spain Pick Manel Navarro

  1. Thanks for doing the result articles Jade! Hell unleashed when the jury sticked to their guns for Manel!

    He’s very cute! but the song’s anonymous and a candidate for bottom 5! At least it’s better than schlager awful “Contigo” which got spanish esc fans insane and as usual fanwanking a very disgusting entry only made for shaking their hips…

    Plus the audience rioting made me uncomfortable! Good choice in the end!

  2. Madre de Dios…

  3. Not so impressed here. The melody is quite boring, and the production is pretty monotonous. The singer is off-key in the middle eight. Most memorable aspect is probably the vocal manipulation in the chorus. Totally harmless and feel-good like.

  4. He will be the better choice of the 2 that happen tonight. Good luck.

  5. ¡Buena suerte Manel! :)
    No one enjoyed this NF, it’s sad.

  6. Lol, the studio riot was far more interesting and dramatic than any of the tied songs. This is just a big fat meh, I’m afraid, and it will bomb in Kiev. (4/12) for now. Good luck.

  7. Good news for Germany, they aren’t my last place anymore. This reminds me of a bad Jonas Brothers song. It’s unlistenable for me.

  8. Well, I obviously missed something. A studio riot?

  9. In the end (when I checked performance of the winner) I have to say it’s not that DISASTROUS like i thought it will be..but that is only the first thing I’d like to say, now i will butcher him (hahahahaah, I’m kidding)..ok, let’s say some positive things: he is cute guy, outfit is actually interesting, casual, and thematic, like they are on the beach, singing with that guitar, it reminds me of the beach in Hawaii or Bahamas, I really like this atmosphere, it gives me good vibe….I like the music between the verses and chorus, cause it’s fresh and new for ESC.
    And now negative aspects: he sounds and acts literally like a frightened rabbit, and “tomorrow’ he should stand in Kyev arena in front of hungry lions (local audience, esc fans) an, this way i don’t know what he can expect, and we as audience with him, he has to make this more confident, and i say M.O.R.E…and vocals of course, some parts are totally out of tune, and let’s be honest this is not such a complicated song to sing at all..probably the easiest one of all others chosen till now.. Anyway Buena Suerte Manel, and don’t be so stiff, frightened and unconfortable..otherwise who would “believe” you while performing??

  10. Spain 17 is harmless and vaguely nonsensical. Good luck!

  11. That’s bad but they had a very weak NF to begin with. Bottom 5 material.

  12. It’s summery and I like the happy vibes. Production values are very low though. I will give it a 5/10 for the moment and wait for the final product in May. I’m afraid a big part of the chorus sounded pre-recorded and they have to sort out how they will sound in Kiev without electronical assistance or autotune.

  13. Yeah,he’s cute and it’s summery but it’s an uninteresting song.I believe it will be easily forgotten in a final of 26.Le Klein could have been better(?).In the end,i was secretly hoping for Mirela.It would offer so much laugh and Spanish fans would be all over her calling her “GUAPAAA”.lol!Now,they’re angry and disappointed,

  14. I’ve watched again the performances of LeKlein, Mirela and Manel in HD :P
    -The over use of the LED floor didn’t help to LeKlein (not her fault), it was distracting and boring. I’m not an expert but I think that a good use of lights, improving what we saw in her last performance, would have been enough for her to win. I got used to the Ouch! at the end.
    -I think I like Mirela song, I don’t have that “prejudgement” towards this kind of music, the problem for me were the dance moves because that can’t be called a choreo (during the “baila la la la uh” :P ), the “flamenco” part was really good, there was a lot of fails with the camera angles but I don’t think it was her fault (again). It was supposed to be a “dance song”, that’s why I’m writing about that.
    -Manel only needs backing vocals (a big deal in Spain, I’m afraid) and that “voice modulator”, I think it can be done well live. The Spanish lyrics are nice, the chorus is just laid back, sing-along, clap your hands and that’s great for me. I really wish him the best.
    Finally, there was a lot of Eurodrama behind the results because of the juries votes blablabla Manel’s record label blablabla. They should pick internally Mirela for the next year because the girl wants to do great things and she is capable of it, maybe choosing the song like they did with Pastora Soler.

    • Cute, likeable chap with a harmless, forgettable ditty with fake reggae vibes. I don’t hate on Mirella either, she seems like a good singer but the spaniards of all people should be much better in staging this kind of thing (most of the choreography is downright embarassing) Allegations of jury corruption due to Manel’s record label are very upsetting. By the way, why do you mean “voice modulator”? They use something like that in Eurovision?

    • Mirela is a fine singer and she should try to find better stuff to perform. ‘Contigo’ is a Spanish take on what would be considered pimba music in Portugal.

  15. ESC portugal is reporting that Xavi Martinez was physically assaulted yesterday after the show by someone who was rooting for Mirela. Shame on TVE once again.

  16. This entry has really grown on me a lot now, if he manages to perform a bit better and more confident , if singing improves just a bit, I will put it higher a lot on the list..it has potential, because I find it refreshing for ESC festival (especially music) and it is much better than most of the craps, cliches, unoriginal bland and fake or pompous ballads without real energy and emotion, G:Sons rejects and so on, Spain has offer to us in previous years.. :)

  17. Well he is a decent singer, but song is bit boring unfortunately. But in anyway very best of luck to Manel and to Spain! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  18. Nice song from Spain this year , have something nice , and the boy is so cute , and of course dont deserve how the histericals bitches from Spain treat him ,

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