Romania: 15 Semi-finalists to be Revealed Tonight

romaniaRomania – Romania launches it search for its representative tonight as it reveals 15 acts who will take part in  Selecția Națională semi-final on 26th February. 84 songs were submitted. 72 took part in live auditions, and a jury has decided on the last 15. TVR has been showing the live auditions this week so viewers have already seen many of the entries. 

The jury panel is made up of  Luminiţa Anghel (Romania 2005), Ovi Jacobsen & Paula Seling (Romania 2010 & 2014) Adrian Romcescu and Andrei Tudor.

The reveal will of the final 15 will take place on TVR2 at 19.10 (CET) and you can watch online here.

10 acts will perform in the final on 5th March 2017, all chosen by televote. Despite this and rather controversially one of the entrants, Florin Chilian, as claimed the winner has already been decided.

One of the entries attracting the most discussion and youtube views is Ilinca & Alexa Florea with ‘Yodel it‘.

You can check out more of the entries that might make it through here.

33 comments on “Romania: 15 Semi-finalists to be Revealed Tonight

  1. Not gonna lie, I’ve been listening to “Yodel It” a lot. I’d be really happy with this winning. I also like Sergiu Bolota’s “We Were Young” quite a bit. Xandra’s “walk on by” is pretty good too.

  2. I have not heard any Romanian hopefuls yet.

  3. Xandra does seem quite strong. I would imagine televoters going for the yodelling though

  4. Just listened to “Yodel it”. Don’t know what to think about it…

  5. “Yodel It” would be a nightmare

  6. I am not fan of “Yodel it” at all..

  7. Lol, “Yodel it”. This thing about mixing the Alps with the Caribbeans, is it something unique for Eurovision (I’m thinking about Austria 2005)?

  8. The 15 acts who will progress to the semi final of Selecția Națională are:

    Elizé & No Stress – Fără Bariere (Without Barriers)
    Cristina Vasiu – Set the Skies on Fire
    Tudor Turcu – Limitless
    Ramona Nerra – Save Me
    Ana-Maria Mirică – Spune-Mi Tu (Tell Me)
    Instinct – Petale (Petals)
    D-lema – Adventure
    Ilinca ft. Alex Florea – Yodel It!
    Tavi Colen & Emma – We Own The Night
    Zanga – Două Sticle (Two Bottles)
    Maxim – Adu-ți Aminte (Remember)
    Eduard Santha – Wild Child
    M I H A I – I Won’t Surrender
    Alexandra Crăescu – Hope
    Xandra – Walk On By

  9. I like “Yodel It!”, it’s my favourite. I know it’s bad and sounds like one of The Script’s songs but… :(

  10. Maxim’s entry, alraedy has around 5 millions views..I prefer them to “Yodel it” any day, I hope they win..I love Andene flute in the music..

  11. MIHAI is back again?He said he wouldn’tcome back.lol

  12. ugh…with that yodelling song (and an over-the-top presentation I can already see coming) and the italian thing I feel like we are back to the 2000s dark esc ages really :(

  13. Also, there is a very nice promo video made by TVR:

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